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Children's fiction in English in India: trends and motifs
Srinivasan, Prema
1998, N

it provides us with a map of the territory, and gives us an idea of the general direction iin which chindren\'s literature has grown in india.
The rainbow and other stories (children's short stories)
Gandhi, Maneka (b.1956)
1999, N
Rushdie's midnight's children: a book of readings
Mukherjee, Meenakshi (ed.)
2010, Paperback
The children of the lion, Edinburg, 1930
Gibson, Ashley
1999, Hardcover
Stories from the history of Ceylon for children, 2 vols., Colombo, 1910 (Set)
Musaeus-Higgins, Marie
2000, Hardcover
Working women and children, 6 Vols (Set)
Rai, CP (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

vol.1-2: working women in india. vol.3-4: child labour: a reality. vol.5-6: exploitation of children and welfare measures. it identifies a number of major issues and combines empirical material with theoretical insight and discuss the actual employment position of women in society.
Indian medicinal plants in children diseases
Yadav, CS
2000, Hardcover
Treasury of stories for children, illustrations by Tapas Guha
Bond, Ruskin
2000, Hardcover
A family of patriots: Lala Gokal Chand Bhasin and his Children
Johar, KL (1936- ) et al
1994, N
Visvakarma's children: stories of India's craftspeople
Jaitly, Jaya
2001, Hardcover

profiles of craftspeople in different parts of the country along with the broad historical backdrop against which today\'s craftspeople needs to be placed are presented in this book.
Rabindranath Tagore: selected writings for children, ed. bySukanta Chaudhuri et al
Tagore, Rabindranath
2002, Hardcover
Street children in India
Phillips, WSK
1994, N
Ruskin Bond's treasury of stories for children, ills. by Tapas Guha
2001, Paperback
Aggression in school children: factors and guidelines for handling aggression
1994, Hardcover

contents: (i) aggression: concept and theory (ii) aggression: psychosocial perspective (iii) aggression in school children-an evaluation (iv) aggression in school children: a study (v) psychosocial factors responsible for aggression in children (vi) handling aggression in children (vii) conclusion.
The state of children in India: promises to keep
Bose, AB
2003, Hardcover
Kalyug's children, foreword by Ruskin Bond
Singh, Sonesh
2004, Hardcover
Why children drop out?: case study of a metropolitan slum
Chugh, Sunita
2004, Hardcover
Malgudi adventure: classic tales for children
Narayan, RK (1906-2001)
2004, Paperback
Selected writings for children, tr. by Jadu Saha
Tagore, Rabindranath
2004, Hardcover
Aye din chutti ke!: 51 children poems
Sarma, Yogendra Datt
2003, Hardcover
365 kahaniyam (Children stories)
Sarti, Abid
2004, Hardcover
Street children: lives of valor and vulnerability
Sondhi-Garg, Poonam
2004, Hardcover
Voices from the street: an ethnography of India's street children: a case study of Delhi
McFadyen, Lori
2004, Hardcover

this study investigates the way in which children construct their social organizations, make important life decisions, and identify themselves in respect to the public urban spaces in which they exist.
Children trafficking in Pakistan
Jalalzai, Musa Khan
2003, Hardcover
The bal panchayat: celebrating children's participation, text compl. by Shalini Saran
2004, Hardcover

brings to light the inspiring story of the bal panchayat, an organization with the help of ngos by a group of children living in resettlement colonies, how it has inspired children in other parts of the country and proved that children\'s participation is integral to their development.
The three princes of Persia: children in world myth, illustrated by Vishwajyoti Ghosh
Chowdhury, Rohini
2005, Paperback

twenty fabulous tales of young heroes from around the world.
Meri ikyavan bal kahaniyam (children literature)
Misra, Bhagavatisaran
2007, Hardcover
Yahan suman bikher do (children literature)
Singh, Rajkisor et al. (sampadak)
2004, Hardcover
The children of Rifaa: in search of a moderate Islam
Sorman, Guy
2004, Hardcover
Supreme Court and High Court judgements relating to women and children
Walikhanna, Charu et al. (ed.)
2005, Hardcover