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Jaina philosophy: an introduction
Mehta, Mohan lal (b.1928)
1998, Hardcover

this work is the third revised and enlarged edition of the author\'s earlier book outline of jaina philosophy published in 1954.
Jaina philosophy and religion, English transl. of Jaina darsana by Muni Shri Nyayavijayaji,
Shah, Nagin J
1998, Hardcover
Classical Indian ethical thought: a philosophical study of Hindu, Jaina and Bauddha morals
Tiwari, Kedar Nath (b.1936)
1998, Hardcover
Jaina literature and philosophy: a critical approach
Jain, Sagarmal et al. (ed)
1998, Hardcover
Jaina karmology (English translation with notes on chapter eight of Tattvartha-raja-vartika of Akalanka on Tattvartha-sutra of Acarya Umasvami)
Jain, NL
1998, Hardcover
Jaina religion and community, compiled and ed. by B. Srinivasa Murthy
Sangave, Vilas A
1997, Paperback

presents an in-depth study of the jaina religion and community and its destinctive ethical rules of conduct based on the principles of non-violence.
German Jaina Sravika Dr. Charlotte Krause: her life and literature, Vol.1, comp. by Hazarimull Banthia et al., introd. by Sagarmal Jain
Pandey, Shriprakash (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

this volume is a compilation of articles and books authorised as well as edited by dr. charlotte krause, a german scholar of jainology who devoted her life for the propagation of jain religion. also contains a brief sketch of her biography.
Jaina sculptures in Indian and world museums
Nagar, Shanti Lal
2000, Hardcover
Biology in Jaina treatise on reals (biology in Tattvartha-sutra), English tr. with notes on chapter two of Tattvartha-Rajavartika of Akalanka (Royal semi-aphorismic explanatory ...
Jain, NL
1999, Paperback

...on reals) on tattvartha-sutra (treatise on reals by acarya umaswami).
Iconography of Jaina deities, 2 vols (Set)
Nagar, Shantilal (b.1927)
1999, Hardcover
Muktibodha racanavali, 6 vols., ed. by Nemicandra Jaina (Set)
Muktibodh, Gajanan Madhav
1998, Hardcover
The original language to Jaina Canonical text, ed. by Dalsukh Malvaniya et al
1999, Hardcover

contains papers presented at a seminar held on april 27-28, 1997 in ahemdabad. the articles are both in hindi and english languages.
Jaina corpus of Koppala inscriptions: X-rayed: a monograph on the cultural singnificance of the Koppala inscriptions
Hampa, Nagarajaiah
1999, Paperback
Dictionary of Jaina terms (Prakrit to English/Hindi) by Mukul Raj Mehta
2000, Hardcover
Collected papers on Jaina studies, with a foreword by Paul Dundas
Jaini, Padmanabh S (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

the papers included cover a wide range of topics including the jaina view of the nature of reality, the doctrine of karma, the problem of rebirth, the idea of omniscience, the aptitude for salvation, and the assimilation of hindu myths and rituals.
Jaina theory of multiple facets of reality and truth (Anekantavada)
Shah, Nagin J (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
A history of the canonical literature of the Jainas
Kapadia, Hirala Rasikdas
2000, Hardcover
Nyaya-Dipika of Abhinava Dharmabhusana Yati: primary text of Jaina logic and epistemology, study, text, translation andnotes by Itaru Wakiryo
2001, Hardcover
A Jaina perspective on the philosophy of religion
Sharma, Arvind
2001, Hardcover

the philosophical significance of jainism extends far beyond its statistical presence in india and the world, for it lies in the unique quality of its thought. this book is an attempt to take its insights into account for the light they shed on issues customarily debated in the philosophy of religion as it has evolved in the west.
Asceticism in ancient India: in Brahmanical, Buddhist, Jaina and Ajivika societies (from the earliest times to the period of Sankaracharya)
Chakraborti, Haripada
1993, Hardcover
Nyaya and Jaina epistemology: a study in retrospect: a critical and comparative study
Shah, Kokila H
2001, Hardcover

...series vol.18.;;;the present thesis is an attempt to discuss epistemological problems to nyaya and jaina schools of thought.
Abhinava Dharmabhusana Yati's Nyaya-Dipika: primary text ofJaina logic and epistemology; study, text, translation and notes by Itaru Wakiryo
2001, Hardcover

study with text of nyayadipika of abhinavadharmabhusanacarya, 15th cent., work on jain logic and epistemology.
Hevajratantra-Yogaratnamala: vistrta bhumika sahit = Hevajratantra-Yogaratnamala, along with detailed introduction, Vol. 1, ed. by Bhagacandra Jaina Bhaskara, 2nd ed
2000, Hardcover

buddhist tantric text with yogaratnamala commentary by krsnavajrapada, 11th cent., includes exhaustive study in hindi and english.
Jaisalamera ke pracina Jaina granthabhandarom ki suci = a catalogue of manuscripts in Jaisalmer Jain bhandaras, (in Skt.), ed. by Muni Jambuvijaya, with prefatory matter in ....
2000, Hardcover

english and hindi.
Jaina philosophy: religion and ethics
Raynade, BB
2002, Hardcover
Jaina philosophy, art and science in Indian culture, 2 vols., (in English and Hindi) (Set)
Jain, DC et al. (ed.)
2002, Hardcover
Patan-Jaina-Dhatu-Pratima-Lekha-Sangraha, with a foreword in English and preface in Hindi
Bhojak, Laxmanbhai H
2002, Hardcover

the present catalogue of pedastal inscriptions on the images of jain idols preserved at patan contains a little less than 1750 entries, covering a period of more than nine centuries from vikram sam. 1110 to 2036 (1053 to 1979 a.d.).
Saddarsanesu pramanaprameyasamuccayah of Anantaviryacarya, ed. by Kumaro'nekantajainah
2000, Hardcover

ancient text on logic in indic philosophy.
Jaina and Hindu logic: a comparative study
Jain, Pradyumna Kumar
2002, Hardcover
Patanjalayoga avam Jainayoga ka tulnatmak adhayan
Anand, Aruna
2002, Hardcover