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A grammar of the Arabic language, 2 Vols.
Wright, W
1999, Hardcover
Guide to 14 Asiatic languages (Tamil, Hindi, Hindustani, Burmese, Persian, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese) by Andrew Boyd, London, 1947
1999, Hardcover
Unani: the science of Graeco-Arabic medicine.
Ahmad, Jamil et al.
1998, N

heavily illustrated, this book gives the reader a glimpse of an old science the value of which the modern world seems to be just waking up to
Al-Ansab by Al-Imam Abi Sa'd 'Abdu'l Karim b. Muhammad b. Mansur at-Tamimi As-sam'ani, Vols.9-10 (in Arabic) (Set)
1994, Hardcover
Al-Jalisu's Salihu'l-Kafi wal Anisu'n-Nasihu'sh-Shafi by Qadi Abul-Faraj Ai-Mu 'afa, et al, Vol.1. ed. by Riazur RahmanSherwani (in Arabic)
1994, Hardcover
Inbau'l Ghumr Bi Abnai'lumr (History) by Al-Imamu'l Hafiz Shaikhu'l Islam Shihabu'd-Din Abi'l Fadi Ahmed bin' Ali Bin Ali Bin Hajr Al-Asqualani, Vols.1-2 (in Arabic) (Set)
1995, Hardcover
Kanzu'l-'Ummal by 'Ali-Al-Muttaqi Al-Hindi Al-'Allama 'Alaud-Din 'Ali b. husamu'd-Din, Vols.6-7: an authentic compendium of the Corpus of Hadith Literature (in Arabic) (Set)
1995, Hardcover

vol.6: rev. edition (dairatul-ma\'artifil-osmania publications, new series vol.7: 3rd edition
Kitab-u-Mushkil-il Hadith wa Bayan-eHi by Abu Bakr Muhammadb. Al-Hasan b.Furak (in Arabic)
1994, Hardcover
Kitabu'l Ilmam by Muhammad b.Qasim al-Nuwairy Vols.1-2, E.Tienne Combe et al. (in Arabic)
1996, Hardcover
Mushikilul-Athar by Abu Ja'far Ahmad B. Muhammad B. Salama Al-Tahawi, Vols.6-9 (in Arabic) (Set)
1994, Hardcover
Risalatu Sharh-e Tarajim-E Abwab-e Sahini'l-Bukhari by Ahmad, Alias Mulana Shah Waliu'llah Ad-Dehlawi b. Maulana ash-Shaikh 'Abdu'i-Rahim, 5th edition (in Arabic)
1995, Hardcover
Cultural, historical and political aspects of Perso-Arabic epigraphy in India
1999, Hardcover
A comprehensive Persian-English dictionary, including the Arabic words and phrases to be met with in Persian literature being Johnson and Richardson's Persian, Arabic and English...
2008, Hardcover

....dictionary, rev. and enl. and entirely reconstructed by f. steingass.
Arabic-English lexicon, 8 vols., by E.W. Lane (Set)
2003, Hardcover
A grammar of the classical Arabic languages, 4 vols. in 7 parts (Set)
1986, Hardcover

the most comprehensive grammar of the arabic languages ever written in english or any other european language based on the expostion of native masters.
Arabic, Persian and Urdu inscriptions of Central India: a topographical list
Rahim, Syed Abdur
2000, Hardcover
Aspects of Arabic phonology by A.R. Fatihi
2001, Hardcover

the present book is an elementary introduction to arabic phonetics and phonology.
Handbook of Muslim jurisprudence: consisting of excerpts from Bakurat-Al-Sa'b of Ibn-Abu-Zayd with Arabic text, Englishtr., notes, and a short historical and biographical...
2000, Hardcover

...introduction by alexander david russell and abdullah-al-ma\'-mun, suhrawardy, 1906
A concise descriptive catalogue of the Arabic manuscripts in the Salar Jung Museum and Library, Vol.VIII: Concerning 206 manuscripts on mathematics, astronomy,...............
2000, Paperback

astrology, medicine, natural history and alchemy, compiled by maulana a\'l-haj muhammad ashraf, with a foreword by a.k.v.s. reddy
Arabic, Arwi, and Persian in Sarandib and Tamil Nadu: a study of the contributions of Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu cont..2
Ulama, Afdalul et al
1993, N

cont..2 to arabic, arwi, persian and urdu languages, literature and education; parts 1&2.
Arabic-English dictionary for advanced learners, by J.G. Hava
2001, Paperback
Asalle `Ala Allah's chosen one Muhammade Sallallahu `Alaihi Wasallam, written and compiled by Tanzim Raza Qureshi, Arabic text ed. by Abu Sad Islahi
2001, Hardcover
Supplications of the holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam, written and compiled by Tanzim Raza Qureshi, Arabic text with transliteration and English translation
2001, Paperback
Royal dishes of Baghdad, transl. from Arabic by A.J. Arberry
2003, Paperback

157 selected baghdadi recipes of high nutritional value and delight.
Perso-Arabic hybrids in Hindi: the socio-linguistic and structural analysis by Agnieszka Kuczkiewicz-Fras
2003, Hardcover
Arabic-English dictionary by John Wortabet et al., Cairo, 1913
2003, Hardcover
English-Arabic dictionary, by John Wortabet and Harvey Porter, Cairo, 1913
2003, Hardcover
English-Arabic and Arabic-English dictionary (combined edition) by John Wortabet et al., Cairo, 1913
2003, Hardcover
Catalogue of the Arabic and Persian manuscripts, Vol.4: medical

catalogue of the library of tibetan works and archives (manuscript section), vol.v: bonpo collection, comp. by othog geshe tenzin wangyal
Catalogue of the Arabic and Persian manuscripts in the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Vol.15: Arabic manuscripts: History, 2nd edition
1994, Hardcover