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Cultural heritage of Gujarat
1996, Hardcover

contents: (i) etiology and geneses of garaba (ii) antiquity and beginning of rasa (iii) development of rasa through the ages (iv) rasa in present days (v) origin and development of garaba (vi) rasa-garaba in sculptures and paintings (vii) rasa-garaba in relation to religious and social changes.
Protecting the cultural heritage (National Legislations andInternational Conventions)
Biswas, Sachindra Sekhar (b.1938)
1999, Hardcover

it provides for the first time a complete view of antiquarian laws of india and those in the international field as promugated by the unesco and agreed by the world community
Literary and cultural perspectives on ancient India
Kumar, Raj (ed.)
1999, N

the present volume attempts to fucus light on some repesentative literary and cultural themes of great tradition. main topics deatl are: a comparative study of bhasa and kalidasa; upanishads; rigvedic india; the tantras; the women of meghaduta; nairatmya and karma; south indian vaishvanism: social units in jatakas; games and amusements of astadhyayi proto-indian ceramics; relig ...
Recent Indian literature in English: a cultural perspective
Pandey, Mithilesh K (b.1967) (ed.)
1999, N
American literature and Indian English literature; studies in cultural contiguity
John, Varghese et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Mapping cultural spaces: postcolonial Indian literature in English: essays in honour of Nissim Ezekiel
Bharucha, Nilufer E et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover
Indian popular cinema: a narrative of cultural change
Gokulsing, K Moti et al.
1998, N

the book reviews nine decades of indian cinema and examines its influence on people in india and asian in the diaspora. it explores the political, social, cultural and religious influence on indian cinema, how it represents women, and the impact of women directors and british asian film makers on recent indian film.
Cultural traditions and idea of secularization
Chandel, Bhuven et al. (ed.)
1998, Paperback
A Peep into the Tantraloka and our cultural heritage
Walli, Koshalya
1998, Hardcover

study of tantraloka of rajanaka abhinavagupta compendium on the fundamentals of trika philosophy of kashmir saivism.
Spiritual heritage and cultural symbols of India: arise awake attain
Shreenivas, Jhaver P (b.1917)
1999, Paperback
Balakanda: Ramayana as literature and cultural history
Raman, Varadaraja V
1998, N

this erudite and engrossing narration of the ramayana\'s balakanda diverts from the linear recounting of events and delves into the intricacies of hindu mythology revealing various facets of this extremely rich epic.
Traditional cultural ink between India and Japan: during A.D. 8th and 9th centuries
Sankarnarayan, Kalpakam et al.
1998, N

the book deals with the study of indian thought in general and of buddhism in particular.
Encyclopaedia of practical and cultural information, 4 Vols., ed. by Richard Webster (Set)
1993, N
Ardhat and Ardhatdari: a sociographical study of agricultural marketing in small towns
Gupta, Khadija Ansari
1998, N
Women and socio-cultural changes
1998, N

the book traces the historical antecedents of the life and culture of marathwada as manifested in the world of women and puts the consequential problems on a comprehensive and holistic context.
Role of irrigation in stablising agricultural production
Jai Prakash, (1951- ) et al
1993, N
Agricultural transformation in a developing economy
Kaushik, KK
1993, Hardcover
Sanchi: a cultural story
1997, Paperback

contents: (1) historical perspective. (2) architecture. (3) costume. (4) coiffuer and head-dresses. (5) personal ornaments (6) furniture (7) arma and armour (8) musical instruments (9) conveyances (10) royal insignia (11) domectic vessels and house-hold objects.
Census of India-1991, Series-25: Uttar Pradesh, Part IV A-CSeries Socio-Cultural Tables; Volume 1 Tables C-1, C-2 and
1998, N

c-2a part a
Socio-cultural history of an Indian caste
Gupta, C Dwarakanath (b.1945)
1999, N

the book deals with the social structure of the vysyas in india with special reference to the state of andhra pradesh
Naga cultural attires and musical instruments, ed. by A. Lanu Ao
Mongro, Kajen (1930-1996)
1999, N

it describes about the material cultural aspects of the nagas associated with festival, ceremony, head hunting practice, song and dances.
Social and cultural history of modern India
Pruthi, Raj Kumar (b.1939) et al.
1999, N

the present compllation of essays on topics at various levels of the social spectrum, reveal a rare perception of contemporary society.
Marketing in an agricultural region: a geographical study ofperiodic markets in Vidisha plateau, Madhya Pradesh
Jain, Ajit Kumar (1955- )
1993, N
Indian Agricultural Statistics, Vol.1 & 2: All India, Statewise and district wise 1992-93, Seventy Eight issue
1997, Paperback
Diseases of horticultural crops: vegetables, ornamentals and mushrooms
Verma, LR et al (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Buddhism in contemporary Tibet: religious revival and cultural identity, with a foreword by Orville Schell, USA, 1998
Goldstein, Melvyn C et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

five leading specialists in tibetan anthropology and religion conducted case studies in the tibet autonomous region and among the tibetans of sichuan and qinghai provinces.
Rabindranth Tagore in Germany; four responses to a culturalicon
Kampchen, Martin (b.1948)
1999, Paperback
Multiculturalism, liberalism and democracy
Bhargava, Rajeev et al. (ed.)
2007, Paperback

the essays challenge the desirability of a uncultural polity, but do not accept multiculturalism uncritically philosophers, historians, anthropologists and political scientists from india, canada, europe and africa wrestle with the dilemmas within multiculturalism, republicanism and democratic theory to resolve them.
Indian Agricultural Statistics, Vol. 1 and 2: All India, State-wise and district-wise 1992-93, Seventy Eight issue
1997, Paperback
History and beyond: comprising Interpreting early India (1992), Times as a metaphor of history (1996), Cultural transaction and early India(1987), and from Lineage to state(1984)
Thapar, Romila
2000, Hardcover