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Illustrated wetland plants and their utilization: (with special reference to Odisha, India)
Misra, MK., Panda, A.
2011, Hardcover

image, symbol and myth in sri aurobindo\'s poetry
Welcoming Odisha: a guidebook to discover hotspots of Odisha
Mishra, Aswini Kumar.
2010, Paperback

a travel guide on odisha, a state of india.
Odisha: the many-hued land
Patnaik, Himansu Kumar
2012, Paperback
Ethnobotany of the Kondh, Poraja, Gadaba and Bonda of the Koraput region of Odisha, India
Franco, F Merlin et al
2012, Hardcover

the book discusses the history and importance of ethnobotany with specific reference to certain tribes of the odisha state. it provides the cross-cultural comparative ethnobotanical descriptions of 210 species of plants used by the communities for various purpose.
CENSUS OF INDIA, 2011, Series-22, Odisha: H&HH series, tbales on Houses, Househol amenities and assets, Vol.1: total
2012, Hardcover
CENSUS OF INDIA, 2011, Series-22, Odisha: H&HH series, tables on Houses, Household amenities and assets, Volume 2: Scheduled Castes
2012, Hardcover
CENSUS OF INDIA, 2011, Series-22, Odisha: H&HH series, tables on Houses, Household amenities and assets, Volume 3: Scheduled Tribes
2012, Hardcover
Further excavations at Udayagiri-2, Odisha, (2001-03)
Trivedi, PK
2011, Hardcover
Participatory forest management in Odisha: implementation, outcomes and livelihood impacts
Sarap, Kailas et al
2013, Hardcover
Traditional martial practices in Odisha, text and photographs by Ileana Citaristi
2012, Hardcover
Voice of Odisha in parliament
Khuntia RC (ed.)
2012, Hardcover
Imaging Odisha, 2 vols., Chief ed. Hermann Kulke (Set)
Mohanty, Nivedita et al (ed.)
2013, Hardcover

vol.1: isbn: 9789380768014, vol.2: isbn: 9789380768021 in two volumes, encompasses studies of history, religion, sculpture and architecture, art, music and literature of odisha, which represents one of the richest and oldest traditions in the indian subcontinent.
Odisha, 2 parts, ed. by N.K. Das et al
2012-13, Hardcover

part 1:xxxiii+870p., (14)col. (8)b&w pls., (1)col. map, gloss. ind., 24cm, isbn: 9788170462934 part 2:xxxviii+1661p., (51)b&w pls., gloss., ind., 24cm, isbn: 9788170462941
Maritime trade and overseas activities of early India: Odishan perspective
Patra, Benudhar
2013, Hardcover

the book analyses and illustrates various sources, traditions, customs and socio-religious festivals that contain references to the maritime activities; traces out and identifies several ports, port towns and hinterland; determines overseas as well as riverine routes that were followed by the ancient mariners; explores the methods of navigation and shipbuilding technology; make ...
Buddhist heritage of Odisha
Ray, Himanshu Prabha
2013, Hardcover

the state of odhisa is rich in multi-religious landscape. the book addresses the complex issue of preservation of the buddhist heritage keeping in view demands of urban planning and development on one hand and the pressures of tourism on the other.
Half a century of Odisha and my place there, tr. by Lipipuspa Nayak
Mishra, Godabarish
2013, Paperback

it is an invaluable document of history of odisha in and around its genesis as an independent state in 1936, against the country\'s spatial history of the period.
Chronicles of the royal family of Bonai (Odisha)
Pramanik, Rashmi at al. (ed.)
2013, Hardcover
Neolithic and post-neolithic cultures of Odisha (with special reference to Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar districts)
Mohanta, Basanta Kumar
2013, Hardcover

this book is an attempt to show the cultural evolution from neolithic to early historic culture of northern odisha which is responsible for the emergence of a complex society in this region.
The flames of Narayanpatna: two reports on the Narayanpatna struggle in Koraput, Odisha
2012, Paperback
State of the Adivasis in Odisha 2014: a human development analysis, by Harishwar Dayal et al
2014, Paperback
Copper-plate inscriptions of Odisha: a descriptive catalogue, (Circa fourth century to sixteenth century CE)
Acharya, Subrata Kumar
2014, Hardcover

this catalogue of more than 400 copper-plate inscriptions of odisha from the fourth to the sixteenth century ce furnishes the detailed information about the rulers and the beneficiaries, religious persuasion of the kings, occasion and purpose of the land grants, eras and other astronomical details, numerical systems, development of language and script, administrative and revenu ...
Karunasmriti: recent researches in history, culture and archaeology of Odisha, a commemoration volume in honour of Prof. K.S. Behera, 2 vols., ed. by B.Tripathy et al (Set)
2015, Hardcover

this work contains 60 articles dealing with recent archeological discoveries, new date and interpretations, art, architecture, epigraphy, numismatics, regional history, literature etc. it is dedicated to the memory of prof. ks behera, a scholar of international repute on the history of odisha.
Emerging Odisha: problems and prospects, ed. by Arun Mohanty et al
2014, Hardcover

this volume covers various areas, deals with socio-economic, political, health and environmental issues of the state, contributed by eminent scholars, academician and administrators from odisha, india and abroad.
Buddhist sites in Odisha & Andhra Pradesh: travel guide, ed. by Swati Mitra
2015, Paperback

this well-researched guide explores the architectural and sculptural heritage, as well as the historical significance of buddhist sites in odisha and andhra pradesh.
Folk life and culture of Odisha
Sahu, Bhagabana
2015, Hardcover
Studies on Odishan epigraphy, ed. by Subrata Kumar Acharya
2015, Hardcover
Rethinking local history and identity politics: locating Kurmi community in Odisha, ed. by Chandi Prasad Nanda et al
2015, Hardcover

the present volume introduces (auto) biographies as a fascinating new source for the study of local history and contemporary politics. the narrative brings out the under explored history and identity politics and cultural assertion of a `marginal\' community like kurmi mahantas of orissa in the quest of their adivasi identity.
Analysis of Odisha State Assembly election results 2009-2014, ed. by R.K. Thukral
2014, Hardcover
History and culture of Odisha: a new look, in felicitation of Dr. P.K. Dandasena, ed. by Baba Mishra
2015, Hardcover

the volume deals with ancient fort settlement, technology, political aspect, fairs and festivals, temple architecture, economic condition, personalities of modern odisha, dalit politics, life style of the kond tribe and last but not the least, historiography of odisha.
Periodical press and colonial modernity: Odisha, 1866-1936
Mohanty, Sachidananda
2016, Hardcover

the book studies its interface with colonial/alternative modernity in the region. it explores various aspects of two pioneering odia magazines-the newspaper journal utkal dipika and the literary journal utkal sahitya-their economic and political bases, their patronage systems, the cultural and ideological backgrounds of their editors, and the role these journals played in shapi ...