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Ancient cities, sacred skies: cosmic geometries and city planning in ancient India
Malville, John Mckim et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

the cities and landscapes described cover a time span of over 4,500 years from the harappan city of dholavira to the great empire of vijayanagara.
Cosmic architecture in India: the astronomical monuments ofMaharaja Jai Singh II
Volwahsen, Andreas
2001, Hardcover

fully illustrated with colour photographs, technical drawings and contextual illustrations, this book is a major contribution to the understanding of these mysterious buildings and to the history of astronomical science.
Philosophy, physics and the cosmic play
Vyas, Ramnarayan
1992, N

contents: (i) the nature of the real (ii) the quest of the real in the west (iii) science and the ultimate truth (iv) the story of the modern science (v) upanishads and their vision of the real (vi) the brahma-sutra (vii) the non-deal of indian philosophy (viii) the new prasthana-trayi and the real of the modern physics (ix) the cosmic play and the theories of creation and the ...
Istadevatastutih (prayers to deities): the embodiments of cosmic consciousness
Rao, Dayanand S
2002, Hardcover

through self-composed sanskrit verses in praise of deities contained in the book the author has attempted to give expression to his understanding of the experienced wisdom of the ancient seers of india.
Rta: the cosmic order, with a foreword by G.C. Tripathi
Khanna, Madhu (ed.)
2004, Hardcover

the articles trace the genesis of the concept of dharma in the rgvedic concept of cosmic order or rta and relate other aspects of socio-cultural-religious life to the construction of order and its underlying vision. comparing notions of order in hindu, buddhist, chinese and islamic speculative thought, they explain the relevance of understanding the concept of rta in the presen ...
Cultures and cosmos: the cosmic anthropological principle
Saraswati, Baidyanath
2004, Hardcover

it explores the cosmic principle while integrating it with anthropology and sociology.
Movements with the cosmic dancer: on pilgrimage to Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar
Bandlamudi, Lakshmi
2006, Paperback
Japu Ji: the cosmic hymn of Guru Nanak, tr. into French andEnglish by Danielle Gill et al
1995, N
Vishvarupa: paintings on the cosmic form of Krishna-Vasudeva, with a foreword by B.N. Goswamy
Ranjan, Neena
2008, Hardcover

this book attemps to showcase for the first time a careful selection of vishvarupa paintings between the 17th and 20th centuries to stimulate further study, it also reveals the beauty and genius of the indian painting tradition.
Banaras (Varanasi): cosmic order, sacred city, Hindu traditions, festschrift to Prof. R.L. Singh
Singh, Rana PB (ed.)
1993, Paperback
Borobudur: pyramid of the Cosmic Buddha, text by Caesar Voute and Mark Long, photographs by Fitra Jaya Burnama, foreword by Lokesh Chandra
2008, Hardcover

borobudur was constructed in indonesia during the eighth century as a guide to the noble path of the buddha. though the western world discovered this sacred place almost 200 years ago, it remains seated in its enigmatic depth. this book is a catalyst and invites adventurous minds to find new directions by bringing into focus the vast universe of the borobudur.
The concept of cosmic harmony in the Rg-Veda
Chakravarthy, GN
2005, Paperback
Philosophy of quantum mechanics: quantum Holism to cosmic Holism: the physics and metaphysics of Bohm
2008, Hardcover
The cosmic detective: exploring the mysteries of our universe, introd. by Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut
Bhaumik, Mani
2008, Paperback
Let there be light: the mysterious journey of cosmic creativity
Skolimowski, Henryk
2010, Paperback

a superbly crafted book that touches upon matters like, philosophy of cosmic creativity, various aspects of evolution and provides a timely make - up call to understand the strengths and weeknesses of science as will as all religions.
Cosmic evolution and the evolution of life: a hypothesis on the metaphysics of life
Sengupta, Subir Bijoy
2011, Hardcover

what is life? it is still a principle shrouded in mystery even after our philosophical quest for a few thousand years. the author has made a serious attempts to find answer to these questions.
The cosmic calculator: a Vedic mathematics course for shcools, 5 parts (Set)
Williams, Kenneth et al
2009, Hardcover
I belong to you: a treatise on cosmic culture
Anand, JS
2011, Hardcover

this is a work of spirituality and a treatise on cosmic culture.
The cosmic play of power: goddess, tantra and women
Gupta, Sanjukta
2013, Hardcover

essays on the hindu goddess sakti and goddesses saktis.
World English literature: a cosmic stream of metalanguage
Jha, Gauri Shankar
2013, Hardcover
The ten great cosmic powers (Dasa mahavidyas) by S. Shankaranarayana
2013, Paperback
Krsna in the Harivamsa, Vol.1: the wonderful play of a cosmic child
Couture, Andre
2015, Hardcover

the thirteen texts of this book address various aspects of krishna’s childhood in the harivamsha. it demonstrates that these stories of krishna’s childhood were carefully composed by brahmanas who knew fully well what they were doing.
Cosmic dance in stone, photography by Joginder Singh et al., foreword by Arthur Duff
Katakam, Ramu
2017, Hardcover

the intention of this book is to explore, through photographs and illustrations, the architectural spaces that were conceived to transcend space and time. in this book, there is an attempt to rediscover the quest for eternity and the relationship with the cosmos through the creation of stone structures that give a glimpse of a world beyond this one.