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Unrestrained killings and the law: a comparative analysis of the laws of provocation and excessive self-defence in ...
Yeo, Stanley
1998, N

india, england and australia.
Indian defence year book 1999
Jasbir Singh, RK (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Penugonda fort: a defence capital of the VFijayanagara empire: history, art and culture foreword by Dieter Rothermund
Vasantha, R
2000, Hardcover
India's defence spending: assessing future needs
Singh, Jasjit
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) defence in the past (ii) defence expenditure trends (iii) defence decision making and resource allocation (iv) manpower optimisation (v) quest for self-reliance- ajay singh (vi) challanges of defence in future (vii) the nuclear arsenal (viii) towards credible affordable defence.
Indian defence yearbook 2000, ed. by R.K Jasbir Singh
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) the new millennium (ii) special focus: the kargil conflict (iii) national security and foreign relations (iv) force multiplier technologies (v) force profiles and modernisation (vi) organisation of the armed forces (vii) weapon systems and equipment (viii) defence research and developoment, production and supplies (ix) administration matters and miscellaneous.
The reflexive nature of awareness: a Tibetan Madhyamaka defence, Britain, 1998
Williams, Paul
2000, Hardcover
Indian defence review; ed. by Afsir Karim et al, Vol. 8 part-3 July 1993
1993, Paperback
Indian Defence yearbook 2001, ed. by R.K. Jasbir Singh
2001, Hardcover
In defence of freedom: exciting times and quiet meditations
Datta, Amlan
2001, Hardcover

a collection of articles on social and economic issues already published in calcuttan newspapers and journals and elsewhere in india over the last fifty years.
The defence makeover: 10 myths that shape India's image
Sawhney, Pravin
2002, Hardcover

1. on indo-china relations. 2. kashmir tangle. 3. nuclear and conventional war paradigm.
Nuclear world: defence and politics of major power
Banerjee, Jyotirmoy
2002, Hardcover
Future defence challenges: armed forces of the 21st century
Ghosh, CN
2003, Hardcover

this book addresses all factors that would bring out revolution in military affairs highlighting its major components.
Love besieged: a romance of the defence of Lucknow, ed. by Ralph Crane
Pearce, Charles E
2003, Hardcover

a heady mix of adventure and romance set within the walls of the besieged city of lucknow in 1857, this new edition of charles e. pearce\'s love besieged (1909) typifies the genre of the mutiny novel.
Indian defence yearbook 2003, ed. by R.K. Jasbir Singh
2003, Hardcover
Social defence: an Indian perspective
Bhattacharyya, Sunil Kanta
2003, Hardcover

it encompasses within its ambit all the components of the criminal justice system like judiciary, police, prison and other institutional and non-institutional services for treatment, training and ultimate rehabilitation and reassimilation of offenders into society.
Indian Defence Review, Vol.18(2) April-June, 2003, ed. by Bharat Verma et al
2003, Paperback
Defence services: financial analysis and resource mobilisation
Athawale, Sanhita S
2004, Hardcover
Indian Defence Yearbook 2004, ed. by R.K. Jasbir Singh
2004, Hardcover
Indian defence yearbook 2005, ed. by R.K. Jasbir Singh
2005, Hardcover
Defence of Hindu society, 3rd enl. edition
Goel, Sita Ram
2000, Paperback

the first principle which hindu society has to observe while preparing its defence is that it will stop processing and evaluating its own heritage in terms of ideas and ideals projected by closed creeds and pretentious ideologies. on the contrary, hindu society will henceforward process and evaluate the heritage of these creeds and ideologies in terms of its own categories of t ...
Bio-terrorism and bio-defence
Chari, PR et al. (ed.)
2005, Hardcover
Will the Iron Fence save a Tree hollowed by Termites?: Defence imperatives beyond the Military
Shourie, Arun
2005, Hardcover
In defence of democracy: dynamics and fault lines of Nepal's political economy
Mahat, Ram Sharan
2005, Hardcover
Defence, development and national security: linkages in theIndian context
2005, Hardcover
India's ad hoc arsenal direction or drift in defence policy
Smith, Chris
1994, N

contents: (i) india: regional secutiry from aryan times to the present (ii) defence policy and practice, 1947-62 (iii) from humiliation to regional hegemony (iv) indian arms imports, 1980 (v) india\'s defence sector, 1988-91 (vi) indigenous defence production (vii) nuclear weapons and delivery (viii) defence decision making in india.
Siyacina: anthina sangharsa (defence)
Raghavana, Vi Ar
2005, Hardcover
Defence planning: problems and prospects
Malik, VP et al.
2006, Hardcover
Indian defence yearbook 2006, ed. by R.K. Jasbir Singh
2006, Hardcover
Aerospace power and India's defence
Singh, Jasjit (ed.)
2007, Hardcover

this volume put together by professionals examines the various aspects and factors that go into the shaping and employment of aerospace power in india\'s defence and explain its complexities to enable a broader understanding of the peculiar nature of aerospace power.
1965 war: the inside story, Defence Minister Y.B. Chavan's diary of India-Pakistan war
Pradhan, RD
2007, Hardcover