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The philosophy of Sanskrit grammar: a critical study of Karaka
Barthakuria, Apurba Chandra
1997, Hardcover

study of cases(karaka) in sanskrit grammar.
Reconstructed grammar of the Setubandha (exhaustive study of vowels only)
Roy, Suchitra
1998, Hardcover
First Bengali grammar: a comparative analysis
Bandyopadhyay, Anita
1998, Hardcover
Post-Paninian systems of Sanskrit grammar by Ranjit Singh Saini
1999, Hardcover
Prabha: Sanskrit grammar and alamkara
Joshi, MN
1998, Paperback
A comparative grammar of the Dravidian or South Indian familyof languages, ed. by J.L. Wyatt et al., 3rd edition
Caldwell, Robert (1814-1891)
1998, Hardcover
Tribal languages of Ladakh, Part 1: a concise grammar and dictionary of Brok-skad
Sharma, DD
1998, Hardcover
Encyclopaedic dictionary of grammar, 2 Vols. (A-Z) (Set)
Michaelson, R
1999, N
Systems of Sanskrit grammar being the Vishwanath Narayan Mandlik, gold medical prizee-essay for 1909
Belvalkar, Shripad Krishana
1997, N
A grammar of the Arabic language, 2 Vols.
Wright, W
1999, Hardcover
A Vedic grammar for students, London, 1916 (2nd impression)
Macdonell, AA (1854-1930)
2005, Hardcover

projecting, with well-chosen examples, a whole mass of grammatical forms to be met with in the post-vedic sanskrit, literature, the author systematically explains the mechanics of its euphonic combinations (sandhi), declension, conjuction, nominal stem formation and compounds and a lot else-with complete insights into the syntactical arrangement of sanskrit sentence
Historical grammar of inscriptional Prakrits
1997, Paperback
Paninian and Katantra systems of grammar: a comparative study
Satpathy, RK
1999, Hardcover
Chinese grammar self-taught by John Darroch, London, 1921
1999, Hardcover
Hindustani grammar self-taught, 4 parts: a simplified grammar, exercises and examination papers, the vernacular and keyand English-Hindustani dictionary by C.A. Thimm, 3rd rev..
1999, Hardcover

...edition by shams\'ul `ulma sayyid `all bilgrami, london, 1916.
Higher Sanskrit grammar for the use of school and college students, ed. by M.R. Kale
2002, Paperback
A grammar of modern Tamil, 2nd edition by T. Lehman
1993, Paperback

first comprehensive description of the morphological and syntactic structure of the literary variety of modern tamil, with emphasis on syntax.
A basic grammar of modern spoken Tibetan: a practical handbook by Tashi
1999, Paperback
A dictionary of Sanskrit grammar, Gen. ed. M.L. Wadekar
Abhyankar, KV
2012, Hardcover
An introduction to the grammar of the Tibetan language: with the text of Situ Sum-Tag et al
Das, Sarat Chandra
2008, Hardcover
A grammar of the classical Arabic languages, 4 vols. in 7 parts (Set)
1986, Hardcover

the most comprehensive grammar of the arabic languages ever written in english or any other european language based on the expostion of native masters.
Handbook of Pali: being an elementary grammar chrestomathy and glossary by O. Frankfurter, London, 1883
1999, Hardcover
Hindi grammar: a key to the study of Hindi by Amal Sarkar
2000, Hardcover
Vedic grammar, with a preface by Albrecht Wezler
Macdonell, AA (1854-1930)
2000, Hardcover
The roots, verb-forms and primary derivatives of the Sanskrit language: a supplement to his Sanskrit grammar, Delhi, 2000
Whitney, William Dwight
2016, Paperback
Grammar and communication: essays on the form and functionof language
Tirumalesh, KV
1999, Hardcover
A grammar of the Bhotanta or Boutan language by F.C.G. Schrceter, Serampore, 1826
2000, Hardcover
A Sanskrit grammar for beginners in Devanagari and Roman letters throughout, London, 1866
Max Muller, F
2010, Hardcover
Vyakaranasastriya Lokanyayaratnakara (in Hindi) = An encyclopedic dictionary of popular maxims in Sanskrit grammar (incorporating ethical expressions,...........
2001, Hardcover

idioms, proverbs, maxims, wise sayings, aphorisms, allegories, parables etc.) by bhim singh vedalankar
Tolkappiyam: the earliest extant Tamil grammar with a shortcommentary in English, Vol.1, P.S. Subrahmanya Sastri, 2nd edition
1999, Hardcover