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Growth with equity; the new technology and agrarian change in Bengal
Dasgupta, Abhijit
1998, Hardcover

contents: (i) agrarian change in bengal; the late colonial phase (ii) west bengal; the new techonology and agrarian change (iii) bangladesh; the new techonology and agrarian change.
The use and abuse of nature incorporating this fissured land, an ecological history of India and ecology and equity
Gadgil, Madhav et al.
2000, Hardcover

this omnibus brings together two books that have resulted from a unique collaboration between an eminent ecologist and a top-ranking sociologist.
Irrigation in India's agricultural development: productivity, stability, equity: 2nd edition
Dhawan, BD
1994, Hardcover

contents: 1. irrigation impact-perceptions and misconceptions. 2. methodlogy for assessing irrigation impact. 3. productivity of indian irrigation. 4. inter-source differences in productivity of irrigated agriculture. 5. income generation through irrigation. 6. role of irrigation in stabilising farm output. 7. protective performance of indian irrigation. 8. equity in sharing ga ...
Triratna: heritage, governance and equity: Hon'ble Shri T.N. Chaturvedi festschrift, 5 vols., foreword by Jagmohan (Set)
Tripathi, RC et al. (ed.)
2003, Hardcover

the articles in the volumes cover diverse fields and interests going deep into history, culture and polity. the glory of india has been brought out in several articles particularly of eminent writers such as dr. karan singh, prof. lokesh chandra, prof. b.b. lal and others.
Tracking gender equity under economic reforms: continuity and change in South Asia
Mukhopadhyay, Swapna et al. (ed.)
2003, Hardcover
Achieving broad-based sustainable development: governance, environment, and growth with equity
Weaver, James H et al.
2003, Hardcover
Livelihood and gender: equity in community resource management
Krishna, Sumi (ed.)
2004, Hardcover

this pioneering volume combines unique livelihood interventions, rigorous field-based research, analysis and activism across rural and tribal south asia.
Gender and social equity in primary education: hierarchies of access
Ramachandran, Vimala (ed.)
2004, Hardcover

vividly capturing the texture and nuances of primary education through qualitative investigations, this volume is unique in drawing attention to the new segregation in basic education.
The use and abuse of nature, incorporating (a) This fissured land: an ecological history of India, (b) Ecology and equity
Gadgil, Madhav et al.
2004, Paperback
A matter of equity: freedom of faith in secular India
Dayal, John (b.1948)
2007, Hardcover

introspection or analysis of church and society in india, and also the nature of a christian response to the camapigns launched by hindu activists groups from the author, a christian activist.
Growth, equity, environment and population: economic and sociological perspectives
Chopra, Kanchan (ed.)
2008, Hardcover
States' fiscal management and regional equity: an overview
Rao, M. Govinda et al. (ed.)
2009, Hardcover

with contributions from leading fiscal experts, this volume presents an overview of the challenges of fiscal management faced by states and the national challenge of regional fiscal equity.
Minority education in India: issues of access, equity and inclusion
Waheed, Abdul (ed.)
2010, Hardcover

this volume being an outcome of a national seminar organised by the aligarh muslim university, contains 22 papers, explaining various dimensions of educational exclusion of minorities, success stories of their educational institutions and future strategies for their inclusion.
Social movements II: concerns of equity and security, Gen ed. T.N. Madan
Oommen, TK (ed.)
2010, Hardcover

a most comprehensive anthology of social movement studies published during the last fifty years.
Human development, equity and gender justice
Adhikari, Sudeepta
A fistful of dry rice: land, equity and democracy essays in honour of D Bandyopadhyay
Saxena, K B et al (ed.)
2012, Hardcover
The concept of equity in Sukraniti and Arthasastra: a comparative study
Sharma, TR
2011, Hardcover
Diverting the flow: gender equity and water in South Asia
Zwarteveen, Margreet et al (ed.)
2012, Hardcover

this book provides an overview of gender, equity and water issues relevant to south asia. the essays empirically illustrate and theoretically argue how gender intersects with other axes of social difference such as class, caste, ethnicity, age and religion to shape water access, use and management practices.
Growth and equity: essays in honour of Pradeep Mehta
Desai, Nitin et al (ed.)
2013, Hardcover

this volume is a rich collection of analytical essays penned by those who have been closely associated with pradeep worldwide.
Land policies for equity and growth: transforming the Agrarian structure in Uttar Pradesh, ed. by Ajit Kumar Singh & Santosh Malhotra
2014, Hardcover
Open and distance learning: equity and access, ed. by Sitansu S Jena et al.
2014, Hardcover
Understanding biodiversity; lise, sustainability and equity
Kothari, Ashish
1997, N

contents: (i) we are not alone on earth (ii) conserving wildlife (iii) domesticated biodiversity (iv) people, patents, prifits (v) regulating access and sharing benefits (vi) the biodiversity convention and india.
Restricting Nepalese economy in a socialistic pattern for social equity and peace
Dahal, Rudra Prasad
2010, Paperback
Towards inclusive growth: between equity and development, ed. by D.C. Nanjunda et al
2017, Hardcover

the articles in this volume have been selected from the inaugural issue of international journal of social and economic research, mysore. the papers in this volume touches upon various aspects inclusive growth and the general notion of inclusive societies.
Equity and access: health care studies in India, ed. by Purendra Prasad et al.
2018, Hardcover

this book attempts to unravel the complex narrative of why inequities in the health sector are growing and access to basic health care is worsening, and the underlying forces that contribute to this situation.
Agitation to legislation: negotiating equity and justice in India
Hasan, Zoya
2018, Hardcover