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Laghusiddhantakaumudi: Paniniyavyakaranapravesika of Varadaraja, skt. text with Somalekha Hindi commentary by Isvaracandrah
1998, Hardcover
Prakrta vyakaranam of Salila Nayak, Skt. text, with fivecommentaries 'Subodhini, Sanjivani, Prakrtamanjari, Manorama, Ambika'
1997, Hardcover

study of prakrtaprakasa of vararuci, with five commentaries, on prakrta grammar.
Dhatvartha-vicara: mimamsa tatha vyakarana ke paripreksya mem (in Sanskrit and Hindi)
Jain, Manju (b.1968)
1997, N

study of the verbs in sanskrit grammar and mimamsa philosophy.
Sabda Vidya saurabham: Vyakaranasastriyah nibandhah (in Sanskrit)
Bhatta, Gangadhara
1999, N

research papers on sanskrit grammar.
Vaiyakarana Siddhanta Kaumudi of Bhattoji Diksita, Karakaprakarana, with 'Arthaprakasika' Hindi-Sanskrit comm......
1998, N

by arkanatha caudhury, preface by hinda kesara portion deals with case and case ending in sanskrit grammar.
Vaiyakaranabhusanasara of Kaunda Bhatta: an analytical study
Rathore, Sandhya
1998, N

the present study is a critical examination of kaunda bhatta\'s arguments. it brings out the relevance of paninian grammar in understanding the modern theories of meaning, semantics and syntax.
Vyakarana-Mahabhasya of Patanjali, 2 vols. (Ahnika 1-8), text with `Pradipa' of Kaiyata, and `Uddyota' of Nagesh Bhatta, ed. with `Bhava-Bodhini' Hindi exposition by Jaya Shankar.. (Set)
1998-02, Paperback

.. lal tripathi.
Protocol in Sri Ramcharitmanas, foreword by Karan Singh
Aggarwal, Devi Dayal (b.1933)
1998, N
The best of Raja Rao; selected and edited by Makarand Paranjape.
1998, Paperback
Religion, politics and society in South and South-East Asia, with an introd. by Karan Singh
Vohra, NN (b.1936) et al. (ed.)
1998, N
Overcoming crisis in leadership: Indian army, foreword by Karan Singh
Singh, K Kuldip
1998, N
Beyond the tigers: tracking Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, foreword by Vijay Karan, introd. by T.R. Ramachandran
Sharma, Rajeev (b.1959)
1998, Hardcover
The Indian heritage: an anthology of Sanskrit literature, selected and tr. by V. Raghavan, forewordbyKaran Singh, 5thed
1998, Paperback

this anthology contains rendering and narrative accounts from the selections of sanskrit literature, which were responsible for the moulding of the concepts and value for the formation of the attitudes and ideologies that are fundamental to indian culture
Jnanabhaisajyamanjari of Gumani Kavi, Skt. text with Hindi translation, ed. by Ram Karan Sharma, with introd., English tr. and indices
1998, Hardcover
Kavyakalpalatavrttih of Amaracandrayati, with two comms. Parimala and Makaranda, ed. by R.S. Betai et al
1997, Hardcover
The Gopatha-Brahmana-Bhasya, ed. by Pragya Devi et al., Hindi transl. by Pt. Kshemkarandass Trivedi, 3rd edition
1993, Hardcover
Bhattojidikshiten Nagesh Bhatten ca Pratipaditanam Keshacana Vaiyakaranasiddhantanam tulatmaka adhyayanam (in Sanskrit)
Jha, Surendra (b.1948)
1998, Hardcover
The Yogavasistha of Valmiki, with study, text, comm. 'Vasisthamaharamayanatatparyaprakasa' and sloka index, 3 vols., by Kanta Gupta, foreword by Karan Singh (Set)
1998, Hardcover
Makarandaprakasah of Narayana Dev, Skt. text, with 'tattvaprabha' Sanskrit-Hindi comm. by Sri Lashanlal Jha
1998, Hardcover
Vaiyakaranamatonmajjanatika by Vanamali Misra (comm. on Vaiyakaranamatonmajjanam of Bhattoji Diksita), ed. by Lalit...
1998, N

kumar tripathi et al.
Katantravyakaranam of Sarvavarma, Part 1, with four comms.:`Vrtti and Tika' by Sri Durga Singh, `Katantravrttipanjika'by Trilocanadasa, `Kalapacandra' by Susena Sarma, `Samiksa'.
1997, Hardcover janaki prasada dwivedi, foreword by mandan misra, ed. by janaki prasada dwivedi.
Vaiyakaranasiddhantalaghumanjusa of Nagesa Bhatta, 2 pts., with three comms. 'Kunjika' by Durbalacarya, 'Kala' by Balambhatta and 'Sarala' (Hindi comm.) by Ramaprasada Tripathi....
1990,97, Hardcover

...... foreword by mandan mishra, ed. by ramaprasada tripathy.
The sacred heresy: selected poems of Vinda Karandikar, tr. fromthe Marathi by G.V. Karandikar, ed. by Dilip Chitre
Karandikar, Govind Vinayak (b.1918)
1998, N
Maha-Subhasita-Samgraha, Vol.7: Subhasita A-S Nos. 11492-13018(Ko-Gee), compiled by Ludwick Sternbach, ed. by S. Bhaskaran Nair
1999, Hardcover

an extensive collection of wise sayings and entertaining verses in sanskrit compiled with an exhaustive introduction(prefixed to volume 1) and ed. with textual criticism, necessary english translation, explanatory notes, revised bibliography and four indices.
Karanda-Vyuha-Sutra or the supernal virtues of Avalokitesvara, Sanskrit text of the metrical version, ed. for the firsttime from original manuscripts by Lokesh Chandra
1999, Hardcover

a mahayana text on the detailed description of the qualities of avalokitesvara.
The universe that is god: an insight into the thousand names oflord Visnu, with a foreword by Karan Singh
Panduranga Rao, Ilapavuluri (b.1930)
1999, Hardcover

the book offers an erudite commentary on the sacred text of sri visnu sahasranama, one of the most important hymns in the great corpus of indian literature.
Astaka Prakarana of Acharya Haribhadra, with Hindi translation, annotations and introduction by K.K. Dixit
1999, Hardcover

this work presents a profound discussion on the 32 different topics of jainism and treats its principles on considerable detail.
Perspectives on the constitution, incorporating the report of the I.I.C. Committee on the Constitution headed by Dr. Karan Singh
Kashyap, Subhash C (ed.)
1993, Hardcover

a collection of papers by eminent persons presenting their perspectives on the constitution of india. the papers has been presented under following sections, introduction, the political system, equality and social justice, fundamental rights and directive principles, working of the constitution, institution structure and relations, and reforms and alternatives.
Sankaram: recent researches on Indian culture (Prof. Srinivasa Sankaranarayanan festschrift)
Murthy, SS Ramachandra et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Culture, democracy and development in South Asia, introd. by Karan Singh
Vohra, NN (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

the papers presented in this volume are by some of south asia\'s leading scholars and activists. they give penetrating insights into the options available, the obstacles that stand in the way, and the strengths on which south asia can collectively build a viable strategy to tackle some of its endemic and long-standing problems.