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Encyclopaedia of domestic medicine: with domestic materia medica, 2 Vols. (Set)
Graham, Thomas J
1996, Hardcover
India and her domestic problems (religion state and secularism)
Dhar, Pannalal
1993, Hardcover
Vaikhanasasmartasutram: the domestic rules and sacred laws of the Vaikhanasa school belonging to the Black Yajurveda, tr. into English by W. Caland, foreword by Manabendu Banerjee
2002, Hardcover
Vaikhanasagrhyasutram and Vaikhanasadharmasutram, Vaikhanasasmartasutram: the domestic rules of the Vaikhanasa school belonging to the Black Yajurveda, Skt. text, with English...
1989, Hardcover

...preface and critically ed. by w. caland.
Behind closed doors: domestic violence in India
Bhattacharya, Rinki (ed.)
2004, Hardcover

it puts together the life stories of seventeen women from diverse cultural, class, education and religious backgrounds in india who victims of domestic violence.
Domesticity in colonial India: what women learned when men gave them advice
Walsh, Judith E
2004, Hardcover

the author takes a close look at domestic manuals in bangla that appeared between 1860 and 1900 to illustrate that colonial modernity entered the domain of the personal-- the home-- in its negotiation of life in british india, and were at the same time part of a global phenomenon.
Domesticating modern science: a social history of science and culture in colonial India
Raina, Dhruv et al.
2004, Hardcover

the essays brought together in this volume examine the cultural reception of modern science in late colonial india. they look at how the first generation of modern indian scientists responded to and creatively worked the theories and practices of modern science into their cultural idiom.
Pakistan's economic and social development: the domestic, regional and global context
Zaidi, S Akbar
2004, Hardcover

the book examines pakistan\'s development of the period following general pervez musharraf\'s coup in october 1999.
Men, women, and domestics: articulating middle-class identity in colonial Bengal
Banerjee, Swapna M
2004, Hardcover

examining a wide variety of literary and official sources, the book establishes that the articulation of the bengali middle-class self-identity was predicated on the difinition of its women, who in turn, were carefully distinguished from members of lower socio-economic groups.
Security and southeast Asia: domestic, regional, and globalissues
Collins, Alan
2005, Hardcover

this book identifies and explains the security challenges-- both traditional and nontraditional-- confronting the region.
Foreign policy making in Israel: domestic influences: reflections on the Middle East peace process
Singh, Priya
2005, Hardcover
Physiology of domestic animals
Sjaastad, Oystein V et al.
2005, Hardcover
Letters written in a Mahratta camp during the year 1809: descriptive of the character manners domestic habits and ......
Broughton, Thomas Duer
1995, N

religious ceremonies of mahrattas, a new edition with an introd. by m.e.grant duff, westminster, 1892
Ayurvedic materia medica for domestic use: a guide for every home, 2 vols (Set)
Graham, Thomas J
2006, Hardcover
Development of domestic rites: Satyasadha school
Date, Ranjana Shrikant
2006, Hardcover

study of grhya sutra of satyasadha hiranyakesin on the basis of entire available exegetical literature on it.
Vedic domestic fire-ritual: sthalipaka: its performance andexposition
Tachikawa, Musashi et al.
2006, Hardcover
Domestic violence against women: legal control and judicialresponse
2007, Hardcover
Women domestics: workers within households
Singh, Vinita
2007, Hardcover

an impirical study of women domestic workers serving in middle class households, from ranchi city and interpreted in the backdrop of literature available on gender issues and women\'s studies.
Handbook on protection of women from domestic violence act and rules, 2nd edition
Das, PK
2007, Paperback
Law of domestic violence: a user's manual for women, 2nd edition
Jaising, Idnra
2007, Paperback
Arbitration, agreements and awards: law of international and domestic arbitration
Bansal, Ashvini Kumar
2006, Paperback
Culture of servitude: modernity domesticity and class in India
Ray, Raka: et al.
2010, Hardcover

a ethnographic account of domestic life and servitude in contemporary kolkata, with a concluding comparison with new york city.
International water security: domestic threats and opportunities
Pachova, Nevelina I et al. (ed.)
2009, Hardcover
Protozoa and protozoan diseases of domestic livestock
Bhatia, BB et al.
Cultures of servitude: modernity domesticity and class in India, with a new preface
Ray, Raka et al.
2010, Hardcover

a ethnographic account of domestic life and servitude in contemporary kolkata, with a concluding comparison with new york city.
Diaspora, development, and democracy: the domestic impact of international migration from India
Kapur, Devesh
2010, Hardcover

what happens to a country when its skilled workers emigrate? the first book to examine the complex economic, social, and political effects of migration on india, this book provides a conceptual framework for understanding the repercussions of international migration on migrants\' home countries.
Ivy Compton-Burenett and English domestic novel
Rani, T Asoka
1995, N

contents: (i)ivy compton-burnett: perspectives (ii)domestic tyranny (iii)personal relationships: i-ii (iv)technique.
International relations theory and South Asia, Vol.1: security, political economy, domestic politics, identities, and images
Sridharan, E. (ed.)
2011, Hardcover

in this collection, scholars analyse the problems of conflict resolution and cooperation-building in the region from the perspective of international relations theory and related social science theorizing.
International relations theory and South Asia, Vol.2: security, political economy, domestic politics, identities, and images
Sridharan, E. (ed.)
2011, Hardcover

this volume addresses three interrelated areas-security; political economy and domestic politics; and the construction of identities, images, norms, and world-views. combining theory with fieldwork, it presents a comprehensive picture of international relations in south asia.
South Asian yearbook of trade and development: harnessing gains from trade: domestic challenges and beyond
2009, Paperback