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Two sisters, the poems of Benju Sharma and Manju Kanchuli, tr. from Nepali by Manju Kanchuli et al
1998, Paperback
Roaring recitals: five Nepali poets--Gopal Prasad Rimal, Bhupi Sherchan, Banira Giri, Shailendra Sakar and Bimal Nibha,ed. and translated from the Nepali and Yuyutsu R.D.
1999, N
Social history of Nepal
Vaidya, Tulasi Ram (1940- ) et al
1993, N

from earliest times to 1950.
The window of the house opposite, transl. from the Nepali by Larry Hartsell
Malla, Govinda Bahadur \'Gothale\'(b.1926)
1998, Paperback
Nepal-India: democracy in the making of mutual trust
Bhattarai, Dinesh et al
1993, N
Mutual security: the case of India-Nepal
Thapliyal, Sangeeta
1998, N

the book concentrates on the military and non-military and non-military threats to the security of india and nepal and focusses on their efforts to meet the securuty challenges through entering into security arrangements which have been dealt in detail like the tripartite agreement of gurkha recruitment.
Buddhist art of India and Nepal (in English)
1987, Hardcover

....this is a monograph of a lecture delivered in by krishna deva. the lecture traces with compelling evidence, the establishment and development of buddhist arts in india and nepal. it throws light on the various schools of buddhist arts and their successive impacts
Himalayan pantheon: a guide to the gods and goddesses of Nepal
Haber, Daniel B
1998, N
Buddhism in Nepal (465 B.C. to 1199 A.D.)
1998, Hardcover

study based upon a wide range of sources like, inscriptions, genealogies, chinese and tibetan sources.
Indians in Nepal: a study of Indian migration to Kathmandu
Upreti, BC
1999, N

the present work is a comprehensive study of indian migration to kathmandu.
Ancient Buddhist monasteries: India and Nepal
Gajrani, S
1998, Hardcover
Oracles and demons of Tibet: the cult and iconography of theTibetan protective deities, Nepal
Nebesky-Wojkowitz, Rene De
1993, Hardcover
The game birds of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka (including Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet), 3 vols (Set)
Hume & Marshall
1995, Hardcover

this work containing nearly 144 coloured lithographs of birds and over 1000 pages of text is the source material for ornithologists all over the world. it studies in detail their characteristics, natural habitat and their habits in minutest details and offers an indepth study of more than 100 species of birds found in indian sub-continent.
The Nepal cookbook, illustrations by Palden Choedak Oshoe, USA,1996
1997, Paperback
Under the painted eyes: a story of Nepal, The Gurkha King, The Great Mountains Weep, The Rising Mist
Mahler, Ferd (b.1921)
1999, Paperback

three novels of under the painted eyes are set in the shadow of the great himalayan mountains and against the background tapestry of nepal\'s fascinating history and rich culture.
Tourism in Nepal: a profile, 2nd ed
Satyal, Yajna Raj (b.1932)
1999, N
Medieval Indian literature: an anthology Vol.3: Selection(Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi)
Paniker, K Ayyappa (b.1930) (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Modern literary Nepali: an introductory reader
Hutt, Michael J
1999, Paperback

it contains five short stories, two essays, an extract from an autobiography, and twenty complete poems, along with seven extracts from a longer narrative poem and provides an introduction into modern nepali literature.
Class, state and struggle in Nepal: writings 1989-1995
Mikesell, Stephen Lawrence
1999, Hardcover
Drums and syringes: patients and healers in Combat againstTB Bacilli and hungry ghosts in the hills of Nepal, ed. by H.K. Kuloy
Kristvik, Ellen
1999, Paperback
Tourism scene in Nepal
Satyal, Yajna Raj
2000, Hardcover
Nepal under Amsuvarma (golden period)
Joshi, Shankar Lal (1940- )
1993, N
National bibliography of Indian literature, Vol.5: 1901-1980, comprising Dogri, Konkani, Maithili Manipuri, Nepali,Rajasthani, foreword by B.S. Kesavan
Dutt, KC (ed.)
1990, Hardcover
National bibliography of Indian literature,Vol.5: 1901-1980, comprising Dogri, Konkani, Maithili Manipuri, Nepali,Rajasthani, foreword by B.S. Kesavan
Dutt, KC (ed.)
1990, Hardcover
Politics in Nepal 1980-1990: referendum, stalemate and triumph of people power, 3rd. rev. ed.
Shaha, Rishikesh
1993, N

covers a wide spectrum of nepali politics from 1980 through 1990 culminating in the triumph of people power.
Monarchy in Nepal, 1955-90
Shukla, Deeptima
2000, Hardcover

this study makes an attempt to present a critical analysis of monarchy\'s role in nepal\'s socio-political and economic development from 1955 to 1990.
Drums and syringes: patients and healers in combat against TB Bacilli and Hungry ghosts in the hills of Nepal
Kristvik, Ellen
1999, Hardcover
India-Nepal partnership and South Asian resurgence
Dharamdasani, MD (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Sacred complex of Ruruksetra: a holy tirtha of Hinduism in Western Nepal
Pandey, Ram Niwas (b.1939)
2000, Hardcover
India and Nepal: aspects of interdependent relations
Ramakant et al.
2001, Hardcover