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Medicine in the Veda: religious healing in the Veda, with translations and annotations of medical hymns from the Rigveda and the Atharvaveda and renderings from the corresponding..
Zysk, Kenneth G
1996, Hardcover

...ritual texts, usa, 1985.
Figures of speech in the Atharvaveda
Narang, Saroj (b.1947)
2000, Hardcover

contains a detailed study of atharvaveda, not only about the poetic beauty but also to the different shades of its subject matter.
Non-Aryan linguistic elements in the Atharvaveda: a study of some words of Austric origin
Ghosh, Abhijit
2000, Hardcover

revision of the author\'s thesis (ph. d.--jadavpur university, 1999) under title: some austric lexical elements in the atharva veda, a diachronic approach.
New dimensions in the Atharvaveda: Prof. K.C. Acharya commemoration volume
Mishra, Prafulla K (b.1954) (ed.)
2003, Hardcover

this anthology of papers on atharvaveda is prepared to pay glowing tribute to prof. k.c. acharya who devoted a lot of time to the study of atharvaveda.
Atharvana: a collection of essays on the Atharvaveda with special reference to its Paippalada tradition, ed. by AbhijitGhosh
2002, Hardcover
A grammatical word-index to the Atharvaveda (Saunaka and Paippalada), (in Sanskrit), ed. by Vishva Bandhu
1966, Hardcover
Atharvaveda, Brhat-Sarvanukramanika (English, Sanskrit), ed. by Vishva Bandhu
1966, Hardcover
Atharvaveda ka subodh anuvad (Visaya anusara), 5 Vols., by S.D. Satvalekara (Set)

vol.1: brahmavidya prakarana. vol.2: matrabhumi aur swarajya shasana. vol.3: grhyasthasrama. vol.4: deerghajivana aur arogya. vol.5: meghajanana, sangathana aur vijaya.;;;an easy subject-wise translation into hindi.
Atharvaveda ka Subodha Bhasya (Kanda anusara), 4 Vols., by S.D. Satvalekara (Set)

an easy translation into hindi with commentary according to kandas.
Atharvaveda (Sanskrit-English) containing (i) Mantrapatha (saunaka-sakha), (ii) Padapatha and (iii) rev. critical ed. of Sayanacarya's bhasya, annotations comprise complete text... (Set)
1960-64, Hardcover

...--comparative data drawn from all other basic texts, namely samhitas (including paippalada), brahmanas, aranyakas, upanisads and sutras, with prefatory section, critically ed. by vishva bandhu, and alphabetical indices of (i) mantras, (ii) padas, (iii) rsis, (iv) devatas and (v) chandas.
Atharvaveda Padapathanukramani, ed. by Vishva Bandhu
1954, Hardcover
Atharvaveda Rsi-devata-chandonukramanika, ed. by Vishva Bandhu
1970, Hardcover
Atharvaveda, 5 Vols., Sanskrit text with English translation, by Swami Satya Prakash et al (Set)
The Atharvaveda, Sanskrit text with English translation by DeviChand
2002, Hardcover
Atharvaveda-Samhita, 2 Vols., text with English transl., with names of Rsis and Devatas, and mantra index, tr. into English by W.D. Whitney, rev. and ed. by Nag Sharan Singh (Set)
2008, Hardcover
Atharvaveda-Samhita along with Sayanabhasya, 8 Vols., Sanskrit text, ed. with Hindi tr. by Ramswaroop Sharma Gaud (Set)
1990, Hardcover
Atharvaveda-Samhita, 2 Vols., saral Hindi bhavartha sahit by Sriram Sharma Acarya (Set)

easy hindi translation with explanation.
Atharvaveda-Samhita, with Madhaviyavedantaprakasha bhasya of Sayanacarya, 4 Vols., ed. by Sri Shankara Panduranga, introd. in English (Set)
Hymns of the Atharvaveda, transl. into English by R.T.H. Bloomfield
2004, Hardcover
The hymns of the Atharvaveda, 2 vols., tr. into English by Ralph T.W. Griffith, introd. and new appendix by S.R. Sehgal anda foreword by Siddheshwar Varma, rev. and enl. edition (Set)
2002, Hardcover
Atharvaveda-samhita, text only
2001, Hardcover
Atharvaveda-samhita, 3 Vols., (Kandas 1-20), Sanskrit text,English tr., notes and index of verses, according to the tr. of W.D. Whitney and Bhasya of Sayanacarya (excluding 20th.. (Set)
2000, Hardcover

...kanda), with an english introd., ed. and rev. by k.l. joshi.
The Atharvaveda and the Gopatha-Brahmana (Vaidika) of M. Bloomfield with Hindi transl. by Suryakanta
The religion and philosophy of Atharvaveda
Shende, NJ
1985, Hardcover
Atharvaveda Paippalada samhita, Vol.1, Kandas I-XV, ed. by Dipak Bhattacharyya
1997, Hardcover
Atharvavedapratisakhya (Saunakiya Chaturadhyayi), text, transl. and various notes by W.D. Whitney
Mundakopanisad of Atharvaveda, with Shankar Bhasya and comm. by Anandgiri
Atharvaveda-Padapathanukramani, ed. by Vishnu Bandhu
1954, Hardcover
Atharvaveda-Rsi-devata-Chandonukramanika, ed. by Vishva Bandu
1970, Hardcover
Atharvaveda (Saunkiya Samhita), 2 vols., transl. into Hindiby Prabhudayalu Agnihotri (Set)
2005, Hardcover