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Kabir: the weaver's songs, transl. and with an introd. & notes by Vinay Dharwadker
2003, Paperback

on the poetry of kabir.
Collected plays, Vol.2: Tale-Danda; The fire and the rain; The dreams of Tipu Sultan; Two monologues: Flowers and Broken Images, with an introd. by Aparna Bhargava Dharwadker
Karnad, Girish
2006, Hardcover
Collected plays, Vol.1: Tughlaq, Hayavadana, Bali: the sacrifice, Naga-Mandala (play with a cobra), with an introd. by Aparna Bhargava Dharwadker
Karnad, Girish
2006, Hardcover

the four plays featured here have been performed in every major indian language. these texts display karnad\'s unique ability to use ancient myth, pre-modern history, and folklore as resonant parallels for modern experience, both private and public.
National seminar on ancient Hindu law and administration inthe Puranic and Sanskrit literature (2009: Dharwad) proceedings, includes text in Devanagari scripts
2010, Hardcover
National Seminar on `Ancient Hindu law and Administration in Epics', (the Ramayana and the Mahabharata), (2007: Dharwad (Karnataka)) papers, ed. by M N Josi
2007, Paperback
Banaras and other poems, ed. by K. Satchidanandan, with an intro. by Harish Trivedi, tr. by Vinay Dharwadker et al
Singh, Kedarnath
2015, Hardcover
Archaeological excavation at Annigeri, district Dharwad, Karnataka, India (Feb.-March 2011), report by M.S. Krishna Murthy et al.
2014, Paperback
Shettar, Rekha
2017, Hardcover

this book brings out the forgotten glory of the city dharwad. the book begins with the genesis of the name of the city \'dharwad\', followed by a journey into various events and ideologies that shaped it. it also conducts an in-depth investigation into the villages and towns that comprise dharwad. this gives the reader a complete understanding of the natural and man-made wonder ...
Collected plays, Vol.3: Yayati, Wedding Album, Boiled Beansn Toast, with an introd. by Aparna Bhargava Dharwadker
Karnad, Girish
2018, Hardcover