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Durga: (Parma Sakti, Maheshwari, Mahadevi)
Singh, Chitralekha et al.
1999, Paperback
Handbooks: 8: The Leeches of India by Mahesh Chandra
1991, Hardcover
Tell me the name of a flower and terrace; tr. from the Gujarati by Vijay Padaki, introduction by Mahesh Dattani
Rye, Madhu
2000, Paperback
Manimahesh Chamba Kailash
Sharma, Kamal Prasad (b.1934)
2001, Hardcover

a research monograph dealing in depth with the geographic location and natural history of the area alongwith the mythological references to siva and saivite tradition, as gleaned through the centuries-old beliefs and practices of the inhabitants of siva-bhumi or the siva-land brahmaur.
Laghuvasudevamannam of Sri Vasudevayatiswar, with Hindi Sri Thaneshchandra Upreti and Siddhantabindu of Sri Madhusudan Saraswati, ed. by Swami Maheshanand Giriji
2002, Hardcover
Yoga concordance, Vols.1-2, ed. by Swami Maheshanandaji et al (Set)
2001-02, Hardcover

vol.1: based on hatha texts: gheranda samhita, goraksa satakam, hathapradipika, siva samhita and siddha-siddhanta-paddhati. vol.2: based on hatha texts: amaraugha prabodha, amanaskayoga, goraksa paddhati, hatha ratnavali, satkarmasangrahah, siva svarodaya, yoga bija, yogamartanda, yoga rasayana, yoga visaya, yogayajnavalkya.;;;out of twenty-eight hathayogic texts identified six ...
Lord Mahavira: life and philosophy, ed. by Mahesh K. Jain
Rajendra Muni (b.1954)
2003, Hardcover
Purushsukta, 2 parts (in Hindi), with comm. by Maheshnanda Giri (Set)
2002, Hardcover
Kathopanisad, 2nd chapter with comm. by Maheshananda Giri
2003, Hardcover
A primer of Navya Nyaya language and methodolgy (Navya-Nyaya-Bhasa-Pradipa of Mahesha Chandra Nyayaratna), text with English transl. (with graphic exposition) by Ujjwala Jha
2004, Paperback
The plays of Mahesh Dattani: a critical response
Dhawan, RK et al. (ed.)
2005, Hardcover

mahesh dattani is the foremost indian english playwright today and has received the prestigious sahitya akademi award for his contribution to indian drama.
Yoga concordance, Vol.4: based on Hatha texts: Amaraugha Sasanam, Bindu Yoga, Brhadyoga Sopana, Hathayoga Samhita, Satcakra Nirupana, ed. by Swami Maheshanandaji et al
2004, Hardcover
Yoga concordance, Vol.1-4, based on Hatha texts, ed. by Swami Maheshanandaji et al (Set)
2001-04, Hardcover
The mystique of enlightnment, conversation with U.G. Krishnamurti, foreword by Mahesh Bhatt
Arms, Rodney et al. (ed.)
Hatha pradipika jyotsna of Brahmananda, ed. by Swami Maheshananda et al
1980, Paperback

an important traditional sanskrit commentary on hathapradipika, first time critically edited with exhaustive introudction, hindi translation, notes etc. based on 13 mss.
Vasishtha samhita, by Swami Maheshananda et al., rev. English edition
2005, Hardcover

this book contains insightful information on yogic anatomy i.e. yogic body wisdom in terms in nadis, vayus, vital points etc. this edition contains variant readings, exhaustive introudction, english translation, notes, appendices etc.
Mahesh Dattani's final solutions: a critical study
Haldar, Santwana
2008, Hardcover

the book offers an exhaustive critical commentary on the play, final solutions highlightings dattani\'s contribution to contemporary indian drama. it deals with the burning issues of hindu-muslim hostility and other contemporary issues.
Avadhnarayana Mudgal samagra, 2 vols., ed. by Mahesh Darpan (Set)
Mudgal, Avadhnarayan
2008, Hardcover

collection of stories, poems, songs, ghazals, articles, memoirs etc. of mudgal (b.1939), a hindi literateur and forma editor of `sarika\', a hindi feature magazine.
Let there be light: exploring nature through light, photographs by Mahesh Nair, ed. by Alka Pande
2008, Hardcover

this book explores the beauty of nature through the lens of mahesh nair, and journeys through the importance of light in artistic fields live cinematography, painting and dance to the meaning of light in physics and even eye surgery.
Bollywood melodies: a history of the Hindi film song, foreword by Mahesh Bhatt
Anantharaman, Ganesh
2008, Paperback
Collected plays of Mahesh Elkunchwar: Garbo, Desire in the rocks, Old stone mansion, reflection, Sonata, An actor exits, with an introd. by Samik Bandyopadhyay
2009, Hardcover
Technical terms and technique of the Pali and the Sanskrit grammars, by Mahesh A. Deokar
2008, Hardcover
Mahesh Dattani's Tara: a critical study
Haldar, Santwana
2009, Hardcover

this present volume offers an exhaustive critical commentary on tara, a best-known play of mahesh dattani
Nirukta-Bhasya-Tika of Sri Skandaswami Maheshwar, ed. by Gyan Prakash Shastry et al
2009, Hardcover
The dramatic world of Mahesh Dattani: a critical exploration
Prasad, Amar Nath (ed.)
2009, Hardcover

a collection of more than a dozen critical essyas on the various aspects of the dramatic world of mahesh dattani.
Encyclopaedic history of India, 50 vols., by Mahesh Vikram Singh et al., foreword by Bipan Chandra (Set)
2010, Hardcover

the term `history\' is derived from the greek word `historia\' that means knowledge acquired through investigation. obviously, this knowledge can be correct if the method of investigation is objective and not vitiated by any kind of bias. in other words, if the study of human past is comprehensive and obtained through scientific inquiry, it can provide perspective on the presen ...
Encyclopaedic history of India, 50 vols. by Mahesh Vikram Singh et al., foreword by Bipan Chandra (Set)
2011, Hardcover

vol.1: sources of indian history, 296p., vol.2: pre-historic india, 296p., vol.3: indus valley civilization, 288p., vol.4: advent of the aryans, 296p., vol.5: vedic period, 296p., vol.6: vedic literature, 296p., vol.7: religious and social revolution is ancient india, 296p., vol.8: gautama buddha and origin of buddhism, 296p., vol.9: rise of magadha empire, 288p., vol.10: maury ...
Mahesh Dattani's plays: critical perspectives
Multani, Angelie (ed.)
2007, Hardcover

this critical anthology explores and revaluates the aesthetics of mahesh dattani\'s plays not merely in terms of his deft constructions of the contemporary, urban, middle class india, etc.
Collected plays of Mahesh Elkunchwar, Vol.II, Holi, Flower of Blood, God Son, As one Discardeth Old Clothes..., Autobiography, Party, Pond, Apocalypse, with an Ananda Lal
2011, Hardcover
Yoga concordance, Vol.7: based on Patanjala Yoga Sutra, Vyasa Bhasya, Yogadipika Vrtti of Bhavaganesa and Padacandrika of Ananta Pandita, ed. by Maheshanandaji et al.
2008, Hardcover