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Nirmala, tr.and with an afterword by Alok Rai, reprint of 2001
Premchand (1880-1936)
2005, Paperback

first published in 1928, this poignant novel by premchand is a classic text of the woman as victim
Astanga hrdyam of Srimad Vagbhata, ed. with `Nirmala' Hindicomm. alongwith special deliberation etc. by Brahmanand Tripathy
1999, Hardcover
The architecture of language, ed. by Nirmalangshu Mukherji et al
Chomsky, Noam
2006, Paperback
Edvina aur Nehru, anuvadak: Nirmala Jain
Clement, Catharine
2003, Hardcover

a historical novel.
Laksanacandrika (a commentary on the Taittiriya-Pratisakhyaby Mahadeva Ramacandra Gadre), critically ed. with an introd. by Nirmala Ravindra Kulkarni
2004, Hardcover
Pre-Paninian grammatical traditions, Part II: a grammaticalanalysis of the Taittiriya-Padapatha, by Nirmala R. Kulkarni
1995, Hardcover
Sac, pyar aur thori si sararat: atmakatha, anuvadak: Nirmala Jain
Sinh, Kuswant
2002, Hardcover
Malvi kahavat kosh by Nirmala Rajpurohit
2005, Hardcover
Mahadevi sahitya, 4 parts, ed. by Nirmala Jain (Set)
2007, Hardcover
My life, my words: remembering Mahatma Gandhi, text ed. Sangeeta Kochhar, with an intro. by Nirmala Deshpande, forewordby H.H the Dalai Lama.
2011, Hardcover

this book is an effort to provide vignettes into the life of this great man, and into his profound thinking. there is an urgent need to revive his vision for a troubled world, in the twenty-first century. it is a book to make each of us unlearn, rethink and relearn.
Telugu ki manak laghukathaem, tr. by Parnandi Nirmala
Agravala, Balaram (ed.)
2010, Hardcover
Telugu ki manak kahaniyam, tr. and compl. by Parnandi Nirmala
2012, Hardcover
Tarkasangraha of Annambhatta, with the comms. Nyayabodhini-Nirmala-Padkrtya-Kamlanamikabhi, and Hindi comm. by Gita Banerji
2012, Paperback
Brahmandamahapuranam of Maharshi Vyasa, 2 vols. with `Nirmala' Hindi comm., scientific notes & sloka index etc., by Dalvir Chauhan (Set)
2014, Hardcover
Laghuharitsmrti of Mahamuni Harit Rsi: accompanied with `Nirmala' Hindi comm. by Udaya Nathajha Ashok
1996, Paperback
Lalitopakhyanam (part of the Brahmandapurana), ed. with `Nirmala' HIndi trans. by Dalvir Simh Cauhan
2014, Hardcover
Nirmala and Normala
Rajendran, Sowmya et al
2014, Paperback
2016, Hardcover
Tahrir Munsi Premcand ki: Godan and Nirmala, manzarnama by Gulzar, 2 vols. (Set)
2017, Paperback

vol.1: isbn 9789350008560; vol.2: isbn 9789350008577
Tahreer Munshi Premcand ki: Nirmala aur Cuninda Afsane (Novel in Urdu)
2017, Hardcover
Sadamnayatantra, with 'Nirmala' Hindi tr., comm. by Rupesa Kumar Cauhan
2017, Hardcover
Brahmand World Defence Update 2018, foreword by Nirmala Sitharaman
2018, Paperback

this book features a fully updated country-by-country representation of the armed forces of the world. it covers 113 countries along with in-depth analysis of 33 major ones. the database provides latest updates on each and every country\'s military equipment, resources, procurements including military budget and expenditure data.