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Thinking design
Balaram, S.
2011, Paperback

this book explores the history of traditional design and its evolution. on one hand it takes the reader through the cultural-roots of design, and, on the other, it explores new technologies and their applications in design.
Sangrah: ethnic Indian textile designs
1999, Paperback
Harvesting our souls: missionaries, their design, their claims
Shourie, Arun
2006, Paperback

for 500 years the church has heaped calumny on hindu gods and their scriptures. how does the god of their scripture measure upto their own criteria ? how does the claims of the missionaries that jesus was the son of god, that he was born to a virgin at the intercession of god, that he was crucified- stand in the face of other scripture-the quran. a book that shows up the claim ...
Down and out: labouring under global capitalism, photographs by Ravi Agarwal, design by Brinda Datta
Breman, Jan et al.
2000, Hardcover

the book looks at the condition of workers in the informal sector in and around surat, which was the site of the author\'s research.
Jute: handlooms of India, text by L.V. Saptarishi, ed. by Mallika Sarabhai, designed by Jatin Banker
2000, Hardcover

the book traces the history of jute from its earliest use thousands of years ago its current status as a favourite fabric for unmarket home furnishings.
Mandana: the folk designs of Rajasthan, designs by V.N. Saxena
Vashishtha, Neelima (b.1941)
2000, Hardcover

the present work is an exhaustive study of the folk designs made on floor and walls by women of rajasthan folk.
Cier's Industrial Databook 2000-01, 6th ed., designed and directed by S.R. Mahnot, with forewords by Werner Behrens et al
2000-01, Hardcover
Roopa-Lekha, Vol.67 to 71 (comb.), January 2001, ed. by D.C. Bhattacharyya, design and layout by Paramjeet Singh
2001, Paperback
History of Mughal architecture, Vol.3: The transitional phase of colour and design, Jehangir, 1605-1627 A.D.
Nath, R (b.1933)
1994, Hardcover
Climate responsive architecture: a design handbook for energy efficient buildings
Krishnan, Arvind et al. (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

papers presented at an international workshop held in 1995.
Content resources for assessment: glossary of terms: language, literature, personality (in English-Tamil-English), research, design and editing by Pon Subbiah et al
2002, Hardcover

on the concepts and methods of testing and organisation of language knowledge.
Raceme: a cluster of poems, ill. and cover designed by Sakshi Trehan
Sharma, Kedarnath (b.1937)
2003, Hardcover
The sari, photographs by Dixie, design by Oroon Das
Banerjee, Mukulika et al.
2003, Hardcover

this book offers intimate insights into the social life of the sari, which becomes a tool for understanding the lives of contemporary indian women.
Islamic tombs in India: the iconography and genesis of their design
Bunce, Fredrick William (b.1935)
2004, Hardcover

this work covers the architecture and iconography of some 36 islamic tombs in india spanning a period of over 500 years from c. ad 1230 to 1754. abounding in numerous line drawings of plans and elevations, and figures, it examines the influence of different traditions-- buddhist and hindu as well as other asian and african and mediterranean traditions on evolution of the form o ...
Buddhist textiles of Laos, Lan Na and the Isan: the iconography of design elements
Bunce, Fredrick W (b.1935)
2004, Hardcover
Textile designs, traditional and floral
Prakash, K
2003, Hardcover
Early Bengali serials 1818-1950: a shared database of library holdings worldwide, designed and developed by Asoknath Mukhopadhyay
2004, Hardcover

this book is a print version of the electronic database of an international union catalogue. the database includes over one thousand journals and newspapers appeared during the period 1818-1950.
Message in design, a study of R.K. Narayan's fiction
Ramana, Paramjit Singh (b.1954)
1993, Hardcover

analyses the ideological messages implicit in the design of narayan\'s fiction. after defining the conceptual framework of the study, the story-designs and models of characterization and narrative strategy are abstracted from the narrative. the ideological positions implicit in these choices and their implications are highlighted in terms of the background and domain assumption ...
Manifestations II: Indian art in the 20th century, 100 artists from the DAG collection, ed. by Roobina Karode, design by Shilpi Burman
2004, Hardcover

catalogue of an exhibition that showcases one hundred artists from the dag (delhi art gallery) collection, presenting a comprehensive overview of 20th century indian art. the interface between the text and image has been documented in this catalogue. this group of 100 artists exemplifies many of the significant names in indian art from pre and post independence period.
Library automation: design, principles and practice (includes CD)
Haravu, LJ (b.1935)
2004, Paperback

the book attempts to look of library automation both from the perspective of practising librarians and from that of computer programmers who are involved in the development and design of library automation systems.
Music and fine arts in the devotional traditions of India: worship through beauty, illustrated with miniature paintingsand Sanjhi designs by the author
Goswami, Saurabh et al.
2005, Hardcover
Logic of knowledge base: a Nyaya reader from designing computational lexicon
Dash, KC
1992, Hardcover
User-friendly irrigation designs
Sengupta, Nirmal (1946- )
1993, N
Green power: the eco-friendly energy engineering: fundamentals and design
Khartchenko, Nikolai V
2004, Hardcover
Public institutions in India: performance and design
Kapur, Devesh et al. (ed.)
2005, Hardcover

this volume analytically assesses the design, performance, and adaptability of the principal institutions of governance in india and their critical role in a democratic polity.
Sustainable building: design manual, 2 vols. (Set)
2011, Hardcover

vol.1: policy and regulatory mechanisms. 160p. isbn: 9788179930526 vol.2: sustainable building design practices. 314p. isbn: 9788179930533
Indian embroidery: ethnic and beyond, designs by Khan Mohammed Jaffer, with CD
Lehri, RM (ed.)
2006, Hardcover
The great Indian railway atlas: a comprehensive atlas of the Indian railway network, design and cartography by Samit Roychoudhury
2005, Paperback
Textile designs of the Boros of northeast India, ed. by Kishor K. Basa
Boro, Kabita et al.
2006, Hardcover
Made for Maharajas: a design diary of princely India, photoresearch and editing by Priya Kapoor
Jaffer, Amin
2007, Hardcover

this exquisitely produced coffee table book explores the obsession among indian royalty for european luxury goods. the author amin jaffer is the curator in the asian department at the victoria & albert museum and a specialist in indian art and culture in the period of european influence. contents: (i) the royal image. (ii) jewels. (iii) dress and accessories. (iv) royal pursuit ...