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Mosaic: new writings from British and Indian award-winningwriters
Mukundan, Monisha (ed.)
1998, Paperback
Pharmacographia Indica: a history of the principal drugs ofvegetable origin, met with in British India, 3 vols. bound in one
Dymock, William et al.
1995, Hardcover

in one
Pharmacographia: a history of the principal drugs of vegetable origin, met with in Great Britain and British India
Fluchiger, Friedrich August et al.
1986, N
Mapping an empire: the geographical construction of BritishIndia, 1765-1843
Edney, Matthew H
1999, N

in this fascinating history of the british surveys of india, focusing especially on the great trigonometrical survey (gts) undertaken by the company, matthew h. edney relates how imperial britain employed modern scientific survey techniques not only to creat and define the spatial image of its indian empire but also to legitimate its colonialist activities as triumphs of libera ...
Climates and constitutions: health, race, environment and British imperialism in India 1600-1850
Harrison, Mark
1999, Hardcover

the book elucidates the origins of british medical intervention in india and the patterns of life and thought which became distinctive features of the raj.
Popular resistance movements against the British rule
Kumar, Raj (ed.)
1999, N
The flora of British India, 1872-1897, 7 vols (Set)
Hooker, JD
2003, Hardcover
British Christians, Indian nationalists and the Raj
Studdert-Kennedy, Gerald
1999, Paperback
British rule on Indian soil: North India in the first halfof the nineteenth century, tr. by Benedict Baron
Mann, Michael et al.
1999, Hardcover

this book is a study of the early british-indian economic history, particularly agrarian and environmental history, in the framework of colonial transformation of indian agriculture.
Peasants' politics and the British government 1930-40: a study on eastern Bihar
Mukherji, Saradindu
1993, N
The Angami Nagas and the British (1832-1947)
Changkiri, L Atola
1999, Hardcover
The British in India: their contributions
2000, Hardcover
Liberalism and empire: India in British liberal thought
Mehta, Uday Singh
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) strategies: liberal conventions and imperial exclusions (ii) progress, civilization, and consent (iii) liberalism, empire and territory (iv) edmund burke on the perils of the empire (v) experience and unfamiliarity.
Excursions adventures and field-sports in Ceylon, Vol.1, its commercial and military importance and numerous advantagesto the British Emigrant, London, 1843
Campbell, James
1999, Hardcover
Orissa, the garden of superstition and idolatry: including an account of British connexion with the temple of Jagannathto which are added lighter literary recreations of a ......
Laurie, William FB
2000, Hardcover

critic abroad, london, 2nd ed.
Imaging Tagore: Rabindranath and the British press (1912-1941), compiled and edited by Kalyan Kundu et al.
2000, Hardcover
Armed forces in British India
Pruthi, Rajkumar et al
1998, Hardcover
Protest movements of Bhils under the British 'Raj'
Mathur, LP
2000, Hardcover

the study is based on original records and published reports and research works.
Masks of conquest: Literary study and British rule in India
Viswanathan, Gauri
2000, Paperback
Mewar rulers and the British
2000, Hardcover

this book contains fifteen chapters deals with antecedents, relations with rajput chiefs, mewar and the british, the historic rising of 1857, beginning of reforms, cultural achievements, economy of the region and relations with malwa, gujarat nagor.
Hindustan under free lances (1770-1820): sketches of military adventure in Hindustan during the period immediately preceding British occupation
Keene, HG et al.
2001, Hardcover
Bitter sweet truth: recollections of an Anglo-Indian born during the last years of the British Raj: an autobiography
Lyons, Esther Mary
2001, Hardcover

this book is a true story of a child born in india during the last days of the british india.
British trade policy in Orissa (1803-1900)
Barik, Subash Chandra
2001, Hardcover
The Gurkha connection: a history of the Gurkha recruitment in the British Army
Banskota, Purushottam (b.1946)
2007, N
Furniture from British India and Ceylon: a catalogue of thecollections in the Victoria and Albert museum and Peabody Essex museum, assisted in Salem by Karina Corrigan .........
Jaffer, Amin
2001, Hardcover

...and with a contribution by robin d. jones, photographs by mike kitcatt et al.
British and native Cochin, 2nd ed., London, 1861
Lawson, Charles Allen
2001, Hardcover
The princely states: British paramountcy and internal administration 1858-1948: a case study of the Kapurthala state
Arora, Anju (b.1969)
2001, Hardcover
Dishonoured by history `criminal tribes' and British colonial policy
Radhakrishna, Meena
2008, Paperback

contents: (i) the criminal tribes act: historical developments. (ii) notification and surveillance. (iii) the concept and policy of criminal tribe settlements. (iv) land reclamation, industrial recruitment and settlements. (v) from itinerant community to industrial wageworkers: stuartpuram settlement. (vi) historic memory.
Poetic justice in eighteenth and nineteenth century Britishfiction: a study of the novels of Henry Fielding, Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy
Batra, Indu
2001, Hardcover
British romantic writers and the east: anxieties of empire;1st Indian ed.
1993, Paperback

contents: (i) byron turns turk (ii) sharp philanthropy (iii) murdering one\'s double.