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Parvati: goddess of love
Dehejia, Harsha V
1999, Hardcover

in this book the author brings to the reader the goddess parvati, the female principle, consort of the god shiva, lover, mother, provider, embodiment of beauty. the images in stone come mostly from the classical period in north india. also included are iconic chola bronzes, thanjavur paintings and images from folk tradition.
Himalayan pantheon: a guide to the gods and goddesses of Nepal
Haber, Daniel B
1998, N
Encyclopaedia of Hindu gods and goddesses
Chandra, Suresh
1998, N
Handbook of Hindu gods, goddesses and saints: popular in contemporary South India, with illustrataions by K.S. Ramu, 2ndrev. and enl. edition
Smith, H Daniel et al.
1997, Paperback
Devi: goddesses of India
Hawley, John Stratton et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

this extraordinary collection explores twelve different hindu goddesses, all of whom are in some way related to devi, the great goddess.
Hindu goddesses: visions of the divine feminine in the Hindu religious tradition
Kinsley, David
2005, Paperback
The Devi Gita: the song of the goddess, transl. annotation andcomm. by C. Mackenzie Brown
1999, Hardcover
Devimahatmya: the glory of goddess, comm. in English and Hindi by Manoj K. Thakur
1999, Hardcover
Encyclopaedia of gods and goddessess: a continuing series, Vols.1-15, ed. by Nagendra Kr. Singh (Set)
2000, Hardcover

vols. 1-8: vishnu and vaisnavism. vols. 9-15: brahma.
Oh terrifying mother: sexuality, violence and worship of thegoddess Kali
Caldwell, Sarah
1999, Hardcover
The Indian mother goddess, 3rd enl. ed.
Bhattacharyya, NN
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) the mother: forms of the cult (ii) mother goddesses in literary and mythological record (iii) mother goddeses in archaeology (iv) mother goddesses and the advanced religious systems (v) appendices- (i) regional distribution of the goddesses cult (ii) the female-dominated societies (iii) fertility rites as the basis of tantricism (iv) the realm of kamakhya (v) a li ...
Indian gods and goddesses, Vol.2: The Vedic deities
Nagar, Shantilal (b.1927)
2000, Hardcover

the present work deals extensively about the genesis of the vedic deities and highlights the different types of changes such deities had to undergo, in the different periods.
Devi: the mother-Goddess: an introduction
Pattanaik, Devdutt
2000, Paperback

the aim of this book is to bring together the tales associated with the myriad manifestations of devi, weaving through it shakta philosophy and hindu worldviews.
Singing to the goddess, poems to Kali and Uma from Bengal
McDermott, Rachel Fell
2001, Paperback

this vibrant collection presents 145 brief bengali lyric poems dedicated to the hindu goddesses kali and uma.
Encyclopaedia of gods and goddess: a continuing series, Vols.16-30: Siva, ed. by Nagendra Kr. Singh (Set)
2001, Hardcover
Historical studies in the cult of the goddess Manasa: a socio-cultural study, with a foreword by A.L. Basham
Maity, Pradyot Kumar
2001, Hardcover
Myth, cult and symbols in Sakta Hinduism: a study of the Indian mother goddess
Beane, Wendell Charles
2001, Hardcover

contents: (i) methodological concerns, (ii) historical and traditional origins: from ancient to medieval times, (iii) the cosmological structure of mythical time: kali-sakti, (iv) the structural phenomenology of ritual time: kali-puja, (v) the eschatological structure of the regeneration of time: kali-yuga.
Mother-goddess in pre-mediaeval Bengal: a study of the evolution of concept and forms of female-divinities
Sarkar, Sikha (Aditya)
2001, Hardcover

contents: (i) origin of the cult of mother-goddess in bengal. (ii) cult of mother-goddess: an epigraphic study. (iii) puranic mother-goddess in bengal. (iv) tantric goddess of bengal. (v) mother-goddess: an iconographic study. (vi) sakta-pithas in bengal.
Invoking goddesses: gender politics in Indian religion
Chitgopekar, Nilima (ed.)
2002, Hardcover
The hour of the Goddess: memories of women, food and ritual in Bengal
Banerji, Chitrita
2001, Hardcover
The Goddess of tantra
Bandyopadhyay, Pranab (b.1925)
2002, Hardcover

this book deals mainly with tantra sadhana with the help of illustrations of the important yantras (diagrams of the cosmic symbolism) that are commonly used in the spiritual practices by the tantrikas.
Is the Goddess a feminist?: the politics of South Asian Goddesses, UK, 2000
Hiltebeitel, Alf et al. (ed.)
2002, Hardcover

the fifteen interdisciplinary essays in this book engage with the impact of powerful female deities--their images, projections, textuality and history-on the social standing and psychological health of women.
Indian images of gods and goddesses
Sastri, H Krishna
2003, Hardcover
Mother goddess and other goddesses
Subramaniam, V (ed.)
1993, N

contents: (i) some comparative and historical approaches (ii) different forms and different functions (iii) psychological aspects (iv) some modern developments (v) consorts and consorts.
Dictionary of Hindu gods and goddesses
Iyengar, TRR
2007, Hardcover

based on hindu sacred literature including the vedas, epics and the puranas, the book is a systematic study, in alphabetical order, of various hindu gods and goddesses covering aspects such as the evolution of their worship and their earliest references in texts, stories of their birth and achievements, their attributes, their significance in the hindu scheme of worship, their ...
Images of Indian goddesses: myths, meanings and models
Wangu, Madhu Bazaz
2003, Hardcover

the authors explains the emergence of indian goddesses within the changing social, political and cultural environment from the prehistoric to the present times and explains their metaphysical meanings.
Mother-goddesses in Kathmandu
Tachikawa, Musashi
2004, Hardcover

this book contains the study of fifteen temples, their structure and history which possess the images of eight matrkas: mahalaksmi, brahmayani (skt.-brahmani), rudrayani (skt.-rudrani), camunda, kaumari, vaisnavi, indrayani (skt.-indrani) and varahi.
Indian gods and goddesses: an introduction to the Vedic, pauranic and popular gods and goddesses of the Hindus, 4 Vols (Set)
Kapoor, Subodh (ed.)
2004, Hardcover
Living virgin goddess Kumari: her worship, fate of ex-Kumaris and sceptical views, most authentic and exhaustive, thoroughly rev. and updated edition
Majupuria, Indra et al.
2007, Paperback

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Mother of the universe: visions of the goddess and tantric hymns of enlightenment
Hixon, Lex
2004, Paperback