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A dictionary of classical Newari, comp. from manuscript sources
2000, Paperback
Monk, householder, and tantric priest: Newar Buddhism and its hierarchy of ritual
1994, Paperback

contents: (i) caste and religous affiliation (ii) the relation of hinduism and buddhism (iii) basic notions of newar buddhism (iv) basic rituals of newar buddhism (v) the disciples way (vi) the great way (vii) the great way (part ii): guthis (viii) the diamond way (ix) the diamond way: the regular cult (x) the uses of tantra (xi) social and religious hierarchies.
Caravan to Lhasa: Newar merchants of Kathmandu in traditional Tibet
Tuladhar, Kamal
2004, Paperback

the author narrates the story of kathmandu\'s lhasa newar traders through personal experiences and incidents encountered by his family members in his business in lhasa.
Newari root verbs, ed. by H.K. Kuloy
Sresthacharya, Iswaranand
1981, Hardcover
Dictionary of classical Newari (Romanised), by H. Jorgensen
1995, Hardcover
Mesocosm: Hinduism and the organization of a traditional Newar city in Nepal by Robert I. Levy with the collaboration of Kedar Raj Rajopadhyaya
Levy, Robert I
F/C, Hardcover
Syamukapu: the Lhasa Newars of Kalimpong and Kathmandu
Hilker, DS Kansakar
2005, Paperback

this book is a personal account of bhajuratna and his son gyan jyoti. the book streches over a period of 122 years, from 1882 to 2004 and unfolds in darjeeling, kalimpong, lhasa and kathmandu.
Newar Buddhism: history, scholarship and literature
Thapa, Shanker (b.1957)
2005, Paperback

contents: (i) buddhism in ancient and medieval nepal. (ii) development of newar buddhist scholarship. (iii) newar scholars and the tibetan buddhists. (iv) buddhist manuscripts: the glory of newar buddhism.
Remaking Buddhism for medieval Nepal: the fifteenth-centuryreformation of Newar Buddhism
Tuladhar-Douglas, Will
2007, Hardcover

through a study of the relevant texts in the classical himalayan languages (sanskrit, newari, tibetan and nepali) the author puts forward a new thesis about how the tradition of nepalese buddhism was legitimated and reinvented by the devising of new concepts of canonicity.
Nepalese inscriptions in pre-Newari eras: an annotated bibliography, with a foreword by BN Mukherjee
Bhattacarya, Alaknanda
1994, N

content: (i) list of selected inscriptions.
The historical context of Newar Buddhism: the Vajrayana tradition of Nepal
Thapa, Shanker (ed.)
2005, Paperback
Hiranyavarna Mahavihara: a unique Newar Buddhist Monastery
Shakya, Min Bahadur
2004, Paperback

first book in english on hiranyavarna mahavihara in patan from a well-known buddhist scholar.
The life of the Buddha: Buddhist and Saiva iconography and visual narratives in artists' sketchbooks from Nepal, with transliterations and tr. from the Newari by Kashinath Tamot
Buhnemann, Gudrun
2012, Paperback

this book describes, analyses and reproduces line drawings from two manuscripts and a related section from a third manuscript. the line drawings depict hindu/saiva and buddhist deities and themes, but the buddhist material is predominant, as one would expect in artists\' sketchbooks from patan.
The Kathmandu valley as a water pot: abstracts of research papers on Newar Buddhism in Nepal
Yoshizaki, Kazumi
2012, Paperback

a collection of abstracts of the author\'s papers on newar buddhism in nepal published during the past 25 years.
Music and media in local life: music practice in a Newar neighbourhood in Nepal
Grandin, Ingemar
2011, Paperback

this book presents the musical life of the newar town of kirtipur, nepal.
The Dasakarma Vidhi: fundamental knowledge on traditional customs of ten rites of passage amongst the Buddhist Newars, tr. into English by NB Bajracharya, ed., annotated & typeset by..
Kaji, Pandit Vaidya Asha
2010, Paperback

...michael allen.
The traditional Newar architecture of the Kathmandu Valley: The Sikharas, a presentation of the different sikhara-temple types found in the Kathmandu valley
Korn, Wolfgang
2014, Paperback
Sakyamuni's return journey to Lumbini (lumbiniyatra): a study of a popular theme in Newar Buddhist art and literature
Buhnemann, Gudrun
2015, Paperback
The traditional Newar architecture of the Kathmandu valley: the Stupas and the Chaityas
Korn, Wolfgang
2015, Paperback
Land, lineage and state: a study of Newar society in mediaeval Nepal
Sharma, Prayag Raj
2015, Paperback

this study of mediaeval nepal (kathmandu valley) attempts to show how over a period of 600 years the interplay of land, lineage and state strongly shaped newar society, including some of its key institutions such as kinship, guthi, religion and caste as well as their settlement patterns.
A dictionary of the Newari language, with a glossary in Italian, 1792, facsimile edn., by Gian Gualberto de Massa, ed. with an intro. by Theodore Riccardi
2014, Hardcover
Embodied enlightenment: Samundra Man Singh Shrestha, contemporary Newar Paubha Paintings, by Dina Bangdel, with essays by Prajwol Shakya et al.
2016, Hardcover

catalog of an exhibition from the collection of anjana and purna shakya, organized by bodhisattva gallery in kathmandu, 2016.
Golden faces of Dipankara Buddha: Samyak Mahadan festival of Nepal, excellence in Newari arts and crafts
Shakya, Chandra B

in this book. the author presents concise yet complete information about the most important buddhist festival of newar communities of kathmandu valley, besides describing samyak mahadana festival of all the three cities of the valley.
The Newars of Sikkim: reinventing language, culture, and identity in the diaspora
Shreshtha, Bal Gopal
2015, Paperback

this monograph presents not only an ethnographic description but also a detailed analysis of the process and ritual activities through which the newar population in the state of sikkim (india) (re-)constructs its socio-cultural identify in a diaspora context.
The portals in Newar architecture: tiered temples in Nepal, 13th to 19th centuries
Gutschow, Niels et al.
2016, Hardcover

this book first comprehensive account reached beyond the kathmandu valley and presented a typology that still stands out today.
Encountering Newar Buddhism: an introduction through its rituals and stories, with contributions by Subarna Man Tuladhar and Labh Ratna Tuladhar, foreword by Gregory Schopen.
Lewis, Todd T.
2017, Paperback
Jewels of Newar art: selections from the collection of Purna and Anjana Shakya, with contributions by Robert Beer, Min Bahadur Shakya and Prajwol Shakya
Bangdel, Dina
2011, Paperback

the book is a catalogue published in conjuction with the exhibition on jewels of mewar art, organized by siddhartha art gallery and bodhisattva gallery on april 26-may 15, 2011. it features the works of twenty-six master painters, sculptors and highly skilled artisans.
Contested hierarchies: a collaborative ethnography of casteamong Newars of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Gellner, David et al. (ed.)
1999, Paperback

this volume is the most comprehensive ethnographic account of the newars so far, lent extra richness by the differing perspectives the contributors bring to it.