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Freedom and causation: with special reference to Hegel's overcoming of Kant
Singh, Raghwendra Pratap
2000, Hardcover
What is living and what is dead of the philosophy of Hegel, translated from the original text of the third Italian edition, 1912 by Douglas Ainslie
Croce, Benedetto
2011, Hardcover
George Friedrich Hegel: 1770-1831
1995, N
A study of the dialectic of Hegel
1995, N

contents: (i) dialectic in hegel\'s science of logic (ii) dialectic in hegel\'s philosophy of nature (iii) dialectic in hegel\'s philosophy spirit (iv) evalution.
Reading Hegel: the introductions, ed. and introduced by Aakash Singh et al.
Hegel, GWF
2013, Hardcover

bringing together for the first time all of g.w.f.hegel\'s major introductions in one place, this book ambitiously attempts to present readers with hegel\'s systematic thought through his introductions alone.
Philosophy and revolution: from Hegel to Sartre, and from Marx to Mao
Dunayevskaya, Raya
2015, Paperback
Hegel's India: a reinterpretation, with texts
Rathore, Aakash Singh et al
2017, Hardcover

shedding new light on indological and hegelian studies, this book systematically presents all of hegel\'s writings on and about india for the first time, including translations of his lesser-known essays on the bhagavad-gita and the oriental spirit, along with a substantive reinterpretations and a bibliography.
Democracy, dialectics, and difference: Hegel, Marx, and 21st century social movements
Lovato, Brian C.
2016, Hardcover
The concept of justice: a philosophical analysis, reference to Plato, Aristotle, Hegel, Marx and Engels
Moganty, Varalakshmi
2017, Hardcover
Absolutism: east and west: a comparative study of Sri Aurobindo and Hegel
Dubey, Vijai Kant (b.1952)
2002, Hardcover