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Art and architecture of Nalanda
Chauley, GC
2002, Hardcover

contents: (i) the architectural complex of nalanda. (ii) religious and iconographic developments. (iii) sculptural remains found from nalanda--materials used -- stucco, stone, bronze and terracotta. (iv) sculptures of gupta and post-gupta periods. (v) sculptures of the pala-sena periods. (vi) brahmanical sculptures.
Dictionary of early Buddhist monastic terms: based on Pali literature, Nalanda, 1974
Upasak, CS
2001, Hardcover
Heritage of Nalanda and its continuity
Panth, R (ed.)
2002, Hardcover
Nalanda and Buddhism
Panth, R (ed.)
2002, Hardcover

the present volume contains articles in english and hindi highlighting nalanda and covering various aspects of buddhism.
Buddhism in universal perspective: Proceedings of the 1st National Seminar, Nalanda, 21-22 December, 2000
Panth, R (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

collected articles in english and hindi on different facets of buddhism.
Nava Nalanda Mahavihara: a sketch
1996, Hardcover

nava padartha of srimadacarya bhikshu, tr. by sricandra rampuriya
The Nava Nalanda Mahavihara Research Publication, Vol.2, ed. bySatkari Mookerjee
2004, Hardcover

most of the articles of this research volume are related to buddhist thought while some throw light on subjects which were studied in ancient india. it is bilingual having articles both in english and hindi.
The Nava Nalanda Mahavihara Research Publicaton, Vol.1, ed. by Satkari Mookerjee, Nalanda, 1957
2004, Hardcover

the book includes papers on buddhist learning and some useful sanskrit texts.
On Yuan Chwang's travels in India, AD 629-645, in 2 vols. bound in one, ed. by T.W. Rhys Davids et al., with maps and itinerary by Vincent A. Smith, Nalanda, 1904-05
Watters, Thomas
2004, Hardcover
The life of Marpa, the translator: seeing accomplishes all, transl. from the Tibetan by the Nalanda translation committe under the direction of Chogyam Trungpa
Heruka, Tsang Nyon
2012, Paperback

marpa the translator, the eleventh-century farmer, scholar, and teacher, is one of the most renowned saints in tibetan buddhist history. this lucid and moving translation of a text composed by the author of the life of milarepa and the hundred thousand songs of milarepa documents the fascinating life of marpa, who, unlike many other tibetan masters, was a layman, a skillful bus ...
Nalanda: Buddhism and the world
Panth, R (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

golden jubilee volume.;;;contains 21 articles in english and 10 in hindi encompassing different aspects of buddhism and their propounders and great acaryas of nalanda as well as highlighting the contribution of nalanda mahavihara, the old and the now.
Illuminating the threefold faith: an invocation of the seventeen great scholarly adepts of glorious Nalanda, composed by H.H. the Dalai Lama, with Sanskrit, Hindi, Chinese and ....
2006, Paperback

...english translations. his holiness the dalai lama has composed the paean illuminating the threefold faith to the seventeen great adept scholars and spiritual masters, who upheld the banner of buddha\'s doctrine through teaching and spiritual practice. all, according to the tibetan tradition, lived and taught at nalanda, the greatest centre of buddhist learning in ancient ind ...
Dpal Nalanda'i pan chen bceu bdun gyi rnam thar bstan `dzinrgya mtsho'i zhal lung zhes bya ba bzhugs so: the words of Tenzin Gyatso, the lives of the Seventeen Mahapanditas from..
Mkhan po bsod nams tsho rgyal
2008, Hardcover

...glorious nalanda.
The heritage of Nalanda
Mani, C (b.1923) (ed.)
2008, Hardcover

the book, an outcome of the research papers presented in the international conference on `the heritage of nalanda\' held at nalanda (february 12 to 14, 2006), is a landmark in the field of scholarship. in its six parts with its critical delineation, has a veritable coverage as: (i) history. (ii) art and archaeology, (iii) early medieval scholasticism: logic, philosophy and esot ...
The art of Nalanda: development of Buddhist sculpture AD 600-1200, with a foreword by A.J. Bernet Kempers
Paul, Debjani
1995, Hardcover

contents: (i) stone sculptures of the pre-pala period (ii) stucco reliefs (iii) bronze sculptures (iv) iconographical observations.
Nalanda: interface of Buddhism and environement
Panth, Ravindra et al. (ed.)
2005, Hardcover

this book contains articles presented by the erudite scholars from bhutan and india who participated in seminar entitled nalanda: interface of buddhism and environment held on 24th - 25th november, 2003 at the royal banquet hall, thimphu, bhutan under the auspices of festival of india in bhutan, 2003.
Contribution of Nalanda to world culture
Panth, Ravindra (ed.)
2009, Hardcover

this book contains 33 articles of erudite scholars who participated in the national seminar organised by nava nalanda mahavihara, nalanda highlighting the cultural, religious, philosophical, literary and archaeological contribution of ancient nalanda university. articles in english and hindi.
On the Nalanda Trail: Buddhism in India, China & Southeast Asia
Krishnan, Gauri Parimoo.
2008, Paperback
Nalanda: a short guide to the `Gedige' shrine
Prematilleke, PL
1985, Paperback
Budddhist cities in early India: Buddha-Gaya, Rajagraha, Nalanda
Thakur, Upendra
1995, N

contents: (i) buddha-gaya: the land of enlightenment (ii) rajgraha: the place of solitude and medition (iii) nalanda: the celebrated seat of learning.
Early Southeast Asia viewed from India: an anthology of articles from the Journal of the Greater India Society, Nalanda-Sriwijaya Sr., Gen ed. Tansen Sen et al
Chong-Guan, Kwa (ed.)
2013, Hardcover
Celebrating Bihar: the heritage of Nalanda
Tiwary, Nishant
2014, Hardcover

from lord buddha teaching the lotus sutra from the majestic mt gridhakuta to lord mahavira preaching his first and last desna and attaining nirvana, nalanda has witnessed the great awakenings of the world. sacred to the hindus for the holy hot springs at rajgir, to the sikhs for the trail of guru nanak, and to the sufis for uninterrupted silsilas of their saints such as hazrat ...
The last disciple of Nalanda
Nair, Suresh
2015, Paperback

a historical novel.
Nalanda: situating the great monastery
Asher, Frederick M
2015, Hardcover

from its inception, circa the 5th century ce, the great monastery of nalanda attracted monks from foreign lands, especially from china, korea and tibet. their written accounts, along with the records from the site, especially inscriptions on stone and bronze as well as on paintings, and the remains themselves, provide considerable data about the site. in this volume, rather tha ...
Nalanda to world civilization
Singh, Shambhu Prasad
2015, Hardcover

this book is to highlight and reveal the concepts developed, innovation, inventions and discoveries done by thinkers, astronomers, mathematicians and scientists of nalanda university and its allied learning centres in the field of astronomy, math, physics, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, decimal system, heliocentric model of solar system, philosophy, medicine, martial art and ...
Archaeological gazetteer of Nalanda district
Choudhary, Bijoy Kumar
2015, Paperback
Nalanda, its Mahavihara and Xuan Zang
Prasad, Chandra S.
2016, Hardcover
Nalanda and its epigraphic material
Sastri, Hirananda et al.
1999, Hardcover
Nalanda: an ancient international institute of advanced studies in history, art, architecture, iconography, literature,education, philosophy and religious treatises, mainly....... (Set)
2017, Hardcover

this is the first book of its kind prepared on nearly all the important aspects of nalanda-sources, history, education, religion, and philosophy, art, iconography, architecture etc.
Nalanda, Srivijaya and beyond: re-exploring Buddhist art in Asia, ed. by Gauri Parimoo Krishnan
2016, Paperback

focusing on ancient monastic centres and temples such as nalanda, mainamati, kizil, kedah, dulesi, and longxingsi dabeige, papers in this volume offer newer perspectives on aspects of text-image-inscription correlation. this volume is an attempt at interdisciplinary study of cross-cultural trails that lead to localized buddhist patterns and artistic diversities.