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Industrialisation and human resources development
1993, N
Hindustani, as it ought to be spoken (romanised), Calcutta,1900, 3rd edition
Tweedie, J
1998, Hardcover
Linguistic theory, language contact and modern Hindustani: the three sides of a linguistic theory
Singh, Rajendra
1998, Hardcover
Guide to 14 Asiatic languages (Tamil, Hindi, Hindustani, Burmese, Persian, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese) by Andrew Boyd, London, 1947
1999, Hardcover
Research and development in Indian industry
Beri, Govind Chand (1932- )
1993, N
The occultism and spiritualism of Hindus
Wood, Earnest
1999, N

practical guidance on raja yoga, hath yoga, concentration, meditation and \'spiritualism\'. the science of contacting the spirits of the other world.
Religious nationalism: Hindus and Muslims in India
Veer, Peter Van der
1998, Paperback
Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists
Sister Nivedita et al.
1998, N
First style of art and four thousand illustrations on wood.Illustrated encyclopaedia of arts and industry of all nations: embellished with fifty steel engravings, excuted in the (Set)
1993, Hardcover
Slums in new industrial towns: a study of drug-Bhilai in Madhya Pradesh
Gupta, Ashok K (1955- )
1993, N
The wealth of India: an encyclopaedia of the economic products and industrial resources of India (Set)

1. raw materials vol.1-(rev.) rs.300.00 vol.2b-(rev.) rs.220.00 vol.2b-(rev.)supp. on birds rs.125.00 vol.3(cg-ci) rev. rs.600.00 vol.4(f-g) rs.500.00 vol.4(supp. to fishes fisheries) rs.450.00 vol.5(h-k) rs.750.00 vol.6(l-m) rs.600.00 vol.6(supp. of livestock including poulries) rs.600.00 vol.7(n-pe) rs.750.00 vol.8(ph-pe) rs.600.00 vol.9(rh-so) rs.700.00 vol.10(sp-m) rs.800.0 ...
Cement industry
Mittal, DK
1994, N
Coal industry
Mittal, DK
1993, N
The great masters: profiles in Hindustani classical vocal music
Nadkarni, Mohan
1999, Hardcover

highlights the life and work of some of the leading vocal artists of hindustani music and puts into perspective their valuable contribution to this field and fills a lacuna in the area of musical biographies.
Hindustani grammar self-taught, 4 parts: a simplified grammar, exercises and examination papers, the vernacular and keyand English-Hindustani dictionary by C.A. Thimm, 3rd rev..
1999, Hardcover

...edition by shams\'ul `ulma sayyid `all bilgrami, london, 1916.
Hindustani music and the aesthetic concept of form
Mittal, Anjali (b.1949)
2009, Hardcover
A case for labour history: the jute industry in eastern India
Haan, Arjan De et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Industrial economy: trends, problems and prospects; 2 Parts (Set)
Rao, M Gangadhara (ed.) et al
1993, N

isbn 8185475482 (part i) isbn 8185475490 (part 2)
Artisans and industrialization: Indian weaving in the twentieth century
Roy, Tirthankar
1993, Hardcover
Industrial landscape of north-east India
Sarma, BK (1941- )
1993, N
The dictionary of Hindustani classical music
Roychaudhury, Bimalakanta
2017, Hardcover
Benares: the sacred city of the Hindus in ancient and modern times
Sherring, MAS
2000, Hardcover
The wealth of India: a dictionary of Indian raw materials and industrial products, First Supplement Series (Raw Materials),Vol.1: A-Ci
2000, Hardcover
Assam in the nineteenth century: industrialisation & colonial penetration
Goswami, Priyam
1999, Hardcover
Perspectives on industrial development in India
Sinha, NKP et al (ed.)
1993, N
The hot brew: the Assam tea industry's most turbulent decade (1987-1999)
Gokhale, Nitin A (b.1962)
1998, Hardcover
The prolonged partition and its pogroms: testimonies on violence against Hindus in East Bengal 1946-64, foreword by Koenraad Elst
Kamra, AJ
2000, Hardcover

a.j. karma grew up in quetta and karachi, currently in pakistan, until partition in 1947 when his family moved to delhi. he graduated from bombay university and spent most of his life working within the united nations in various countries. after retirements, he began to pursue his strong interest in the history of the indian subcontinent. he spent many years collecting material ...
The Indus river: biodiversity, resources, humankind
Meadows, Azra et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Liberalization and industrial transformation: Sri Lanka in international perspective
Athukorala, Prema-chandra et al.
2000, Hardcover
Trends in agro industrial sector
1993, N