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Le commentaire De Harihara Sur Le Malatimadhava De Bhavabhuti ed. by Francois Grimal, intro. in French
1999, Hardcover
Malatimadhavatika of Harihara = Le commentaire de Harihara sur le Malatimadhava de Bhavabhuti (in Sanskrit), by Francois Grimal, introd. in French
Harihara, 18th cent.
1999, Hardcover

commentary on malatimadhava, play of bhavabhuti, 8th cent. sanskrit author; includes critically edited text.
Bhutan, photography by Francoise Pommaret and Yoshiro Imaeda, translated by Elisabeth B. Booz
Pommaret, Francoise
2003, Paperback

for tourist who are curious to discover this extraordinary country.
South Indian horizons: felicitation volume for Francois Gros on the occasion of his 70th birthday, ed. by Jean-Lue Chevillard et al., preface by R.E. Asher (in French, English ...
2004, Hardcover

and tamil).
Le Paripatal, texte tamoul, introduction, traduction et notes par Francois Gros (in Tamil and French)
1968, Hardcover

within a secular corpus, the paripatal, composed around madurai city and its river, vaigai, contains unique devotional songs to mal (visnu) and cevvel (murukan), the first to be written in classical tamil, and conform to the hindu lore.
Hariharaviracita Malatimadhavatika: Le commentaire de Harihara sur le Malatimadhava de Bhavabhuti, premiere edition parFrancois Grimal, (in Sanskrit and French)
1999, Hardcover

the present work is a first annotated edition of the oldest known commentary (end of 12th or early 13th cent. ad) of the malatimadhava of bhavabhuti (first half of 8th cent. ad). the tika is given here with the text of the play as edited by r.g. bhandarkar. a first appendix gives the list of variants noted between the text of the malatimadhava edited by r.g. bhandarkar and the ...
Aids and meternity in India: from public health to social sciences perspectives: emerging themes and debates, foreword by Francoise Barre-Sinoussi (in English)
Cohen, P et al. (ed.)
2004, Hardcover
The private diary of Ananda Ranga Pillai, 12 vols., Dubash to Joseph Francois Duplex, Governor of Pondicherry: a record of matters: political, historical, social and personal from ... (Set)
Price, JF et al. (ed.)
2006, Hardcover

...1736-1761, transl. from the tamil by order of the government of madras, new delhi, 1985. vol.1: sept.1736--april 1746. vol.2: april 1746--march 1747. vol.3: oct.1746--march 1747. vol.4: march 1747--march 1748. vol.5: april 1748--oct.1748. vol.6: oct.1748--march 1750. vol.7: april 1750--april 1751. vol.8: may 1751--dec.1753. vol.9: spet.1754--dec.1755. vol.10: jan.1756--june ...
India and Francophone: Africa under globalisation
Dubey, Ajay (ed.)
2009, Hardcover

this book is an outcome of a seminar jointly organized by francophone african studies programme of school of international studies, jawaharlal nehru university and african studies association of india, new delhi.
Voyage of Francois Pyrard de Laval to the East Indies, Maldives, Moluccas and Brazil (A.D. 1601-11), 2 vols.,(3 parts) (Set)
Pyrard, Francois
Le vagabond et son ombre, G. Nagarajan, Romans et recits tamouls, presentes et traduits par Francois Gros, avec le concours d' Elisabeth Sethupathy, English intro. by Kannan M....
2013, Paperback

Mastering the lens: before and after Cartier-Bresson in Pondicherry, text by Shilpi Goswami et al., intro. by Francois Richier
2012, Paperback

this publication emanates from an exhibition by the same title. it is an attempt to trace the development of photography with some of the other allied visual documents arising from pondicherry, spanning the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Canned heat: ethics and politics of global climate change, ed. by Marcello Di Paola & Gianfranco Pellegrino
2014, Hardcover
Vadivacal: des taureaux et des hommes en pays tamoul, recittraduit du tamoul et presente par Francois Gros (French)
Chellappa, C S
2014, Paperback
Francois Truffaut and his work
Arif, Rudra
2011, Paperback
Ports of the ancient Indian ocean, ed. by Marie-Francoise Boussac et al
2016, Hardcover

the book looks at the multisided role that `ports\' played in the exchange and transfer of knowledge between the `indian ocean\' and mediterranean societies. the contributions focus on the nature of this knowledge, its history and status, using and combining new archaeological data and recent publications of textual material.
Tantric studies: fruits of a Franco-German Project on EarlyTantra, ed. by Dominic Goodall & Harunaga Isaacson
2016, Paperback

this volume complements those publications by gathering together some of the fruits, direct and indirect, of the wide ranging discussions that took place during the project\'s workshops.
India's relations with Francophone West Africa
Pathak, Vidhan
2017, Hardcover

the book focuses on india\'s relations with francophone west africa by reviewing the historical relations and looking into the various strategic aspects of their current relations. it attempts to examine the political and economic scenario in india and francophone west african countries and their development strategy. it explores the modes of diplomacy along with the changing p ...
Maya healers: a thousand dreams, photographs and writings by Fran Antmann, preface by Carolina Escobar Sarti, afterword by Jean Franco
2017, Hardcover

in this book, the author\'s lyrical writing and photographs illuminate a part of life that is central to the maya culture. the author accompanied the natural healers of san pedro, a village on lake atitlan in the guatemalan highlands, as they treated patients for a wide range of maladies. the healers of guatemala are deeply involved with the natural and spiritual worlds.
Encyclopedia of Indian philosophies, Vol. 21, Buddhist philosophy from 600 to 750 A.D., ed. by Karl H. Potter with an introd. by Eli Franco et al
2017, Hardcover
Post-growth thinking in India: towards sustainable egalitarian alternatives, ed. by Julien-Francois-Gerber et al.
2018, Hardcover