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Art of Indian cuisine, photographs by Dheeraj Paul, food styling by Pramod Kapoor
Mohan, Rocky
2000, Hardcover
The Buddhists: encyclopaedia of Buddhism, 5 vols.: A-Z, comp. and ed. by Subodh Kapoor (Set)
2001, Hardcover

the work is alphabetically organised covering over 450 subjects and areas connected with all aspects of buddhist history, theology, and philosophy as well as anthropology, mythology, folklore, psychology, economics, politics, sociology and its arts.
Rajasthan ka aitihasik gadya-sahitya (in Hindi), ed. by Vinod Kapoor et al
2000, Hardcover
Sita's daughters: coming out of Purdah: the Rajput women ofKhalapur revisited; with the assistance of Swaran Kapoor
Minturn, Leigh
1993, Paperback

contents: (1) constancy and change. (2) two villages:parents\' haven, husband\'s prison. (3) economy. (4) religion. (5) women\'s nature. (6) health and education. (7) sum and substance.
Encyclopaedia of ancient Indian geography, 2 Vols., ed. by Subodh Kapoor (Set)
2002, Hardcover

a study of the words in this encyclopaedia will show that time has mutilated many original names almost out of recognition. the arrangements of names of places has been strictly alphabetical.
Encyclopaedia of Vedanta philosophy, 5 Vols., ed. by SubodhKapoor (Set)
2002, Hardcover
Vaisesika sutra of Kanada, tr. by Debasish Chakrabarty, with a prefatory essay by Kapil Kapoor
2003, Paperback

kanada\'s vaisesika sutra, the textual basis for the nyaya-vaisesika system and the later navya-nyaya system.
An encyclopaedic dictionary of ancient Indian history, 2700 BC-1192 AD, ed. by A.N. Kapoor et al
2003, Hardcover

...and culture; 2.;;;a handy reference manual for understanding different aspects of the ancient indian history from the dawn of civilization to the year 1192.
An encyclopaedic dictionary of modern Indian history, 1757-1947, ed. by A.N. Kapoor et al
2003, Hardcover

...and culture - vol.4.
An encyclopaedic dictionary of Indian geography, ed. by A.N. Kapoor et al
2004, Hardcover

...- vol.8.
An encyclopaedic dictionary of Indian mythology, ed. by A.N. Kapoor et al
2004, Hardcover

...and culture- vol.1.
An encyclopaedic dictionary of freedom movement 1757-1947, A.N. Kapoor et al
2004, Hardcover

...and culture- vol.5.
An encyclopaedic dictionary of contemporary India, 1947-2002, ed. by A.N. Kapoor et al
2004, Hardcover

An encyclopaedic dictionary of Indian Constitution, ed. by A.N. Kapoor et al
2004, Hardcover

An encyclopaedic dictionary of medieval Indian history, ed. byA.N. Kapoor et al
2003, Hardcover

...and culture, vol.3.
The unforgettable Maharajas: one hundred and fifty years of photography, photo research, ed. by Pramod Kapoor
Paul, E Jaiwant
2012, Hardcover

the maharajas of india were undoubtedly one of the great anachronisms of the twentieth century. this power, coupled with their enormous wealth and fabulous jewellery, gave the maharajas a status that made them larger then life. a comprehensive collection of historical photographs from princely india, private collections, and the finest photo libraries in the world, this is also ...
Lucknow: then and now, with photographs by Ravi Kapoor
Llewellyn-Jones, Rosie (ed.)
2010, Hardcover

the present volume focuses on less well-known aspects of lucknow life and history-- the present-day attractions of this city in transition, the bazaars with delectable foods to tempt the palate, the craftspeople who even today create delicate works of art, the architecture, from imambaras and karbalas to victorian, edwardian, and modernist structures, and educational institutio ...
The Muslims: encyclopaedia of Islam, 11 vols., including entries prepared by a number of leading orientalists and modern Islamic scholars, ed. by Subodh Kapoor (Set)
2004, Hardcover

vol.1: a-arabic. vol.2: arabs-buath. vol.3: calender-ethic. vol.4: ethics-indo-china. vol.5: inheritance-al-kimiya. vol.6: al-kindi-mantik. vol.7: marriage-mutawwif. vol.8: al-mutazila-quran. vol.9: rabab-shi\'ite. vol.10: sin-turkoman. vol.11: turks-z: bibliography and glossary.
Prabhat vyavharik Hindi-Angrezi kosa (Prabhat practical Hindi-English dictionary), ed. by Badrinath Kapoor
2004, Hardcover
Painted poems: Rajput paintings from the Ramesh and Urmil Kapoor collection
Pal, Pratapaditya
2004, Hardcover

the author discusses the tradition of rajput painting, then offers insightful commentary on each of the paintings featured. the volume also includes an appendix of english translations of the paintings inscriptions.
Sabda: text and interpretation in Indian thought: festschrift for Professor Kapil Kapoor
Sareen, Santosh K et al. (ed.)
2004, Hardcover

contains papers originally presented in a seminar in honour of prof. kapil kapoor organized by the centre of linguistics and english, jawahar lal nehru university, new delhi from february 2-4, 2004.
The Prithviwallahs, presented by Shashi Kapoor, with Deepa Gahlot
2005, Hardcover

this book is a potted history of prithvi theatre from its inception as a professional hindi repertory company in 1944 to the founding of prithvi theatre proper in juhu in 1978 and its travails and successes thereafter.
An encyclopaedic dictionary of Indian languages-- literature, by A.N. Kapoor et al
2005, Hardcover
India: then and now, text by Rudrangshu Mukherjee and Vir Sanghvi, photo research and editing by Pramod Kapoor
2012, Hardcover

the book discover the majesty and sweep of india\'s rich cultural and historical heritage, replete with the people, events and places that have contributed to the chequered mosaic of india\'s past. featured in this exquisite book are rare and never-before-seen vintage photographs from some of the finest collections across the world. the vibrant and ever-changing cultural landsc ...
The Kapoors: the first family of Indian cinema
Jain, Madhu
2005, Hardcover

a family of professional actors and directors, kapoor\'s span almost eighty years of film-making in india, from twenties to the present.
The Nehrus: personal histories, photo research, editing and captions by Priya Kapoor
Hasan, Mushirul
2006, Hardcover

the book includes rare photographs from the private collection of family members and those closely associated with them. tracing the roots from when the first nehru migrated to the mughal court to the present day, the book tells the story of a fascinating family whose history has come to be inextricably linked with that of modern india.
Practical English-Hindi dictionary (with English-Hindi dictionary of synonyms), ed. by Badri Nath Kapoor
1999, Hardcover
Made for Maharajas: a design diary of princely India, photoresearch and editing by Priya Kapoor
Jaffer, Amin
2007, Hardcover

this exquisitely produced coffee table book explores the obsession among indian royalty for european luxury goods. the author amin jaffer is the curator in the asian department at the victoria & albert museum and a specialist in indian art and culture in the period of european influence. contents: (i) the royal image. (ii) jewels. (iii) dress and accessories. (iv) royal pursuit ...
Bhrigu Sutram, English tr. and comm. by Gouri Shankar Kapoor
Bhrigu, Sage
2005, Paperback
Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra of Maharshi Parasara, 2 vols., English tr., comm., annotation and ed. by R. Santhanam and G.S. Kapoor (Set)
2005, Hardcover