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Pandita Ramabai through her own words: selected works, compiled and ed. with tr. by Meera Kosambi
2000, Hardcover
Says Meera: an anthology of devotional songs of Meera: India's greatest woman poet, translated from the Hindi by VijayMunshi
2001, Paperback

english translation of meerabai ki padawali.
Meerabai granthavali by Kalyan Simha Sekhavat, 2 vols (Set)
2001, Hardcover
Meera: the divine incarnation
Sharma, Ambika Prasad (b.1932)
2002, Hardcover

meera\'s life story listed in this book is more than a historical event.
Returning the American gaze: Pandita Ramabai's: the people of the United States, 1889, tr. and ed. by Meera Kosambi
2003, Hardcover

as an account of western society by an early indian feminist, this is a major text which reverses the established equation of male, orientalist travel narratives.
Mystic songs of Meera, with transl. and introductory matterin English
Subramanian, VK (b.1930)
2005, Hardcover

this book presents the original text in devanagari, side by side with english transliteration and english translation of 101 songs of meera, the mystic saint of rajasthan who lived in the 15th-16th century a.d.
Venkatanarasimhaiah, KV
2005, Hardcover
Feminist vision or `treason against men'?: Kashibai Kanitkar and the engendering of Marathi literature, tr. and ed. by Meera Kosambi
2008, Hardcover
Dharmanand Kosambi: the essential writings, tr. and ed. and with an introd. by Meera Kosambi
2010, Hardcover

the life and writings of dharmanand kosambi (1876-1947), pioneering scholar of pali and buddhist studies, comprise the substance of this book. by translating and marshalling his most significant writings, meera kosambi shows the manifold dimensions of dharmanand\'s personality, and the profundly moral character of his intellectual journeys. her introduction also contextualizes ...
The tragedy of Bihar, ed. by Meera Datta
Prasad, Pradhan H
1996, N

selected contents: (i)of development and assistance (ii)forest resource wasted in bihar (iii)why bihar remains the poorest state (iv)public sector undertakings: nehruvian spirit gets lost (v)infrastructual support takes back seat (vi)planning process lopsided (vii)bad debt management (viii)prerogetive to misuse public funds (ix)red-tapism and its antithesis (x)beggars cannot be ...
Science towards spirituality: conversation between Acharya Shree Mahapragya and APJ Abdul Kalam, ed. by Muni Dhananjay Kumar, tr. by Meera Krishnappa
2010, Hardcover

an inspiring dialogue between two great minds the exalted and revered acharya shree mahapragyaji, who has been a tireless votary of spirituality and the self made man of science dr. a.p.j. abdul kalam, the former president of india
Nivedan: the autobiography of Dharmanand Kosambi, tr. from the Marathi by Meera Kosambi
2011, Paperback

the autobiography of dharmanand kosambi (1876-1947), pioneering scholar of pali and buddhist studies, is one of the most moving and spellbinding life stories ever written. translations annotations and introduction contextualize the life, career, and achievement of one of modern india\'s greatest scholar-savants.
Women writing gender: Marathi fiction before Independence, ed., tr., and with an intro. by Meera Kosambi
2012, Hardcover

this book tells the several stories of how maharashtrian women found a \'voice\' in the late nineteenth century. it shows how they created a literary space for themselves, deploying fiction to depict worlds other than those available in male writing, as well as dreams and aspirations unseen in society before they were articulated by their fiction.
Adi Sankara Nilayam, Gen. ed. Meera Seth

a book that highlights the glory of adi sankara nilayam, the maternal home of adi sankara, the various traditions and legends pertaining to the temple in the premises etc.
Women in power: profiles of women presidents and prime minister of the world, collection by Meera Johri
Kusumbala, tr. by Meera Chakravarthy
Mahadeva, Devanur
2010, Hardcover
Fading dreams, old tales, tr. from Tamil by Meera Rajagopalan, with an introd. by Prema Nandakumar, ed. by Mini Krishnan
Visalam, PA
2012, Hardcover
Sriprapancasara Tantram of Sankaracarya, with the comm. `Vivarana' by Padmapadacarya, along with Padayojana and `Meerashri' Hindi vivriti, by Ra, Chandra Puri (Set)
2012, Hardcover
Meera aur Meera, (Mahadevi Verma ka Meera visyak vyakhyan)
Verma, Mahadevi
2013, Hardcover
Mahatma Gandhi and Prema Kantak: exploring a relationship, exploring history, tr. & ed. by Meera Kosambi
2013, Hardcover

an important thinker, writer, and activist, prema kantak\'s (1906-1985) contribution to the feminist discourse and gandhian activism in india is largely unknown. kantak, a one-time resident of gandhi\'s ashram, forged a special, lifelong bond with the mahatma and was hugely influenced by his views and persona.
Women empowerment and development: readings from Asia, ed. by Sameera Maiti
2016, Hardcover
Meera Mukherjee: purity of vision, ed. by Nandini Ghosh et al.
2018, Hardcover

choosing bronze as her favourite medium, meera mukherjee (1923-1998) formed her own simplistic, modernist, life-like world of sculptures. this one of a kind volume offers an understanding of mukherjee\'s art through the most comprehensive collection of essays by writers who have known her personally and professionally.
Meerabai, ed. by Basant Tripathi, Series ed.: Ajay Tiwari
2018, Hardcover