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A precis of semitic linguistic, tr. into English by PranabeshSinha Ray
Bockelmann, C
1999, Hardcover

the book discusses, in a lucid manner, all the information necessary for a biginner, the geographical position, the history of the different semitic languages and about the comparative grammar of these languages.
Hindi linguistics, ed. by Bina Srivastava et al
Srivastava, RN (1976-1992)
1998, N
Topics in Hindi linguistics,Vol.4
Kaul, Omkar N (ed.)
1999, N
Studies in Indian sociolinguistics
Gupta, RS et al. (ed.)
1998, N
The politics of Indian's English linguistic colonialism andthe expanding English empire
Krishnaswamy, N et al.
1998, N

the book includes examples of indian english, from newspaper advertisements and official letters to fiction and poetry, which are examined in the wide context of the politics of language.
Sociolinguistics, language and society: language and development, Vol.5
Verma, Mahendra K (ed.)
1998, N
Teach yourself Panjabi: based on modernmost linguistic, pedalgogical and psychological methodologies by Hardev Bahri
1997, Hardcover
Linguistic theory, language contact and modern Hindustani: the three sides of a linguistic theory
Singh, Rajendra
1998, Hardcover
Lectures against sociolinguistics, New York, 1996
Singh, Rajendra
1998, Hardcover
The yearbook of South Asian languages and linguistics 1998, Rajendra Singh
1998, Hardcover
Learning a foreign language-role of linguistic environment
Ali, Sehba
1999, N

foreign language acquisition in adults in native and non native linguistic environments: an experiment with english-speaking american students studying french at the university of illinois and in paris.
The yearbook of South Asian languages and linguistics, 1999
Singh, Rajendra (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Encyclopaedia of language and linguistics, 12 Vols., ed. byBrian T. Riley (Set)
1999, Hardcover

vol.1: the science of linguistics. vol.2: applied linguistics. vol.3: development of language and syntax in linguistics. vol.4: socio-linguistics. vol.5: linguistics of bilingualism. vol.6: problems and methods in linguistics. vol.7: semantics in linguistics. vol.8: language and social development. vol.9: philosophy of linguistics. vol.10: psycholinguistics. vol.11: phonetics a ...
Dravidian linguistics: an introduction by Kamil V. Zvelebil
1990, Paperback
The Sanskrit language: an overview: history and structure, linguistic and philosophical representations, uses and users, tr. from the French by T.K. Gopalan
Filliozat, Pierre-Sylvain
2000, Paperback
Linguistic philosophy in Vakyapadiya
Rath, Gayatri
200, Hardcover
Directions in Indian sociolinguistics
Gupta, RS
2000, Hardcover
Studies in language and linguistics, Vol. 1: Literacy
Srivastava, RN
1993, N
Palaeolinguistic profile of Brahmi script, foreword by Purushottam G. Patel
Rajgor, Dilip
2000, Hardcover
Textbook of anthropological linguistics
Misra, Kamal Kant (b.1954)
2000, Hardcover
English language and linguistics
Sinha, HS
2000, Hardcover
Fundamentals of English linguistics and phonetics
Pandey, Kalyan
2000, Hardcover
The date of the Rigveda and the Aryan migration (Fresh Linguistic Evidence)
Misra, Satya Swarup
1999, Paperback

sanskrit, class f, no.3)
The landscape of language: issues in Kannada linguistics
Tirumalesh, KV
2000, Hardcover

passages in kannada (kannada in roman).
Problems of translation: an international symposium throughcorrespondence on the linguistic problems of cont..2
Gopinathan, G (ed.) et al
1993, N

cont..2 translation between hindi and other major languages of the world.
Managing multilingualism in India: political and linguisticmanifestations
Annamalai, E
2001, Hardcover

this book brings out the political and linguistic dimensions of multilingualism in india.
Indian Linguistics: Journal of the Linguistic Society of India, Vol. 61, Nos.1-4 (comb.), 2000, ed. by P. Mohanty
2000, Hardcover
Freedom and discipline: essays in applied linguistics from Southern Africa
Ridge, Elaine et al. (ed.)
2001, Paperback

this book gathers papers which show the range and vitality of work from the region and analyse the different voices and intellectual temperaments of applied linguistic research traditions current in it.
Papers in applied linguistics II: Saptati felicitation to D.P. Pattanayak
Srinivasacharya, K (b.1931) et al. (ed.)
2001, Hardcover
Common linguistic features in Indian languages: phonetics
Ramaswami, N
1999, Paperback