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Bengal Nawabs, containing Azad-al-Husaini's Naubahar-i-Murshid Quli Khani Karam 'Ali's Muzaffarnamah, and Yusuf Ali's Ahwal-i-Mahabat Jang, tr. into English by Jadu Nath Sarkar
2008, Hardcover
The nawabs of Savanur
Chitnis, KN
2000, Hardcover

the book deals with the political, administrative, socio-economic and religious history of north karnatak (dharwad and belgaum districts completely and bijapur district south of the krishna river) under the nawabs of savanur who ruled over this area from 1672 to 1948 after the adil shahs of bijapur.
Costumes and textiles of Awadh: from the era of Nawabs to modern times
Swarup, Sushama
2012, Hardcover

this book takes a fascinating journey, connecting dates and events to the evolution of costumes, textiles, colours, motifs and ornamentations from the eighteenth century up to present-day india. it recaptures the ambience of the nawabi era and the british raj in awadh, and makes them relevant for contemporary times.
Murshidabad in the era of Nawabs: Persian architecture, art, painting and culture
Faique, Mohammad
201, Hardcover

this book attempts to provide a significant and systematic study of the history of murshidabad nawabs in the light of their contributions towards architecture, paintings, art, culture and literature.
Dining with the Nawabs, photographs by Karan Puri, concepts and ed. by Priya Kapoor.
Ali, Meera
2017, Hardcover

this book allows a rare opportunity to visit the tables and palaces of the nawabs of the mughal emperors, to know more about their lifestyles and their love affair with gourmet cuisine. this special edition also comes with a kitchen copy with some of their most beloved family recipes that you can recreate in your own homes.
Awadh under the Nawabs: politics, culture and communal relations 1722-1856; foreword by Irfan Habib.
Mohan, Surendra
1997, N

it is a history of awadh from a fresh point of view and seeks to inter-related and inter-weave the patterns of political, administrative and cultural changes during the period. it porvides an objective account of the growth of communal relation in awadh. the work is lbased on massive sources including oral traditions and is a noteworthy contribution in the field of awadh histor ...