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Manaviki: A Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, Vol.III(2) - IV(1), (Jan.-Dec.), 2012, (Special issue on 150th anniversary celebrations of Archaeological Survey of India,...
2012, Paperback

...ed. by ravindra nath singh et al.
The development of Indian medicine: Sarangadhara's contribution
Dwarkanath, C
1991, N
Medicine in medieval India: 11th to 18th centuries.
Bagchi, Asoke K
1997, N

contents: (i) mythical medicine and its propagation (ii) ayurveda (iii) eminent medical men of the post-vedic ages (iv) the arabs and ayurveda (v) unani medicine in india (vi) medicine during the mughal dynasty (vii) the entry of portuguese medicine in india (viii) the entry of english medicine in india.
History of Indian medicine, containing notices, biographiesand bibliographies of ayurvedic physicians and their work on medicine from the earliest ages to the present time, 3 vols (Set)
Mukhopadhyaya, Girindranath
2007, Hardcover
The classical law of India, tr. from the French by J. Duncan M.Derrett, California, 1973
Lingat, Robert (1892-1972)
1998, Paperback

an authoritative text on the concept of the dharma in indian legal history.
Information India: 1996-97: Global view, assisted by M.W.K.Sherwani
Agrawal, SP (b.1929)
1999, N
50 years: library and information services in India
Jain, ML et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover
Language shifts among the scheduled tribes in India: a geographical study
Ishtiaq, M et al.
1999, Hardcover
A comparative grammar of the Dravidian or South Indian familyof languages, ed. by J.L. Wyatt et al., 3rd edition
Caldwell, Robert (1814-1891)
1998, Hardcover
The economy of modern India, 1860-1970
1993, N
Studies in Indian sociolinguistics
Gupta, RS et al. (ed.)
1998, N
The politics of Indian's English linguistic colonialism andthe expanding English empire
Krishnaswamy, N et al.
1998, N

the book includes examples of indian english, from newspaper advertisements and official letters to fiction and poetry, which are examined in the wide context of the politics of language.
Passions of the tongue: language devotion in Tamil India, 1891-1970
Ramaswamy, Sumathi
1998, Hardcover
The Nighantu and the Nirukta of Sri Yaskacarya: the oldest Indian treatise on etymology, philology and semantics
Sarup, Lakshman
2009, Paperback
Knit India through literature, Vol.1: The South
1998, N

in this volume, author deals with the south and looks at kerala, karnataka, andhra pradesh and tamil nadu and their literature. in the volume are included 27 interviews and examples from the literary work of 25 of these writers.
Children's fiction in English in India: trends and motifs
Srinivasan, Prema
1998, N

it provides us with a map of the territory, and gives us an idea of the general direction iin which chindren\'s literature has grown in india.
The day breaks O! India, poems by Korean poetess Choyi Kimang-Shik, in original Korean and translation in Hindi by Divik Ramesh and English by Jin Sup Kim
1999, Hardcover
Indian literature: positions and propositions
Satchidanandan, k (b.1946)
1999, N

the essays in this volume revaluate concepts and movements like modernism, dalit literature, nativism and feminism and offer close readings of the texts of a number of indian writers including premchand, mirza ghalib, mahasweta devi, ramakanta rath, kamala das, chandrasekhara kambar and ayyappa paniker.
The political structure of early medieval south India
Veluthat, Kesavan (1951- )
1993, N

attempts to analyse the power structure in four early medieval kingdoms of south india, namley the pallavas, pandayas, cera and cola.
NGOs and women's development in rural South India: comparative analysis
Viswanath, Vanita
1993, Hardcover
A flowering tree and other oral tales from India, ed. with a preface by Stuart Blackburn et al
Ramanujan, AK
1997, Paperback

this volume includes seventy-seven tales and a valuable (though incomplete) essays in which ramanujan analyses the title story.
Folklore in modern India
Handoo, Jawaharlal
1998, N

this volume is the result of the papers presented is some of the general sessions of the xith congress of the international society for folk narrative research (isfnr). hosted by the central institute of indian language in mysore in january 1995.
Literary and cultural perspectives on ancient India
Kumar, Raj (ed.)
1999, N

the present volume attempts to fucus light on some repesentative literary and cultural themes of great tradition. main topics deatl are: a comparative study of bhasa and kalidasa; upanishads; rigvedic india; the tantras; the women of meghaduta; nairatmya and karma; south indian vaishvanism: social units in jatakas; games and amusements of astadhyayi proto-indian ceramics; relig ...
Recent Indian literature in English: a cultural perspective
Pandey, Mithilesh K (b.1967) (ed.)
1999, N
Indian writings in English, Vols.3-4 (Set)
Bhatnagar, Manmohan K (ed.)
1999, N

isbn-8171568416 (vol.3) isbn-8171568424 (vol.4)
The Indian novel with a social purpose
Reddy, K Vedanta et al. (ed.)
1999, N
Post-colonial Indian English writing
Singh, RA et al. (ed.)
1997, N
Partition of India: literary responses
Chakravarty, SR et al. (ed.)
1998, N

the book contains twelve articles covering the indian english, hindi, urdu, panjabi, sindhi, pashtu and bengali literatures.
A mosaic of encounters (India and USA: literature, society and politics);
Mutalik-Desai, AA et al. (ed.)
1999, N
Technology and competitiveness: the case of Brazilian and Indian machine tools
Wogart, Jan Peter et al
1993, N
India in Canadian literature
Parikh, Jitesh P et al.
1999, N
Modern Indian novel in English
Pathak, RS
1999, N

the present book contains in-depth analysis of important aspects of modern indian novels written in english. the papers contained in it concentrate mainly on less familiar but crucial aspects of the fictional art of some major writers.
Critical essays on Indian women writing in English
Ratnam, AS (b.1943) (ed.)
1999, N
Mappaing memories: Urdu stories from India and Pakistan
Kumar, Sukrita Paul et al. (ed.)
1998, N
A Dictionary of Indian Literature, Vol.1: beginnings 1850
Mukherjee, Sujit
1999, N

this volume aspires to be a handy reference work for users whose interest is not limited to one or two indian language literatures but spreads over sanskrit, tamil, pali and the prakrits as well as to asamiya, bangla, gujarati, hindi, kannada, kashmiri, maithili, malayalam, manipuri, marathi, oriya, panjabi, rajasthani, sindhi, telugu and urdu.
The fatal rumour: a nineteenth-century Indian novel, tr. from the Tamil and with an afterword by Stuart Blackburn
Rajam Aiyar, BR (1872-1898)
1998, Hardcover
India and the romantic imagination
Drew, John
1998, Paperback

this book argues for an indian influence on the western imagination in general, and on english romantic poetry in particular
Memsahibs abroad: writings by women travellers in nineteenth century India
Ghose, Indira (ed.)
1998, N

it is a body of writings from which emerge the variety among englishwomen in india, the obsessions and fantasies of the colonial mind, and the experience of those who lived as the private half of the rulers of india.
Saguna: the first autobiographical novel in English by an Indian woman, ed. by Chandani Lokuge
Satthianadhan, Krupabai (1862-1894)
1998, N

an insightful psychological study of two women of different generations, as well as an invaluable social document of its times.
Best loved Indian stories, Vol.1
Srinivasan, Indira et al. (ed.)
1999, Paperback

this volume, the first of two, represents the best english stories written by indians in the twentieth century.
Yaraana: gay writing from India
Merchant Hoshang (b.1947) (ed.)
1999, Paperback
Mosaic: new writings from British and Indian award-winningwriters
Mukundan, Monisha (ed.)
1998, Paperback
World labour report 1992: Vol.5, ed. by the International Labour Office, Geneva, Ist Indian ed
1993, Paperback
Indian drama today: a study in the theme of culltural deformity
Babu, Manchi Sarat (b.1954)
1997, N

the present book makes an in-depth study of the theme of deformity in its variegated aspects as revealed in the plays of mohan bakesh, girish karnad, vijay tendulkar and badal sircar.
History-fiction interface in Indian English novel: Mulk RajAnand, Nayantara Sahgal, Salman Rushdie, Shashi Tharoor,O.V. Vijayan
Dhar, TN
1999, N

study of the indian english novelists involvement with history.
Indian views on American literature, compiled and ed. by A.A. Mutalik-Desai
1998, N
American literature and Indian English literature; studies in cultural contiguity
John, Varghese et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Yatra (I), ed. by Alok Bhalla writings from the Indian sub continent
1993, Hardcover

a journal to be published twice a year for assessment of indian literature and art over the ages.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: centenary essays from India
Ramanan, Mohan (ed.)
1998, Hardcover
Patterns of feminist consciousness in Indian women writers
Roy, Anuradha
1999, N

a study of anita desai\'s cry: the peacock; nayantara sahgal\'s storm in chandigarh, attia hosain\'s sunlight on a broken column, rama mehta\'s inside the haveli, shashi deshpande\'s that long silence.