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Vyakarana-Mahabhasya of Patanjali, 2 vols. (Ahnika 1-8), text with `Pradipa' of Kaiyata, and `Uddyota' of Nagesh Bhatta, ed. with `Bhava-Bodhini' Hindi exposition by Jaya Shankar.. (Set)
1998-02, Paperback

.. lal tripathi.
Life surrendered in god: the philosophy and practices of Kriya yoga, with extensive comm. on Patanjali's yoga sutras
Davis, Roy Eugene
2008, Hardcover

essential teachings, lifestyle routines, and spiritual practices. with comprehensive commentary on patanjali\'s yoga sutras by a direct, personal disciple of paramahansa yogananda.
An introduction to the science of psychic condensate phase of Patanjali
1998, N

this book gives translation of patanjali\'s treatise dealing with yoga, the methodology to attune supreme consciousness and new dimensions of human existence
The original yoga, as expounded in Sivasamhita, Gherandasamhita and Patanjala Yogasutra, original text in Sanskrit, tr., ed. and annotated with an introd. by Shyam Ghosh
1999, Hardcover
Ethno medico botany of Arunachal Pradesh (Nishi and Apatanitribes).
Rawat, Mohan Singh et al.
1998, N

this book contains complete data on ethno-medico botanical studies of the nishi and the apatani the most acclaimed aborigines inhabiting the erstwhile subansiri district of arunachal pradesh.
Underground shrine: queen's step-well at Patan
Sadani, Jaikrishandas
1998, Paperback
Catalugue of the manuscripts of Patan Jain Bhandara, comp. by Muni Sri Punyavijayaji and ed. by Muni Jambuvijayaji, assisted by Muni Dharmacandravijayaji, 4 parts in 3 vols (Set)
1991, Hardcover

a detailed catalgue of 20035 paper manuscripts preserved in the hemachandra jain gyanmandir.
Yoga-sutra of Patanjali, with English transliteration and transl. by Saugata Bhaduri, with an introd. in English
2000, Paperback
Yogasutrabhasyavivarana of Sankara, 2 vols., Vivarana text with English transl., and critical notes alongwith text and English transl. of Patanjali's Yogasutras and Vyasabhasya.... (Set)
2001, Hardcover t.s. rukamani.;;;vol.1: samadhipadah and sadhanapadah. vol.2: vibhutipadah and kaivalyapadah.
Chandovicitih of Patanjali; Tattva Subodhini vrtti of Sri Tataprasada and Chandoviciti vrtti of Sri Petta Sastrin, alias Hrsikesa Sharman, critically ed. by B.R. Sharma and ......
2000, Hardcover

l.n. bhatta
Yogadarshanam of Patanjali, ed. by Shri Krishnavallabhacharya, with bhasya Sriswetvaikunth and Srinarayancharan
2001, Hardcover
Yogasutram by Patanjali (in Skt.), with six comms. Rajamartanda by Bhojaraja, Pradipika by Bhava-Ganesa, Vrtti byNagoji Bhatta, Maniprabha by Ramanandayati, Chandrika...
2001, Hardcover anantadeva and yogasudhakara by sadasivendra sarasvati, ed. with notes by dhundhiraj sastri, 3rd ed.
The essence of yoga: reflections on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, transl. from the French by Rosemary Desneux, foreword by T.K.V. Desikachar, USA, 1997
Bouanchaud, Bernard
2001, Paperback
Vyakaranamahabhasyam of Patanjali (in Skt.), 6 vols., ed. by Bala Shastri, introd. in English by Ramkaran Sharma (Set)
2001, Hardcover

classical exegesis of panini\'s astadhyayi, aphoristic work on sanskrit grammar; includes commentaries and supercommentaries.
Yoga-sutras of Patanjali, with the exposition of Vyasa, a transl. and comm. by Swami Veda Bharati, Vol.2: Sadhana-Pada
2001, Hardcover
Patan-Jaina-Dhatu-Pratima-Lekha-Sangraha, with a foreword in English and preface in Hindi
Bhojak, Laxmanbhai H
2002, Hardcover

the present catalogue of pedastal inscriptions on the images of jain idols preserved at patan contains a little less than 1750 entries, covering a period of more than nine centuries from vikram sam. 1110 to 2036 (1053 to 1979 a.d.).
Patanjali's metaphysical schematic: Purusa and Prakrti in the Yogasutra
Whicher, Ian
2001, Hardcover
Patanjalayoga avam Jainayoga ka tulnatmak adhayan
Anand, Aruna
2002, Hardcover
Patanjalayogasutrani with two comms. by Yashovijaya Gani and 'Rajmartanda' by Bhojadeva', ed. by Vijayramchandra Suri
2001, Hardcover
Catalogue of the Manuscripts of Patana Jain Bhandara, Muni Sri Punyavijayaji and ed. by Muni Jambuvijayaji, assisted by Muni Dharmacandravijayaji, 4 parts in 3 vols (Set)
1991, Hardcover

a detailed catalogue of 20035 paper manuscripts preserved in the hemchandracharya jain gyanmandir.
Patanjalayogadarshana: ek adhyayan, by Raghuvir Vedalankar (in Hindi)
2003, Hardcover
Meditation, mind and Patanjali's yoga: a practical guide tospiritual growth for everyone, USA, 2001
Swami Bhaskarananda
2002, Paperback
Kakacandisvarakalpatantra, text with English transl. by Gyanendra Pandey
2003, Hardcover
Panini to Patanjali: a grammatical march, with a foreword by Ram Gopal
Ray, Bidyut Lata (b.1947) (ed.)
2004, Hardcover

the book presents scholarly essays examining the origin and evolution of sanskrit grammar in ancient india-- from the time of panini to patanjali. it focuses on the monumental works in sanskrit grammar, the astadhyayi of panini, the varttikas of katyayana and the mahabhasya of patanjali and the impact of these on the sanskrit grammatical tradition.
Kriya yoga sutras of Patanjali and the Siddhas, transl., comm., and practice by Marshall Govindan
2001, Hardcover
Yoga philosophy of Patanjali with 'Bhasvati' by Swami Hariharananda Aranya, rendered into English by P.N. Mukerji, foreword by Swami Dharmamegha Aranya, 4th enl. ed
2000, Hardcover

containing his yoga aphorisms with commentary of vyasa in original sanskrit , with annotations, and allied topics illustrating the theory and practice of samkhya-yoga.
Patan ke pankh (novel)
Surirvala, Rosanlal
2004, Hardcover
Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali, with the exposition of Vyasa, Vol.2: Sadhana-Pada, transl. and comm. by Veda Bharati
2004, Paperback
Raja yoga (conquering the internal nature), also Patanjali's yoga aphorisms with commentaries
Swami Vivekananda
2012, Hardcover
Patanjal-Yogsutrani, text with Vacaspati Mishra's tika and Vyasa Bhasya, and Rajamartandabhidh Vritti of Bhojadeva
2004, Paperback