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Vrikshayurveda (the science of plant life) by Surapala, Skt. text and English tr. by Nalini Sadhale, comm. by K.L. Mehra et al
1996, Paperback
Krishi-Parashara (agriculture by Parashara), (a text on ancient Indian agriculture in Sanskrit), tr. by Nalini Sadhale, comm. by H.V. Balkundi et al
1999, Paperback
Vishvavallabha: dear to the world: the science of plant life, transl. by Nalini Sadhale, comm. by Nalini Sadhale and Y.L. Nene
2004, Paperback

this bulletin has the translation of a sanskrit manuscript vishvavallabha describing the art of agriculture in arid, semi arid and hilly regions, written by a scholars, chakrapani mishra, around 1577 ad. he worked under the patronage of maharana pratap the great ruler of the mewar region of rajasthan.
Nalinikanta Shatavarshiki: Dr. N.K. Bhattasali centenary volume (1888-1988)
Mitra, Debala et al. (ed.)
1990, Hardcover
The seven cities of Delhi, edited and revised edition with introd. by Nalini Thakur, London, 1906
Hearn, Gordon Risley
2010, Hardcover

the book contains an excellent account of the history and architecture of the early 20th century delhi.
The court chronicle of the kings of Manipur: the Cheitharon Kumpapa, original text, transl. and notes by Saroj Nalini Arambam Parratt
2005, Hardcover

the cheitharon kumpapa is a court account of the state, which claims to record events from the founding of the ruling dynasty in 33 ce. this dynasty continued until the abolition of the monarchy after the mergen of the state with india in 1949.
Catalogue of the Jain manuscripts of the British Library, including the holdings of the British Museum and the Victoriaand Albert Museum, 3 vols. and 1 CD, by Nalini Balbir et al (Set)
2006, Hardcover

vol.1: introduction, bibliography, appendices, indexes, plates. vol.2: catalogue (nos.1-1425).
Kashyapiyakrishisukti (a treatise on agriculture by Kashyapa), text with tr. by S.M. Ayachit, comm. by Nalini Sadhale and Y.L. Nene
2002, Paperback
Mrnalini, Bangla upanyas, tr. by Hansakumar Tivari
Chattopadhyaya, Bankimchandra(1838-1894)
2008, Hardcover
Mriga pakshi shastra: the science of animals and birds, by Hamsadeva (c. 13th century AD), ed. by Nalini Sadhale et al
2008, Hardcover
Vishvavallabha( Dear to the world: the science of plant life), tr. by Nalini Sadhale, commentaries by Nalini Sadhale and Y. L. Nene
2004, Paperback
An outline of the Avasyaka literature, tr. from the German by George Baumann, with an introductory essay by Nalini Balbir
Leumann, Ernst
2010, Hardcover
Mrinalini, ed. by Srimati Pi Datta
Chattopadhyay, Bankimcandra
2012, Hardcover
Sindhu-Sarasvati civilization: new perspectives, a volume in memory of Dr. Shikaripur Ranganatha Rao, ed. by Nalini Rao
2014, Hardcover

proceedings of the international conference on the sindhu-sarasvati valley civilization: a reappraisal, held at loyola marymount university, california, usa, on 21-22 february 2009.
New trends in Indian English literature, ed. by N Usha & M Nalini
2014, Hardcover

the volume brings together a collection of research papers, presented at the ugc national seminar, on the new trends in indian english literature; broadly speaking - feminism, diaspora, subaltern studies, partition holocaust, reflection of india, and environment.
Pitamahapautrayoh: Laghukathasangrahah, Sanskrit tr. of award-winning Assamiya children classic by Nalini Devi Misra
Bejbaruva, Lakshminath
2014, Paperback
Postcolonialism and political theory, ed. by Nalini Persram
2015, Hardcover

the book explores the intersection between the political and the postcolonial through an engagement with, critique of, and challenge to some of the prevalent restrictive tenets and frameworks of western political and social thought.
Indian literature and culture: fiction, feminism, culture-clash, Dalit writing, folklore & beyond, ed. by K.K. Sunalini
2016, Hardcover

the present volume explores the true spirit of the heritage of indian culture as manifested in contemporary literature, folklore, television, cinema and media. the authors discussed include salman rushdie, chetan bhagat, kiran desai, bharati mukherjee, shobha de, baby kamble, and chitra divakaruni.
1971: genocide and atrocities: a special exhibition, inauguration by Asaduzzaman Noor at Nalinikanta Bhattashali Gallery (Bangladesh National Museum, 9 to 16 December 2014)
2014, Paperback
Jain sites of Tamil Nadu by Nalini Balbir et al (DVD-ROM)
2018, Hardcover

this dvd-rom is a pioneering attempt to document all jain sites of tamil nadu through a compilation of photographs, historical text and maps, readable from a computer.
Jaina studies (Papers of the 16th World Sanskrit Conference, Vol.8), ed. by Nalini Balbir and Peter Flugel
2018, Hardcover

select papers presented in the \'jaina studies\' section at the 16th world sanskrit conference, bangkok, thailand & the 14th world sanskrit conference, kyoto japan.
Neighbourhood initiatives of the Modi Government: challenges and road ahed, ed. by Nalini Kant Jha et al
2018, Hardcover

this book not only addresses different aspects of contemporary india\'s south asia policy, but also analyses the chinese eclipse across south asia and the indian ocean region. essays in the book explore the challenges and opportunities before the modi government in dealing with its south asian neighbours.
A comprehensive and critical dictionary of the Prakrit languages, with special reference to Jain literature, Vol.7, Gen ed. Nalini P. Joshi
2018, Hardcover
Reflections on the man, the mind and the mission: a festschrift on the 85th birthday of Koneru Ramakrishna Rao, ed. by Nalini Bikkina et al
2017, Hardcover

this work is a humble tribute to koneru ramakrishna rao, a scholar, philosopher, scientist, and educationist.
Surapala's Vrikshayurveda (the science of plant life by Surapala) (in Sanskrit), tr. by Nalini Sadhale, comms. by K.L. Mehra et al
1996, Hardcover

k.l. mehra et al.
Selections from Mother India, ed. with an introd. by Mrinalini Sinha
Mayo, Katherine
1998, N

the editor analyses the imperialistic-nationalistic context for the emergance of a politics of middle class indian feminism in the mother india controversy and traces the legacy of this history on contemporary efforts to address the kinds of oppressive social practices that were highlighted in mayo\'s book.