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The Brhad-Devata: attributed to Saunaka, 2 vols., Skt. text with English transl., critically edited in the original Sanskrit by Arthur Anthony Macdonell (Set)
2003, Hardcover
Arthur Miller: as a critic of drama
Dutta, Usha
2004, Hardcover

the book aims at an assessment of miller\'s contributions to dramatic criticism.
The allegory of quest: a study in Arthur Miller's plays
Satyendra Kumar
2004, Hardcover

the present book seeks to examine miller\'s plays as a continuation of the meta-physical tradition of american dramatic literature which began with eugene o\'neill.
Kulachudamani tantra, ed. by Arthur Avalon, with an English, by Akshaya Kumar Maitra
Vedantatirth, Girish Chandra
2004, Hardcover
Shatchakranirupana and Padukapanchaka, ed. by Arthur Avalon
Vidyaratna, Taranatha
2004, Hardcover
Tantraraja tantra, 2 vols., ed. by Lakshmana Shastri, English summary by Arthur Avalon (Set)
2005, Hardcover
General Sir Arthur Cotton: his life and work by his daughter Lady Hope, with some famine prevention studies by William Digby, London, 1900
2005, Hardcover
Critical sociology: essays in honour of Arthur K.Davis
Krishnan, Parameswara (1936- ) (ed.)
1995, N
Kularnava tantra, text and readings, introd. by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe), readings by M.P. Pandit, Skt. text ed. by Taranatha Vidyaratna
2017, Hardcover

the complete text is given in devanagari for those who wish to study the book in the original sanskrit.
Tantraraja tantra, Sanskrit text with introd. by Arthur Avalon
Shastri, Lakshmana
2000, Hardcover
Rambles and recollections of an Indian official; a new edition, ed. by Vincent Arthur Smith, 2Vols (Set)
Sleeman, WH
1995, N
Religious ethics: a sourcebook, ed. and introd. by Arthur Dobrin
2004, Hardcover

it presents the responses from 34 religions and religious denominations on some of today\'s key moral issues. from baha\'i to jainism to zoroastrianism, religious leaders and thinkers representing his or her own religion answer 55 questions about the nature of being ethical to matters of the use of force.
The ordinances of Manu, tr. from the Sanskrit, with an introd. by Arthur Coke Burnell, completed and ed. by E.W. Hopkins
1995, Hardcover
The Aitareya Aranyaka, introd. transl., notes, indexes and an appendix containing the portion hitherto unpublished of the Sankhayana Aranyaka, by Arthur Berriedale Keith
2005, Hardcover
The Vedanta siddhantamuktavali of Prakasananda, with English tr., notes and preface by Arthur Venis
2008, Hardcover
Collected works of sri Ramana Maharshi (the), tr. by ArthurOsbourne and Prof K. Swaminathan, 9the edition
2004, Paperback

the collected works of the founding master of sa-skya-pa, 15 vols
Mahanirvana tantra, Sanskrit text with romanized, text, commentary, English tr., notes and index, by Arthur Avalon, ed.with introduction and index by Pushpendra Kumar (Set)
2009, Hardcover
The serpent power: Shat-Chakra-Nirupana and Paduka-Panchaka, two works on Laya Yoga, tr. from Sanskrit with intro. and comm. by Arthur Avalon (Sri John Woodroffe)
2012, Paperback

this work is a description and explanation in fuller detail of the serpent power (kundali shakti), and the yoga effected through it, a subject occupying a pre-eminent place in the tantra shastra.
Sarada-tilaka tantram, text with introd. in English, ed. byArthur Avalon
1996, Hardcover

it is a tantric treatise which deals primarily with the tantric worship of gods and goddesses, such as bhuvanesvari, tvarita, durga, bhairavi, gayatri, ganapati, surya, visnu, nrsimha, purusottama, siva, daksinamurti, aghora.
Women in plays and life of Arthur Miller
Sarangi, Itishri
2014, Hardcover

this book aims at a close reading of arthur miller\'s plays in the perspective of feminist approaches to the study of literary texts.
Buddhism: its essence and development, with a preface by Arthur Waley
Conze, Edward
2014, Hardcover
The doctrine of the Sufis: kitab al-Ta' arruf li-madhhab ahl al-tasawwuf, tr. from the Arabic of Abu Bakr al-Kalabadhi, by Arthur John Arberry
2016, Hardcover
Cosmic dance in stone, photography by Joginder Singh et al., foreword by Arthur Duff
Katakam, Ramu
2017, Hardcover

the intention of this book is to explore, through photographs and illustrations, the architectural spaces that were conceived to transcend space and time. in this book, there is an attempt to rediscover the quest for eternity and the relationship with the cosmos through the creation of stone structures that give a glimpse of a world beyond this one.
The Penguin book of historic speeches, ed. by Brian MacArthur
2017, Paperback

the book gathers the world\'s greatest speeches, bringing together the words of over one hundred men and women. these brilliant and passionate deliberations provide a vivid glimpse of history in the making while retaining their power to move and inspire today.
Contemporary American drama: a study in the plays of Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and Edward Albee
Singh, Abha
1998, N