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Meghaduta of Kalidasa, ed. from manuscripts with the commentary of Vallabhadeva and provided with a complete Sanskrit-English vocabulary by E. Hultzsch, with a foreword by........
1998, Hardcover

...e. hultzsch, with a foreword by albrecht wezler, london, 1911.
An alphabetical list of manuscripts in the Oriental Institute,Baroda, Vol.3, compiled by Purushottam H. Joshi et al., R.I. Nanavati
1998, Hardcover
Karanda-Vyuha-Sutra or the supernal virtues of Avalokitesvara, Sanskrit text of the metrical version, ed. for the firsttime from original manuscripts by Lokesh Chandra
1999, Hardcover

a mahayana text on the detailed description of the qualities of avalokitesvara.
Catalugue of the manuscripts of Patan Jain Bhandara, comp. by Muni Sri Punyavijayaji and ed. by Muni Jambuvijayaji, assisted by Muni Dharmacandravijayaji, 4 parts in 3 vols (Set)
1991, Hardcover

a detailed catalgue of 20035 paper manuscripts preserved in the hemachandra jain gyanmandir.
Descriptive catalogue of palm-leaf manuscripts in Tamil, Gen. ed. G. John Samuel, 4 Vols (Set)
1990-96, Hardcover

vol.1, 2 parts, 1990, rs.355.00 vol.2, 2 parts, 1990-92,rs.450.00 vol.3, 2 parts, 1993, rs.500.00 vol.4, 2 parts, 1996 rs.500.00
An alphabetical list of manuscripts in the Oriental Institute,Vadodara, Vol.1, compiled by Raghavan Nambiyar, ed. by Rajendra I. Nanavati, 2nd edition
1999, Hardcover
Descriptive catalogue of manuscripts, Vol. 3, comp. by M.B.Konnur et al
1996, Hardcover

this volume contains information about 600 works in sanskrit, marathi and hindi languages, with commentaries and other related details.
A concise descriptive catalogue of the Arabic manuscripts in the Salar Jung Museum and Library, Vol.VIII: Concerning 206 manuscripts on mathematics, astronomy,...............
2000, Paperback

astrology, medicine, natural history and alchemy, compiled by maulana a\'l-haj muhammad ashraf, with a foreword by a.k.v.s. reddy
Catalogue of manuscripts in the Nizami collection at the Maulana Azad Library, compiled by Jalal Abbas Abbasi
2001, Paperback
Alphabetical Index of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Oriental Research Institute and Manuscripts Library, Trivandrum, (Supplementary), Vol. VII (RA to HA), ed. by P. Visalakshy et al
2000, Hardcover
Descriptive catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts: Indian philosophy (Indian Museum Collection), compiled by Asesh Ranjan Misra
Sensharma, Debabrata (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

a good number of manuscripts on the indian philosophy, which were deposited by the indian museum to the society. this collection includes all the six orthodox schools of indian philosophy.
The tao of reiki: a transpersonal pathway to an ancient healingart, including Dr. Usui's original manuscripts, Reiki's founding father
2001, Paperback

a complete manual and excellent guide to understand reiki, with its deep spiritual practices, and direct ways to heal body and mind.
Jaisalamera ke pracina Jaina granthabhandarom ki suci = a catalogue of manuscripts in Jaisalmer Jain bhandaras, (in Skt.), ed. by Muni Jambuvijaya, with prefatory matter in ....
2000, Hardcover

english and hindi.
Bhartrihari's Satakatrayam, with the oldest commentary of Jain scholar Dhanasaragani with principle variants from many manuscripts, etc., Poona, 1959
Kosambi, DD (1907-66)
2002, Hardcover
Granth Parijat, Vol. 1: a classified catalogue of Hindi manuscripts in Shree Sanjay Sharma Museum & Research Institute with English transcription, preface in English and Hindi, ...
2001, Hardcover

ed. by ram kripalu sharma.
Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts, Vol.5: Vyakarana, Abhidhana and Saddarsanas, ed. by Saraju Rath
1998, Hardcover
Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts, Vol.5: Vyakarana, Abhidhana and Saddarsanas, ed. by Saraju Rath
1998, Hardcover
Literary gems from Sanskrit literature; a study of rare manuscripts
Wakankar, Siddharth Yeshwant (b.1947)
2002, Hardcover

this work is a result of the author\'s research based on rare, little-known and unpublished texts that were found in the form of manuscripts. these cover a wide range of subjects like sanksrit grammar lexicography, kavya, nataka, campu, vedanta, dietetics, nyaya, sahitya, chandas etc.
Vedanga siksa: a critical edition of published and unpublished manuscripts, 2 parts, with an introd. in English (Set)
Sharma, K Hayagreeva
2001-02, Hardcover
Catalogue of the Manuscripts of Patana Jain Bhandara, Muni Sri Punyavijayaji and ed. by Muni Jambuvijayaji, assisted by Muni Dharmacandravijayaji, 4 parts in 3 vols (Set)
1991, Hardcover

a detailed catalogue of 20035 paper manuscripts preserved in the hemchandracharya jain gyanmandir.
A Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the National Library, Calcutta, compiled by Krishna Chakraborty Ganguly, foreword by Rama Ranjan Mukherji
2001, Hardcover
A Descriptive Catalogue of Rajasthani Manuscripts, in the collection of `The Asiatic Society', Part II, compiled and edited by Ambika Charan Mhamia
2003, Hardcover
Gobhilagrhyasutram, with Bhattanarayana's comm., criticallyed. from original manuscripts with notes, indices and an introd. by V. Vedantatirtha, ed. by Chintamani Bhattacharya
1982, Hardcover
Chandogyamantrabhasya of Gunavisnu: a pre-Sayana commentaryon select Vedic mantras, ed. from original manuscripts withintrod., critical notes, indices and appendices by...
2003, Hardcover

...durgamohan bhattacharyya, allahabad, 1930.
A descriptive catalogue of palm-leaf manuscripts in Tamil, Vol.3 part I
Hikosaka, Shu et al (ed.)
1993, N
Descriptive catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts in the Govt. Oriental Manuscripts Library, Chennai, Vol.52: R No.8977-9257, ed. by T.A. K. Venkatachariar et al., with an introd. in..
1997, Paperback

The Hindu pantheon in Nepalese line drawings: two manuscripts of the Pratisthalaksanasarasamuccaya, compiled by Gudrun Buhnemann
2003, Hardcover

this book reproduced line drawing of the pantheon of deities described in chapter 6 of the pratishthalaksanasarasamuccaya from the 17th century nepalese manuscripts. drawings of the 64 yoginis according to the devi-purana found in an appendix to both manuscripts are also reproduced.
Literary genres in Tamil: a supplement to a descriptive catalogue of palm-leaf manuscripts in Tamil; ed. by Shu Hikosaka
Subramanian, AV
1993, N

et al contents: (i) cankam literature (ii) the first great epics (iii) hymnal literature (iv) the major later epics (v) the genre of religious poems (vi) minor literature (vii) modern tamil literature (viii) genre criticism and tamil literature.
Elements of South-Indian palaeography: from the fourth to the seventeenth century A.D. being an introduction to the study of South Indian inscriptions and manuscripts, Mangalore,..
Burnell, AC
1994, Hardcover

Catalogue of the Arabic and Persian manuscripts, Vol.4: medical

catalogue of the library of tibetan works and archives (manuscript section), vol.v: bonpo collection, comp. by othog geshe tenzin wangyal