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The development of imperial Gupta Brahmi script, ed. by T.P. Verma, foreword by A.K. Narain
Srivastava, Anupama
1998, N

the text contains the background tracing the development stages of brahmi script from the time of asoka: inscriptions from, north indian style: kausambi region; eastern indian style: region of bengal and bihar; western style: mathura region: malwa style: madhya bharata; and also script on coins and numerals.
Lake of death, ed. by Ashoke Das Gupta
Jensen, Phill
1998, Paperback
Western and eastern poetics: a comparative study of reader response in I.A. Richards and Abhinava Gupta
Tharakan, KM
1998, N
Outline of Abhinavagupta's aesthetics
Kulkarni, VM
1998, Hardcover

this monograph deals with the various aspects of abhinavgupta\'s theory of rasa
Encyclopaedic survey of oriental thought, 3 vols., by N.L. Gupta (Set)
1998, Hardcover

various isms like hinduism, jainism, buddhism, zen-buddhism, taoism, sintoism etc. have been dealt holistically without any bias or prejudice.
Abhisamayamanjari by Subhakaragupta, critically edited Sanskrit text with Tibetan version by Samdhong Rinpoche et al
1993, Paperback

this is very important work of acarya subhakaragupta on vajrayoginisadhana which is being published for the first time
The Yogavasistha of Valmiki, with study, text, comm. 'Vasisthamaharamayanatatparyaprakasa' and sloka index, 3 vols., by Kanta Gupta, foreword by Karan Singh (Set)
1998, Hardcover
Dhavanyalokah of Anandavardhana, Skt. text with comm. by Abhinavagupta, ed. by Durgaprasada Kasinatha Panduranga Parab,rev. by Vasudeva Laksmana Sastri Pansikara, 3rd edition
1998, Hardcover

classical work, with commentary on sanskrit poetics
Adhyatmasarasatakam of Mahapandita Sriprabhakaragupta, Skt.text with comm. by Siromani, ed. by Janardan Shastri Pandeyet al
1997, Hardcover
Sritantraloka of sri Abhinavagupta, Pt.6, with two Comms. 'Viveka' by Acarya Sri Jayaratha 'Niraksiraviveka' by.........
1998, Hardcover

paramahans mishra \'hans\' foreword by mandan mishra, ed. by paramahansa mishra \'hans\'
Caraka Samhita: a scientific symposium, ed. by P. Ray and H.N. Gupta, rev. edition
1980, Hardcover

scientifically classified accounts of caraka samhita, the medical treatise of ancient indian.
Susruta samhita: a scientific symposium, ed. by P. Ray and H.N. Gupta
1980, N
International encyclopaedia of women's development, 4 Vols., ed. by Mukta Gupta (Set)
1998, N

vol.1; women and education development vol.2: economic participation of women vol.3: women and child welfare and media vol.4: issues related to women
Vaiydyaka-Sabdasindhuh, comp. by Kaviraja Umesachandra Gupta, rev. & enl. 2nd ed. by Kaviraja Nagendra Natha Sena
1999, N

comprehensive glossary of ayurvedic technical terms with synonyms of sanskrit, latin, hindi, tamil, telugu, bengali etc. and having reference of standard ayurvedic text.
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.17 No.1: Review of the genera of family Rhizophagidae(Clavicornia: Coleoptera) of the world by T. Sengupta
1988, Hardcover
Handbooks: 4: Plant Mites of India by S.K. Gupta
1985, Hardcover
Fauna of India: 36: Silvanidae (Calvicornia: Coleoptera) byT. Sengupta et al
1996, Hardcover
Essays on Indian art and culture: Prof. R. Dasgupta felicitation volume
Dwivedi, PS et al.
1992, Hardcover
Dhavanyalokamu of Anandavardhana, with Dhvanyalokalocana, Sanskrit comm. by Abhinavgupta and Balanandini, Telugu comm. by Pullela Sriramacandrudu
1998, Hardcover
Sritantraloka of Abhinavagupta, Part 8, with two comms. 'Viveka' by Sri Jayaratha, 'Niraksiraviveka', by Paramahansa Mishra 'Hans' foreword by Mandan Mishra, ed. by Paramahans....
1999, Hardcover

mishra \'hans\'
Sritantraloka of Sri Abhinavagupta, Part 7, with two commc.'Viveka' by Sri Jayaratha, 'Niraksiraviveka' by ParamahansMishra 'Hans' foreword by Mandan Mishra ed. by Paramahans..
1999, Hardcover

mishra \'hans\'
An encyclopaedia of Punjabi culture and history, compiled and ed. by V.P. Gupta et al
1999, Hardcover
Manusmrti = Word index to Manusmrti, by Gian Devi Gupta
1999, Hardcover
Indian art of the Gupta age: from pre-classical roots to the emergence of medieval trends
Goyal, SR et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

contains articles of prof. fredrick m. asher, walter m. spink, b.g. gokhale, p.k. agrawala, (the late) k.d. bajpai, m.k. dhavalikar, s.n. chaturvedi and dr. s.p. gupta on indian art of the gupta age.
Science of sphygmica(pulse): saga Kanada on pulse, text andEnglish tr. by K.R.L. Gupta
2000, Paperback
Murmur in the woods: selected poems of Sunil Gangopadhyay, selected and translated by Sheila Sengupta
Gangopadhyaya, Sunil
2000, Hardcover
Samsad English-Bengali dictionary, 5th edition with supplement for new words/new meanings (1980-2005), comp. by Sailendra Biswas, rev. by Subodhchandra Sengupta et al., ed. by Bire
2012, Hardcover

....ndramohan dasgupta, supplement comp. by samik bandyopadhyay.
Numismatic digest; Vol.21-22 (1997-1998), ed. by ParmeshwarLal Gupta et al.
2000, Hardcover
The Sivasutravarttika of Bhatta Bhaskaracarya; being a verse comm. on the Sivasutra of Vasugupta; appended with cont..2
1993, Hardcover

cont..2 the anonymous sivasutravrtti and the spandakarikas with the comm. by kallata; ed by jagaidsha chandra chatterji; with an introd. in sanskrit by satkari mukhopadhyaya
The Sivasutravimarsini of Ksemaraja: being a commentary on the Sivasutra of Vasugupta, ed. by Jagadisha Chandra cont..2
1993, Hardcover

cont.. chatterji; with an introd. in sanskrit by satkari mukhopadhyaya