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Vedantaparibhasha of Dharmarajadhwarindra; with commentary Paribhashaprakasika by Anant Krishna Sastri, with cont..2
1993, N

a foreword by s. radhakrishnan; calcutta, 1927. --
Varnadharma, Niskama karma and practical morality: a critical essay on applied ethics
Prasad, Rajendra (b.1926)
1999, Hardcover

this work analyses some basic concepts of indian ethics. it shows that a varnadharma cannot be both natural and obligatory, the prescription of acting desirelessly makes any desireless action justified, the ‘jivan-mukti’ concept is inapplicable, etc.
The Abhidharmakosa and bhasya of Acarya Vasubandhu, Pali text with Sphutartha comm. by Acarya Yasomitra, 2 Vols., ed. by Swami Dwarikadas Sastri, 4th edition (Set)
2008, Hardcover
Dharma Rajya: path-breaking reforms for India's governance
Waslekar, Sundeep (b.1959)
1998, N
Naihsreyasa dharma (the doctrine of the ultimate good), by Sachidananda Murti
1984, Paperback

...this is a monograph of a lecture delivered in english by prof. k. sachidananda murti with a foreword by prof. g.c. pandey. prof. murti discusses the philosophical perspectives of nairetmya the selflessness, the fundamental view that distinguished buddhist philosophy from other philosophies, and its implications as expounded by nagarjuna and some of his followers such as sant ...
The visionary and mytic poetry of Khams-smyon Dharma-Senggebeing the text of Khams smyon dharma senge ge'i nyams mgur..
1970, N

chu zla\'i gar \'phreng reproduced from the edition prepared by \'chi-med rdo -rje (padma-rgya-mtsho)
A companion to Dharmasastra
Banerji, Sures Chandra (b.1971)
1997, Hardcover

this work highlights the dharmasastra essentials by listing the major authors with their biographies, titles and their dates of composition, published editions and commentaries. it shows how dharmasastra works have influenced the indian way of life.
Snatana Dharma: an elementary textbook of Hindu religion and ethics
1998, Hardcover
Siddhantalaksanatattvalokaprakasah, with 'Cintamani' of Gangesa, 'Didhiti' of Raghunatha, 'Jagadisi' of Jagadisa and `Tattvaloka' of Dharmadatta, Vol.1, by Khadganatha Misra,...
1996, Hardcover

...ed. by krishna sarma.
Siddhantalaksanatattvalokaprakasah, with Tattvaloka of Dharmadatta Sarma, Vol.2, by Pandit Khadganatha Misra, ed. by Sri Krsna Sarma
1997, Hardcover
Santanantarasiddhih of Dharmakirti and Santanantarasiddhih tika of Vinitadeva, restored and ed. from Tibetan text into Sanskrit text by J.S. Negi
1997, Hardcover

tibetan text into sanskrit text by j.s. negi
Pratityasamutpadahrdaya and Aryadharmadhatugarbhavivarana of Acarya Nagarjuna, transl., restored and ed. in Tibetan by Gyltsen Namdol, ed. by Samdhong Rinpoche
1997, Hardcover
Santanatarasiddhih of Dharmakirti and Santanantarasiddhi tika by Vinitadeva, restored from Tibetan into Sanskrit text by M.R. Chinchore
1997, Hardcover

text by m.r. chinchore
Dharma and vedic foundations
Kulkarni, Shripad Dattatraya (ed.)
1995, N
Selected fiction: The legends of Khasak, The Saga of Dharmapuri, The infinity of grace, stories
Vijayan, OV (b.1930)
1999, Paperback
Separate journey's ed. by Geeta Dharmarajan paintings by T.Vaikuntam
1998, Paperback

collection of stories.
Dharma, ecology and wisdom in the third millennium
Skolimowski, Henryk
1999, Hardcover
The Saddarsanasutrasamgraha (a collection of Sutras of six darsanas) with an authentic introd. and exhaustive index, compiled and ed. by Dharma Kirtti Sastri
1999, Hardcover
A brief history of Dharmasastra
Banerji, SC (b.1917)
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) introduction (ii) political, social and religious background (iii) evolution of dharmasastra (iv) selected topics of dharmasastra (v) ethics in dharmasastra (vi) purana and smrti (vii) tantra and smrti (viii) interrelation among different schools of navya-smrti (ix) society reflected in dharmasastra (x) rationalism, tolerance and germs of socialism in dharmasastra ...
Dharmasindhu of Kasinatha Upadhyaya with 'The Dharmadipika'Hindi comm. by Vasistha Datta Misra and The 'Sudha' gloss by Sudama Misra Sastri and an introd. in Hindi by...
2000, Hardcover

...sadasiva sastri musalgaonkar, 3rd edition.
Catalugue of the manuscripts of Patan Jain Bhandara, comp. by Muni Sri Punyavijayaji and ed. by Muni Jambuvijayaji, assisted by Muni Dharmacandravijayaji, 4 parts in 3 vols (Set)
1991, Hardcover

a detailed catalgue of 20035 paper manuscripts preserved in the hemachandra jain gyanmandir.
Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Government Manuscript Library deposited at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Vol. VII, Part III: Dharmasastra
1997, Hardcover

vols. 1-9 have been published as per despatch of each volume will be supplied on request
History of Dharmasastra, 5 vols. in 8 parts (rexine bound) (Set)
Kane, PV
1990-97, Hardcover

....translations; 6
Dharmasutras: the law codes of Apastamba, Gautama, Baudhayana, and Vasistha, tr. from the original Sanskrit and ed. byPatrick Olivelle
1999, Paperback
Dharma for stability of all: a collection of articles in Sanskrit of the Late Pandita Jagannath Shridhar Padeshastri, compiled and ed. by P.H. Joshi et al and introd in English
2000, Hardcover
How I became a Hindu: my discovery of Vedic dharma
Frawley, David
2007, Paperback

david frawley is one of the most prominent hindus of our times. he has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of the vedas; ha has also written on ayurveda and other vedic sciences. most importantly, he has urged a return to the vedas as a means to unlock the secrets of the scriptures that followed. he has shown how this key can reveal the meaning behind the exuber ...
Dharmakosa, Vol.5, Part II: Varnasramadharmakanda, ed. by Govindshastri Kelkar
2000, Hardcover
Baudhayanadharmasutram with Vivarana Sanskrit commentary ofGovindaswami, ed. by Narendra Kumar Acarya
1999, Hardcover

a work on ancient hindu law with commentary in hindi and sanskrit.
Bharataratna Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. Pandurang Vaman Kane's history of Dharma-Sastra in essence, by S.G. Moghe
2000, Hardcover

distributed by bhandarkar oriental research institute, poona.
Hinduism and divorce: from Dharmasastras to statutory law: a critical study, 2 Vols (Set)
Kohli, Hari Dev
2000, Hardcover

the book studies, in two volumes, the traditional concept of hindu marriage as a sacrament, analysing the validity of the reasons for incorporating the provision of divorce in the hindu law. it discusses divorce laws in the global perspective and analyses statutory divorce in hindu law.