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Methodological studies inthe history of religions with special reference to Hinduism and Buddhism
Raman, NSS
1998, N

contents: (i) religious studies in india and the west: challanges and responses (ii) basic issues in the methodology of the study of indian religions (iii) understanding hinduism: amethodological critique (iv) a critique of the methodologies of the study of theravada and mahayana buddhism.
History of Indian medicine, containing notices, biographiesand bibliographies of ayurvedic physicians and their work on medicine from the earliest ages to the present time, 3 vols (Set)
Mukhopadhyaya, Girindranath
2007, Hardcover
Aryan medical science: a short history
Sinhjee, HH Bhagvat
1993, N
Hindu anatoms physiology, therapeutics, history of medicineand practices of physics
Gupta, KRL
1994, N
Mathematics in history, culture, philosophy and science: from ancient times to modern age
Tiwari, Sarju (1934- )
1992, N
The Astadhyayi of Panini, Vol.4, English tr. of Adhyayas four and five with Sanskrit text, transliteration, word-boundary, anuvrtti, vrtti explanatory notes, derivational history of...
1999, Hardcover

...examples, and indices by rama nath sharma.
Language behaviour: acquisition and evolutionary history, ed. by Udaya Narayana Singh et al
Narasimhan, R
1998, N
History revealed by the Ramayana astronomy
1998, N
How not to write the history of Urdu literature and other essays on Urdu and Islam
Russell, Ralph
1999, N

the book contains two kinds of essays: reflections on urdu literature and the people and organizations which have been converned with promoting it, and what might be called ethnographic pieces on islam in south asia with comments on trends in islam.
The short Oxford history of English literature, rev. ed., Oxford, 1994
Sanders, Andrew
1999, Paperback
History-fiction interface in Indian English novel: Mulk RajAnand, Nayantara Sahgal, Salman Rushdie, Shashi Tharoor,O.V. Vijayan
Dhar, TN
1999, N

study of the indian english novelists involvement with history.
Social history of Nepal
Vaidya, Tulasi Ram (1940- ) et al
1993, N

from earliest times to 1950.
A history of Panjabi literature, vol.2
Sekhon, Sant Singh
1996, N
A outline history of English literature
Hudson, William Henry
1998, N

the outline history represents a modest attempt towards real history of english literture and suggests the vital relationship bertween english literature and english life.
An outline history of English literature
Hudson, William Henry
1999, N

the book has a wide coverage and studies all the famous writers of english literature in the field of poetry, fiction, essay etc. the writers covered among others,include geofferey chaucerr, william shakespeare, milton, john dryden, alexander pope, samuel johnson, william wordsworth and alfred tennyson.
Chronological history of plants (`man's record')
Pickering, CMD
1986, Hardcover
History of Indian medicine, based on Vedic literature: Satapatha Brahmana
Saha, Mridula
1999, Hardcover
History of Hindoo medical science
Sinh jee, HH Bhagvat
1998, N
History of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, Gangs Ljongs Rgyal Bstan Yongs Rdzogs Kyi phyi Mo snga 'Gyur Rdo ...
Bdud-\'Joms, Jigs-Bral-Ye-Ses-Rdo-Rje
1993, N

rje theg pa\'i bstan pa rin po che\'i ji ltar byung ba\'i tshul dag cing gsal bar brjod pa lha dbang gyul las rgyal ba\'i rnga bo che\'i sgra dbyangs
Bod Kyi Srid Don Rgyal Rabs: an advanced political history of Tibet, 2 Vols (Set)
Tsepon W.D. Shakbpa
2000, N
Pharmacographia Indica: a history of the principal drugs ofvegetable origin, met with in British India, 3 vols. bound in one
Dymock, William et al.
1995, Hardcover

in one
Pharmacographia: a history of the principal drugs of vegetable origin, met with in Great Britain and British India
Fluchiger, Friedrich August et al.
1986, N
The history of Ceylon from the earliest times to 1600 A.D., transl. and ed. by Donald Ferguson
Barros, Doad De et al
1993, Hardcover
A concise history of science in India; Calcutta, 1971
Bose, DM (ed.) et al
1993, N
Prolegomena to a history of Buddhist philosophy
Barua, BM
1998, Paperback
Freedom has no history: a call to awaken, Arizona, 1996
1998, Paperback
A history of pre-Buddhistic Indian philosophy
Barua, Benimadhab
2016, Hardcover

the present work is designed to survey the evolution of philosophical thought in the vedic and post-vedic periods preceding the rise of jainism and buddhism.
Classical Samkhya: an interpretation of its history and meaning
Larson, Gerald James
2014, Paperback
A history of philosophy, 3 vols., tr. from German into English (Set)
Erdmann, Johann Eduard
1999, Hardcover

vol.1: ancient and medieval philosophy. vol.2: modern philosophy. vol.3: german philosophy since hegel.
Constitutional history of India
Jayapalan, N
1998, N

the study deals with all aspects of the constitutional history of india and the constitution of india in detail with defferent phases of the history of freedom movements.