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Indian costumes: in the collection of the Calico Museum of Textiles, (18th to mid 20th century mostly from North and Western India), with a supplement on patterns and technical....
Goswamy, B.N. et al.
2010, Hardcover

...notes by tarla p. dundh, 3rd edn. this volume, the fifth in the series of calico museum catalogues which aims at covering the entire collection of the museum, provides an historical outline of indian costumes, and serves as a catalogue of all the stitched garments in this sumptuous collection.
The royal bequest: art treasures of the Baroda Museum and picture gallery
Doshi, Saryu (ed.)
1995, N
Amaravati sculptures in the Chennai Government Museum, Madras, 1942
Sivaramamurti, C
1998, Hardcover

(bulletin of the chennai government museum)
Jaina sculptures in Indian and world museums
Nagar, Shanti Lal
2000, Hardcover
Directory of museums in India: a project supported by INTACHIndian Council of Conservation Institutes and Museums Association of India
Agrawal, Usha
2000, Hardcover
Museum, museology and new museology
Bhatnagar, Anupama (b.1968)
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) museum as social institution (ii) museology: the concept, nature and scope (iii) new museology or new museum movement? (iv) new models/new museum typology.
Marvels of Kishangarh paintings: from the collection of the National Museum, New Delhi
Mathur, Vijay Kumar
2000, Hardcover
Magha inscriptions in the Allahabad Museum
Roy, SN
1999, Hardcover
Indian Museum Bulletin, Vol.33 (1998)
1999, Paperback
The splendour of Mathura art and museum
Sharma, Ramesh Chandra (b.1936)
1994, Hardcover
A concise descriptive catalogue of the Arabic manuscripts in the Salar Jung Museum and Library, Vol.VIII: Concerning 206 manuscripts on mathematics, astronomy,...............
2000, Paperback

astrology, medicine, natural history and alchemy, compiled by maulana a\'l-haj muhammad ashraf, with a foreword by a.k.v.s. reddy
Indian embroidery techniques at the Calico Museum of Textiles: a working guide, part B
Morrell, Anne
2000, Hardcover
Furniture from British India and Ceylon: a catalogue of thecollections in the Victoria and Albert museum and Peabody Essex museum, assisted in Salem by Karina Corrigan .........
Jaffer, Amin
2001, Hardcover

...and with a contribution by robin d. jones, photographs by mike kitcatt et al.
Descriptive catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts: Indian philosophy (Indian Museum Collection), compiled by Asesh Ranjan Misra
Sensharma, Debabrata (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

a good number of manuscripts on the indian philosophy, which were deposited by the indian museum to the society. this collection includes all the six orthodox schools of indian philosophy.
Iconography of Buddhist and Brahmanical sculptures in the Dacca Museum, Dacca, 1929
Bhattasali, Nalini Kanta
2001, Hardcover

the present work is practically an iconographical survey of east bengal-- of what was anciently known as vanga and samatata. the nucleus of the series described is of course the collection in the dacca museum obtained mostly from places within the limits of these two ancient and far-famed seats of civilization and culture.
Masterpieces of Mathura Museum
Kumar, Jitendra
2002, Hardcover

provides adequate information about the history of the museum, about the main periods of mathura art and the exhibition arrangement of the galleries. also, highlights the important exhibits in the appropriate manner.
Indian Museum Bulletin, Vol. 34 (1999)
1999, Hardcover

this special volume incorporates the proceedings of the seminar on maurya and national integration held in the first week of february 1997. the seminar deliberated on the sources, excavated sites, materials, the empire, the socio-economic condition, literature, language and script, religion, art and architecture etc.
Indian Museum Bulletin, Vol. 35 (2000)
2000, Hardcover

this issue incorporates contributions relating to epigraphic and numismatic studies, iconography, rock paintings, shaiva religion, vaishnava and buddhist themes on indian and tibetan paintings, pre-historic scenes of bengal, ethno-botany, conservation and display of plant resources etc.
Granth Parijat, Vol. 1: a classified catalogue of Hindi manuscripts in Shree Sanjay Sharma Museum & Research Institute with English transcription, preface in English and Hindi, ...
2001, Hardcover

ed. by ram kripalu sharma.
Iconography of the Jain images in the Government Museum, Chennai, documentation and explanations by R. Kannan et al
2001, Hardcover
Indian Museum Bulletin: special issue, Vol.36, 2001
2001, Hardcover

this special issue includes a number of papers presented at the seminar on \'art of baked clay\' organised by the indian museum in collaboration with brooklyn museum, u.s.a. in february 1998.
Immortal miniatures: from the collection of National Museum, New Delhi
2002, Hardcover
Cultural tourism in India: museums, monuments and arts: theory and practice
Gupta, Swarajya Prakash (b.1931) et al.
2002, Hardcover

the book explores various facets of indian social and cultural thought and life that make the country an attractive tourist site: its people, history, arts, food and drink, customs and lifestyle. it includes a variety of discussions and data on tourism: tourism-related organisations and conventions, eco-tourism and india’s wildlife scenario, for instance.
Jewels on the crescent: masterpieces of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India
Desai, Kalpana et al.
2002, Hardcover
Masterpieces and museum-quality: Indian modern and contemporary paintings, curated by Neville Tuli
2002, Paperback

an auction catalogue.
Patna Museum Catalogue: stone sculptures and other antiquities, ed. by Naseem Akhtar
2001, Hardcover
National Museum Bulletin No.9
2002, Hardcover

a special publication containing articles from incharge of every collection who have written something about their collections or activities in the museum and would be useful for scholars, researchers and persons interested in the art and antiquaries studies.
Indian Museum Bulletin: special issue, Vol.36, 2001
2001, Hardcover
The catalogue on the ancient coins in the B.J. Institute Museum, prepared by Nayana Adhvaryu, ed. by Bharati Shelat
2003, Hardcover
Asian art at the Norton Simon Museum, Vol.1: art from the Indian subcontinent
Pal, Pratapaditya
2003, Hardcover

representing almost all schools of indian sculptural art and three major religions-- hinduism, buddhism and jainism-- the works span two millennia, from the second century b.c.e. to the nineteenth century c.e.