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Specific principles of Kashmir Saivism
Pandit, BN
2008, Hardcover
Kashmir Saivism: the central philosophy of tantrism
Mishra, Kamalakar
1999, Hardcover
Kashmir's constitutional status
Kaul, Santosh
1999, N

contents: (i) historical restrospect (ii) article 370 (iii) constitution of india (iv) state-central relations (v) state apart
Kashmir: militancy and human rights
Teng, MK et al.
1998, N

the present study has been undertaken to assess the role of the terrorist regimes in the violation of human rights in jammu and kashmir.
Kashmir: myth of autonomy
Teng, MK
1998, N

in the present volume an attempt has been made to trace the events which led to the exclusion of the state from the indian constitutional organisation and its federal division of powers.
Kashmiri: history and politics
Ganjoo, SK
1998, N
Beyond the Kashmir valley
Hari Om
1998, N

contents: (i) jammu region: the story of neglect (ii) cold-desert ladakh: a telling table of turmoil (iii) tribal gujjars: victims of huddle and muddle (iv) kashmiri pandits: caught between two fires (v) kashmir\'s future: perceptions differ on realities (vi) the way out.
Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh: ringside views
Kaul, Shyam et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

a collections of articles and commentaries on the trauma of kashmir (and jammu) by some distinguished writers, scholars, journalists and political commentators.
Kashmir, 1947: rival versions of history
Jha, Prem Shankar
1998, Hardcover

kashmir 1947 is an exhaustive and careful documentation of the accession of kashmir in 1947. based on declassified papers, correspondence and reports that have become available in recent years, this book provides a virtually day-to- day account of the critical times when the fate of kashmir was \'decided\' in the context of britain\'s geo-political compulsions and strategies
The lost rebellion: Kashmir in the nineties
Joshi, Manoj
1999, Paperback

the author narrates how a simple call for azadi by bands of disgruntled youth was transformed with in a year into a full-scale jehad against india. it dwells at length on pakistan\'s proxy war against india and the atrocities perpetrated by the afghan mercenaries.
Sri-Krsnavatara Lila: the birth of krishna, composed in Kashmiri by Dina-Natha, ed., tr. and transcribed in Roman ......
1999, N

character by sir george a. grierson
Meghadutam of Kalidasa, Vol.3, with verse tr. in twelve languages (Tamil, Telugu, Kannad, Malayalam, Bangla, Oriya, Assamese, Manipuri, Sindhi, Urdu, Punjabi and Kashmiri), ed....
1999, Hardcover

...ed. by dayanand bhargava.
Artisan of the Paradise: a study of Kashmir art and artisans from ancient to modern times
Dhar, DN
1999, Hardcover
Kashmir: Pakistan's proxy war
Kumar, DP
1993, N
Flora of upper Liddar valleys of Kashmir Himalaya, Vol.2
Sharma, Brij Mohan et al.
1998, N
Crescent over Kashmir: politics of Mullaism
Maheshwari, Anil (b.1949)
1993, Hardcover
Zaika: Kashmiri pandit cuisine
Sapru, Sonya Atal
1999, Hardcover
Arts and crafts Jammu and Kashmir: land, people, and culture
Saraf, DN (b.1918)
1987, Hardcover

a comprehensive study providing welth of information and visual documentation on the beautiful part of india comprising jammu, kashmir and ladakh, a state of rich craft and cultural heritage.
Kashmir underground
Sahni, Sati
1999, Hardcover

the book presents a picture of the underground movement in kashmir.
Things seen in Kashmir
Neve, Ernest F
1993, N
Rediscovering god with transcendental argument: a contemporary interpretation of monistic Kashmiri Saiva philosophy
Lawrence, David Peter
1999, Hardcover
Baharistan-i-Shahi: a chronicle of medieval Kashmir
1991, N
Early man in Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh, foreword by J.P. Joshi
Sharma, Arun Kumar (b.1933)
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) geology and environment. (ii) people and early history. (iii) palaeolithic age. (iv) neolithic age. (v) megalithic kashmir. (vi) ancestry of fauna and flora in kashmir. (vii) other technical reports.
The warning of Kashmir
Raghvan, GS
1993, N
Contemporary Kashmiri short stories, compiled by Hriday Kaul Bharati, tr. from Kashmiri by Neerja Mattoo
1999, Hardcover
Sri Lalita Sahasranama stotram (thousand attributes of ParaShakti Lalita), text with interpretive translation from Kashmir Sakta viewpoint by Chaman Lal Raina, with preface ...
2000, Hardcover

and introd. in english.
With pen and rifle in Kashmir
Rothfeld, Otto
1993, N
Pakistan's insurgency vs. India's security: tackling militancy in Kashmir
Bloeria, Sudhir S
2000, Hardcover

the book is about successful tackling of militancy, restoring peace, winning the confidence of the local population and establishing efficacy of the civil administration.
Kashmir saga, a bundle of blunders
Saklani, DD
1999, Hardcover
Buddhism in Kashmir
Singh, NK
2011, Hardcover