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Indian art: forms, concerns and development in historical perspective, ed. by B.N. Goswamy et al
2000, Hardcover

...civilization, vol.6, part 3.
Sribhasyam of Sri Ramanujacarya, Sanskrit text with comm. in Hindi by Lalit Krishna Goswamy, 2 vols (Set)
2000, Hardcover
Vishvarupa: paintings on the cosmic form of Krishna-Vasudeva, with a foreword by B.N. Goswamy
Ranjan, Neena
2008, Hardcover

this book attemps to showcase for the first time a careful selection of vishvarupa paintings between the 17th and 20th centuries to stimulate further study, it also reveals the beauty and genius of the indian painting tradition.
Pahari paintings of the Nala-Damayanti theme in the collection of Karan Singh: essay and notes by B.N. Goswamy; foreword
1995, N

by karan singh reprint of 1975
In adoration of Krishna: Pichhwais of Shrinathji-Tapi collection, introductory essay by B.N. Goswamy
2007, Hardcover

the book unveils the wondrous world of pichhwais - the devotional textiles that hang behind the image of krishna as shrinathji. presented here are masterpieces from praful and shilpa shah\'s tapi (textiles & art of the people of india) collection of surat, regarded as one of the most significant repositories of india\'s textile art. the book covers the background of the sect, t ...
Masters of Indian painting, 2 vols., by Milo Beach, BN Goswamy, and Eberhard Fischer (Set)
2012, Hardcover

vol. i: 1100-1650 vol. ii: 1650-1900 this beautiful two volume catalogue spans 800 years of indian painting, and some 240 masterpieces by more than 40 artists.
Daniells' India: views from the eighteenth century, BN Goswamy
2013, Hardcover

this special book presents and exquisite selection of the daniells\' work in india, bringing alive the scenery and architecture of that age.
Indian painting: essays in honour of B.N. Goswamy (themes, histories, interpretation)
Sharma, Mahesh et al. (ed.)
2013, Hardcover

this book is a tribute to the scholarship of the distinguished art historian b. n. goswamy, whose critical influence opened up new ways of thinking about indian painting. forty major scholars from south asia, america, australia and europe write in his honour, about pictures from a large geographical area and huge chronological span-from ajanta to present times. in their work, i ...
Oxford readings in Indian art, ed. by B.N. Goswamy et al
2018, Hardcover

this book traces the long, rich, varied tradition of reflections on indian art. organized into thematic sections, the contributions range from texts on iconography and aesthetics and excerpts bearing upon our understanding of patronage and artistic practices, to information on artists and early writings that have shaped our thinking on indian art.