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The original yoga, as expounded in Sivasamhita, Gherandasamhita and Patanjala Yogasutra, original text in Sanskrit, tr., ed. and annotated with an introd. by Shyam Ghosh
1999, Hardcover
Patanjalayoga avam Jainayoga ka tulnatmak adhayan
Anand, Aruna
2002, Hardcover
Patanjalayogasutrani with two comms. by Yashovijaya Gani and 'Rajmartanda' by Bhojadeva', ed. by Vijayramchandra Suri
2001, Hardcover
Patanjalayogadarshana: ek adhyayan, by Raghuvir Vedalankar (in Hindi)
2003, Hardcover
Patanjalayoga evam Nathyoga (in Hindi)
Goswami, Surakshit
2005, Hardcover
Sange-Yogadarsana or Yoga-Darsanam (Yoga) of Patanjali withthe Scholium of Vyasa and the comms. Tattvavaisaradi, Patanjala-rahasya, Yogavartika and Bhasvati of Vachaspati Misra,..
Patanjala Yoga Sutra, Sanskrita Sutras with transliteration, transl. and comm. by P.V. Karambelkar
2012, Paperback
Patanjalana sabdarthacinta (in Skt.), with a foreword in English
Bhattacarya, Tapan Sankar
2005, Hardcover
Patanjala Yogadarsan: Maharsi Patanjali ka amara grantha, (in Hindi), anuvadak evam tikakar: Ramcandra Varma Sastri
2005, Hardcover
Patanjala yoga evam Jaina yoga ka tulanatmaka adhyayana
Anand, Aruna
2002, Hardcover
Patanjala yoga sutra (in Hindi)
Karambelkar, PV
The Samga yogadarsana or yoga darsana of Patanjali, with the scholium of Vyasa and the comm. Tattva vaisardi, Patanjala rahasya yogavartika and Bhasvati of Vacaspati Misra et al., ed..
2007, Hardcover

...with introd., notes, ind., appendices etc., by sri gosvami damodara sastri.
Patanjalayogadarsana of Patanjali with the comm. of Vyasa and Hindi gloss by Brahmalina Muni, 5th ed
1995, Hardcover
A commentary on Patanjala Yogasutra, named the Ambrosia of yoga with the Yogasutras of Patanjali, composed by Sarasvati Avhuta, transliteration with English tr. by S Kothandaraman,
2009, Hardcover

... foreword by b. krishnamurthy
Patanjala yogadarsan with Vyasabhasya and Bhojvrtti, comm. in Hindi by Satish Arya
2010, Hardcover
Yoga concordance, Vol.7: based on Patanjala Yoga Sutra, Vyasa Bhasya, Yogadipika Vrtti of Bhavaganesa and Padacandrika of Ananta Pandita, ed. by Maheshanandaji et al.
2008, Hardcover
God, reason, and yoga: a critical edition and translation of the commentary ascribed to Sankara on Patanjalayogasastra 1.23-28
Harimoto, Kengo
2014, Hardcover

this volume presents a new critical edition and translation of a part of the patanjalayogasastravivarana (1.23-28), a commentary on the patanjalayogasastra ascribed to sankara. in this part, the main topic is god (isvara), and the author of the text spends much effort to establish the existence of god by reasoning. the volume comes with an introduction and appendices. the appen ...
Dharma Patanjala: a Saiva Scripture from Ancient Java, Studied in the Light of Related Old Javanese and Sanskrit Texts, rev. edn.
Acri, Andrea
2017, Hardcover

the book presents a thoroughly revised edition, english translation, and study of the dharma patanjala, an old javanese-sanskrit saiva scripture transmitted through a single palm-leaf codex of west javanese origin dating back to the 15th century ad. the cultural and doctrinal background of the text, as well as its codicological and philological aspects, are introduced in part i ...
Yogavijnanasabdakosah (Patanjalayogavanmayapadapadarthaprakasakah), 2 vols, foreword by Bindra Prasad Mishra, written &ed. by Vimala Karnataka
2014, Hardcover