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A mirror reflecting the entire world: the Pali Buddhapadamangala or auspicous signs on the Buddha's feet, critical ed. with English tr. by Claudio Cicuzza
2011, Paperback

the buddhapadamangala is an anonymous work in the corpus of pali literature transmitted in siam. its starting point is the conventional description of the wheel mark on the soles of the feet of a buddha, following the pali tradition which presents auspicious signs (mangala) as the retinue (parivara) of the classical wheel. the text lists and explains one hundred and eight auspi ...
Buddhapada and the Bodhisattva path
2017, Hardcover

this study is a follow-up of the author\'s earlier work: the genesis of the bodhisattva ideal. in the present study, he turns to the bodily dimension of the same trajectory, in particular to the thirty-two marks as the embodiment of the buddhahood.