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Liberation and beyong: Indo-Bangladesh relations
Dixit, JN (b.1936)
1999, N
Politics of military rule and the dilemmas of democratization in Bangladesh
Kabir, Bhuian Md. Monoar
1999, N
The marginal nation: transborder migration from Bangladeshto West Bengal
Samaddar, Ranabir
1999, N

based on hithero unused data, reports and travels along the borders and to the migrants\' halmets\' this book forcefully challenges the approach which provileges the \'nation\' above other forms of community.
Changing social stratification in rural Bangladesh
Imam Ali, AF (b.1952)
1994, Hardcover
The game birds of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka (including Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet), 3 vols (Set)
Hume & Marshall
1995, Hardcover

this work containing nearly 144 coloured lithographs of birds and over 1000 pages of text is the source material for ornithologists all over the world. it studies in detail their characteristics, natural habitat and their habits in minutest details and offers an indepth study of more than 100 species of birds found in indian sub-continent.
Encyclopaedia Indica: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: a continuing series, Vols.21-35, ed. by S.S. Shashi (Set)
1998, N

vols.21-22: ramayana vol.23: gita vols.24-25: mahabharata vols.26-28: buddhism vols.29-31: jainism vols.32-35: puranas.
Encyclopaedia Indica: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: a continuing series, Vols.51-70, ed. by S.S. Shashi et al (Set)
1999, Hardcover

vol.51: akbar as a reformer. vol.52: akbar and hemu. vol.53: mughals and rajputs. vol.54: jai singh, mughals and marathas. vol.55: mughal administration. vol.56: mughal army: organisation and discipline vol.57: mughal administration: principles and system. vol.58: bairam khan: soldier and administrator. vol.59: jahangir and nur jahan. vol.60: jahangir: the fifth mughal emperor. ...
The American papers: secret and confidential India-Pakistan-Bangladesh documents 1965-1973, comp. and selected by Roedad Khan, introd. by Jamsheed Marker
1999, Hardcover
Bangladesh gazetteer, 3 vols., ed. by S.R. Bakshi (Set)
2000, Hardcover
India-Bangladesh relations
Saha, Rekha
2000, Hardcover

this study seeks to highlight several on-going issues which more or less affect the bilateral relations and create tension in this region.
Ethnicity and national integration in Bangladesh: a study of the Chittagong hill tracts
Barua, Benu Prasad
2001, Hardcover

the book deals with the ethnicity and the problems of national integration in bangladesh.
Encyclopaedia Indica: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: a continuing series, Vols.71-90, ed. by S.S. Shashi (Set)
2000, Hardcover

vol.71-72: minor dynasties of ancient orissa. vol.73-76: major dynasties of ancient orissa. vol.77: major dynasties of ancient orissa and ancient bihar. vol.78-80: ancient bihar. vol.81-82: ancient gujarat. vol.83-85: ancient punjab. vol.86-88: ancient goa. vol.89-90: south india. vols.71-90 provides valuable information on goa, south india, major dynasties of ancient orissa, a ...
Rites of passage: border crossings, imagined homelands, India's East and Bangladesh
Hazarika, Sanjoy
2000, Paperback

drawing upon extensive fieldwork in assam and bangladesh, censuses and other statistical records, and people\'s narratives, hazarika charts the paths of migration across chars (river islands), the numbers of entrants, and their destinations in india and beyond.
Encyclopaedia of Muslim biography: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, 5 vols., ed. by Nagendra Kr. Singh (Set)
2001, Hardcover
My broken love: Gunter Grass in India and Bangladesh, comp.and ed. by Martin Kampchen
2001, Hardcover

collection of all the material available on the author\'s sojourn in calcutta and his visits to india and bangladesh.
A field guide to the birds of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, ills. by Ber van Perlo
Kazmierczak, Krys
2000, Hardcover
Encyclopaedia of women biography: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, 3 Vols.: A-Z, ed. by Nagendra Kr. Singh (Set)
2001, Hardcover

this encyclopaedia is a comprehensive biographical information of about 2000 eminent women of indian subcontinent from the earliest time to present day.
Encyclopaedia Indica: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: a continuing series, Vols.91-110, ed. by S.S. Shashi (Set)
2001, Hardcover

contents: vols.91-92: ancient ladakh, vols.93-95: ancient and medieval rajasthan, vols.96-97: karnataka, vols.98-100: ancient himachal pradesh, vols.101-108: kerala, vol.109: kerala and malabar, vol.110: malabar.
The coins of the Indian Sultanates: covering the area of present-day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
Goron, Stan (b.1944) et al.
2001, Hardcover
A divided legacy: the partition in selected novels of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh; Dhaka, 2000
Zaman, Niaz
2001, Hardcover
Managing suspicions: understanding India's relations with Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka
Murthy, Padmaja
2000, Hardcover
Patron-client politics and business in Bangladesh
Kochanek, Stanley A
1993, N
Indo- Bangladesh relations: an insider's view
Rashid, Harun ur (b.1934)
2002, Hardcover
US Bangladesh relations: a critique
Sharma, Sarbjit (b.1956)
2001, Hardcover
Encyclopaedia Indica: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: a continuing series, Vols.111-130, ed. by S.S. Shashi (Set)
2003, Hardcover

vols.111-118: assam. vols.119-125: karnataka. vol.126: meghalaya. vols.127-130: tamil nadu.;;;;;this work is a pioneering attempt to bring together the whole aspects of indian history and culture. it will be completed in about two hundred volumes.
Glimpses of Bengal: a comprehensive, archaeological, biographical and pictorial history of Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and present day Bangladesh, 2 vols (Set)
Campbell, A Claude
2003, Hardcover

a fabulous compilation of life and time of bengal 100 and more years ago. over 115 histories and biographies with illustrations, make this journey into the past a very special one. this is the first representation of the most characteristic architectural and natural beauty of bengal.
India Pakistan Bangladesh: perspectives on history, society, and politics
Ahmed, AF Salahuddin (b.1924)
2001, Hardcover
Shari's law and society: tradition and change in South Asia, Bangladesh, 1999
Serajuddin, Alamgir Muhammad
2001, Hardcover

the study contends that through a creative adaptation of shari\'s law to the changing needs of society. islamic values and modernization can be made compatible.
The British papers: secret and confidential India-Pakistan-Bangladesh documents 1958-1969, compiled and selected by Roedad Khan, introd. by Humayun Khan
2002, Hardcover
India-Bangladesh relations, documents-- 1971 to 2002, 5 Vols., ed. and introd. by Avtar Singh Bhasin (Set)
2003, Hardcover