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Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary (supplementary volumes), 7 vols., by Lokesh Chandra (Set)
1992-94, Hardcover

vol.1: 1992, xii,328p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689111 vol.2: 1993, xii,311p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689272 vol.3: 1993, xii,300p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689418 vol.4: 1993, xii,287p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689456 vol.5: 1993, xii,279p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689562 vol.6: 1994, xii,361p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689692 vol.7: 1994, xii,361p., 28cm. isbn 9788186471265 present work is such a pass-key which ...
India ever independent: why only 50 years, foreword by Lokesh Chandra
Aggarwal, Devi Dayal (b.1933)
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) general view of indian polity (ii) vedic era (iii) pre-historic period (iv) ancient period (v) sultanate period (vi) mughal period (vii) british period (viii) constitutional development (ix) freedom movement.
Karanda-Vyuha-Sutra or the supernal virtues of Avalokitesvara, Sanskrit text of the metrical version, ed. for the firsttime from original manuscripts by Lokesh Chandra
1999, Hardcover

a mahayana text on the detailed description of the qualities of avalokitesvara.
Tathagata Akshobhya and the Vajra Kula: Studies in the iconography of the Akshobhya family, with foreword by Lokesh Chan
Jha, Achyutanand (1953- )
1993, N

highlights the socio-economic problems of two minor tribes, asur and the birjia of chotanagpur and the cultural changes which have taken place. a comparison of the two minor tribes, who share a number of common things presented.
The temples of western Tibet and their artistic symbolism: the monasteries of Spiti and Kunavar, (Indo-Tibetica, III.1), tr. by Uma Marina Vesci and ed. by Lokesh Chandra
Tucci, Giuseppe (1894-1984)
1988, Hardcover
The temples of western Tibet and their artistic symbolism: Tsaparang, (Indo-Tibetica, III.2), tr. by Uma Marina Vesci and ed. by Lokesh Chandra (Set)
Tucci, Giuseppe (1894-1984)
1989, Hardcover
Iconography of the Derge Kanjur and Tanjur, foreword by Lokesh Chandra, New Delhi, 1978
Kolmas, Josef
2002, Hardcover

the author presents in this volume an impressive array of xylographed sketches of buddhas and bodhisattvas in their serenity, gods and goddesses in their charm, teachers and historic personages who appear in the 316 volumes of the tibetan canon xylographed at derge.
Buddhist art: in praise of the divine, foreword by Lokesh Chandra
2003, Hardcover

this book explores the expression of art in the three different dimensions of architecture, sculpture, and painting, the book journeys through time, themes, and the grand structures of buddhism to portray a unique world-- a world at once simple and esoteric, grand and humble, sombre and cheerful.
Jaiminiya Brahmana of the Samaveda (text), ed. by Raghuviraand Lokesh Chandra
1986, Hardcover
Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary (compact edition) by Lokesh Chandra (resetting of 1982 edition)
2001, Hardcover

the present tibetan-sanskrit dictionary has several thousand words, compounds, and phrases. terms of technical subjects like astronomy, medicine, iconography, metrics, prosody and philosophy have also been included. every tibetan entry is followed by its sanskrit equivalent. the sanskrit equivalents have also been given in alphabetic sequence. it was published in 12 volumes in ...
Narthang Kanjur (in Tibetan), 100 vols.(in 101 bindings), ed. by Lokesh Chandra from the collection of Raghu Vira, prefatory matter in English (Set)
1998-00, Hardcover

[last set]
Journal of the Greater India Society, 18 Vols.(1934-59), ed. by U.N. Ghoshal, K.Nagand and N. Dutt, with a preface and index by Lokesh Chandra (Set)
1987, Hardcover
Gilgit Buddhist manuscripts, by RaghuVira and Lokesh Chandra, 3 vols (Set)
1995, Hardcover
Introduction to Buddhist art, with a preface by Lokesh Chandra
Yamamoto, Chikyo
1990, Hardcover

this book is a panoramic survey of the history of buddhist art from its origins in india to its final efforesence in japan.
Indo-Tibetica, 4 vols. in 7 parts, English transl. by scholars and edited with an introd. by Lokesh Chandra (Set)
Tucci, Giuseppe
1988-89, Hardcover

vol.1: stupa: art, architectonics and symbolism. vol.2: rin-chen-bzan-po and the renaissance of tibetan buddhism around the millennium. vol.3: the temples of western tibet and their artistic symbolism (in 2 parts). vol.4: gyantse and its monasteries (in 3 parts).
Mahavairocana-sutra, tr. into English from the Chinese version of Subhakarasimha and I-Hsing (A.D.725), preface by Lokesh Chandra
Yamamoto, Chikyo
2009, Hardcover

lokesh chandra
Tibetan Buddhist medicine and psychiatry: the diamond healing, introd. by Lokesh Chandra
Clifford, Terry
2017, Paperback
Sri Cakrasamvara tantra: a Buddhist tantra, with a forewordand introduction in English and preface by Lokesh Chandra
Samdup, Kazi Dawa (ed.)
1987, Hardcover
The temples of western Tibet and their artistic symbolism, 2 parts, tr. by Uma Marina Vesci, with a preface by Lokesh Chandra (Indo-Tibetica, Vol.3) (Set)
Tucci, G
1988-89, Hardcover

vol.3, part 1: the monasteries of spiti and kunavar, isbn:8185179220. vol.3, part 2: tsaparang, isbn: 8185179239.
Journal of Analysis and Computation, Vol.1, 2005 (bi-annual), Editor-in-chief: V. Lokesh et al
2005, Paperback
A Ngor Mandala collection, compiled by Lokesh Chandra and Musashi Tachikawa et al
2006, Hardcover

this book contains 139 mandalas collection of ngor monastery to the sa skya school of tibetan buddhism.
Sanskrit Tibetan dictionary: being the reverse of the 19 volumes of the Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary, by Lokesh Chandra
2007, Hardcover

the sanskrit-tibetan dictionary is the first lexicographical work to provide the tibetan equivalents or correspondences of buddhist sanskrit words, technical terms, and phrases. it is the reverse of the 19 volumes of the tibetan-sanskrit dictionary. it has 70,000 vocabulary entries in densely printed 800 three-column pages. it includes words and compounds from sutras (like the ...
India's contribution to world thought and culture, ed., by Lokesh Chandra et al
2003, Hardcover

this volume is published as a vivekananda commemoration volume and contains articles from specialists in the field of art, archaeology, history and culture and gives detailed account of india\'s contribution to world thought and culture.
Vedic bibliography, foreword by Lokesh Chandra, Paris, 1931
Renou, Louis
2007, Hardcover
Paippalada-samhita of the Atharva-veda: book 1-20, ed. by Raghuvira, with a conspectus of Saunaka and Paippalada verse-index, foreword in English by Lokesh Chandra
2008, Hardcover

paippalada-sanhita was once the premier recension of the atharvavedan and was more prevalent than the saunaka recension as the most authoritative version. the sage atharvan instituted the worship of fire (athar`fire\') and he is the author of the atharvaveda. he is the earliest teacher of the brahmavidya. in course of time the atharaveda had several recensions. the sage paippal ...
Indo-Tibetica, Vol.4: Gyantse and its monasteries, in 3 parts, ed. by Lokesh Chandra, from a frist draft tr. by Uma Marina Vesci (Set)
Tucci, Giuseppe
1989, Hardcover

part.1: general description of the temples. part.2: inscriptions. part.3: plates.
Indo-Tibetica, Vol.1: Stupa: art, architectonics and symbolism, tr. into English by Uma Marina Vesci, ed. by Lokesh Chandra
Tucci, Giuseppe
1988, Hardcover
Borobudur: pyramid of the Cosmic Buddha, text by Caesar Voute and Mark Long, photographs by Fitra Jaya Burnama, foreword by Lokesh Chandra
2008, Hardcover

borobudur was constructed during the eighth century as a guide to the noble path of the buddha. born from silence and unfolding into the serenity of the other shore, it expresses the glory of indonesia\'s awareness and creativity, the smile of her plastic forms over the centuries as well as her travels along the edge of thoughts that cross the endless corridors of memory. this ...
Harmony of religions: the relevance of Swami Vivekananda, foeword by Swami Lokeshwarananda
Aleaz, KP
1993, Hardcover

harold j. laski: state and ideology
A comprehensive English-Hindi dictionary, supplementary volume, by RaghuVira, ed. posthumously by Lokesh Chandra
2009, Hardcover

the present comprehensive english-hindi dictionary by prof. raghu vira is a supplementary volume to the earlier edition of 1955. it registers the hindi equivalents of general and technical words of english pertaining to administration, industry, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and technology. prof. raghu vira has given hindi equivalents for two hundred thousand en ...