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Performing arts of Rajasthan: Lok-Rang
Singh, Chandramani (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Documentation of performing arts
Annapoorna, L (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

bibliographical catalog of indian performing arts.
Divine service and the performing arts in India
Thielemann, Selina
2002, Hardcover
Performing arts in India: a policy perspective
Narayan, Shovana
2003, Hardcover

the book review the governmental efforts and provide a policy perspective on performing arts.
Performing artistes in ancient India, with a foreword by A.K. Narain
Iravati (b.1947)
2003, Hardcover

this scholarly treatise deals at length with aspects of dramatic performance like nature, kinds and members of dramatic troupes, abhinaya, the stage and auditorium, incorporating a number of visuals to depict the dramatic scenes etched by artists on pillars, temple walls, caves and objects.
Back to the roots: essays on performing arts of India, compiled by Reba Pani, disigned by Dillip Kumar Tripathy
Pani, Jiwan
2004, Hardcover

the book is a collection of author\'s articles reflecting his wide ranging interests: the cult of jagannatha, an individualistic and an in-depth study of the geetagovinda, the oriya systems of music as the third school along with carnatic and hindustani, his numerous scripts for dance-dramas, tele-serials and films, his deep study and understanding of hindu and buddhist systems ...
Rukmini Devi Arundale (1904-1986): a visionary architect ofIndian culture and the performing arts
Meduri, Avanthi (ed.)
2005, Hardcover

the essays in this book, authored by indian and international scholars, including dance critics, dance administrators, dance teachers etc., endeavour to capture the multifaceted cultural and aesthecial legacy of rukmini devi.
Indian performing arts: a mosaic
Banerjee, Utpal K
2006, Hardcover

this book captures the rich tapestry of music dance, theatre and cinema-covering painting as well- at the turn of the new millennium and touches upon the pulsating vibrations of their contemporary creativity. they make a composite whole, - in the perspective of a perennial india and with some resonance from the neighbourhood lands.
Millennium glimpses of Indian performing arts
Banerjee, Utpal K
2007, Hardcover
Beyond performing art and culture: politico-social aspects
Dhananjayan, VP (b.1939)
2007, Hardcover
Krishna in performing arts
Narayan, Shovana
2007, Hardcover

this book presents a detailed exposition of the multi-facted influence of krishna in the field of performing arts. contents: preface (i) krishna. (ii) krishna and performing arts.a: symbolism. b: bhakti bhava and emotional response. c: nacarasa and krishna devotion. d: human values. (iii) influence on dance, theatre and opera. (iv) influence of krishna on music. (v) festivals i ...
Homatmak Santangopalanusthanvidhi, includes methods of performing rites with a comm. in Hindi called `Asokendu' by Pt. Asok Kumar Gaur Vedacarya
2007, Paperback
Visual and performing arts in South Orissa: an interface
Tripathy, Dillip Kumar (b.1964)
2007, Hardcover

this book is an attempt to intensify the understanding of art and literary traditions of a people not as fragmented facets, but as an integrated and interrelated sum of a holistically sustained creative psyche.
Performing pasts: reinventing the arts in modern South India
Peterson, Indira Viswanathan et al.(ed.)
2008, Hardcover

this book discusses the interface of performing arts and modernity in south india. the essays illuminate, from a range of disciplinary perspectives, the processes by which dance and music were re-constituted as classical traditions in the modern era.
Rasa: performing the divine in India
Schwartz, Susan L
2008, Paperback
Performing ecstasy: the poetics and politics of religion inIndia
Chakravorty, Pallabi et al. (ed.)
2009, Hardcover

this volume explores how mysticism associated with rapture, ecstasy, eroticism longing, and suffering were the human emotions which held the key to knowing the divine in both hinduism and islam.
Dance matters: performing India
Chakravorty, Pallabi et al. (ed.)
2010, Hardcover

this collection of ideas, practices and narratives looks at dance as a lived and practiced phenomenon in contemporary times, bringing together the experiences and vision of theorists as well as practitioners.
Performing for tourists: redefining performances, performers and audiences
Rijal, Shiva
2010, Hardcover

this book is about the culture of performing traditional dance, drama and musical forms for tourists, and is based on the research carried out at ubud (bali/indonesia).
Ramayana in focus: visual and performing arts of Asia
Krishnan, Gauri Parimoo
2010, Paperback

the ramayana, an ancient sanskrit epic from india, is generally believed to surpass other works of world literature in its popularity, influence and longevity. this book captures the fascinating adaptation of the story in different asian cultures. the twenty essays cover a wide range of topics on literary, visual, performing and contemporary arts: ramayana in hindu culture, in ...
Performing women/performing womanhood: theatre,politics, and dissent in North India
Bhatia, Nandi
2010, Hardcover

the author exanmines representations of actresses housewife,dalits and courtesans in literary.cinematic,and autobiographical texts and in plays and performances.focusing specifically on premchand\'s story \'the actress\',such films as teesri kasam and main madhuri dixit banna chahti hoon, plays by ismat chughati, rasheed jahan, kusum kumar,and tripurari sharma,and theatrical co ...
Cultural tourism and performing arts of Andhra Pradesh: prospects and perspectives
Uday, Vanaja
2012, Hardcover
Rasa: the Indian performing arts in the last tewnty-five yars, 2 vols.
Sangam, Anamika Kala

vol.i: music and dance, vol.ii: theatre and cinema
Performing heritage: art of exhibit walks, foreword by Richard Kurin
Jafa, Navina
2012, Paperback
Performing arts and therapeutic implications, foreword by Guru Syed Sallauddin Pasha
Bajaj, Tanvi et al
2013, Hardcover

presenting an alternative perspective, this book proposes that performing arts forge an emotional bond between the performer and the audience, making the act of performence a therapeutic and restorative experience, and not merely recreational.
Vignettes of Indian performing arts, 2 vols (Set)
Banerjee, Utpal K.
2013, Hardcover

vol.i: drama, dance, dance-drama, music. vol.ii: puppetry, narrative arts, festivals, miscellany.
Zlos-gar, commemorative issue on the occassion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (1959-1984), ed. by Jamyang Norbu
Performing identities: celebrating Indigeneity in the arts,ed. by G.N. Devy et al
2015, Hardcover

the book is a pioneering account of the performance practices among indigenous communities from across the world. it highlights how the worldviews nurtured and sustained by indigenous people are represented through their distinctive approaches and styles of `doing arts\'; and how a divergent understanding of concepts such as space, time, joy, pain life, and death calls for a di ...
Folk performing arts of Tamil Nadu
2015, Hardcover
Performing arts of Chhattisgarh
Mahawar, Niranjan
2014, Hardcover
Catalogue of manuscripts of performing arts: music, dance and drama, compiled by Kaushalya Gupta
2016, Hardcover

this book is compiling information of manuscripts on dance, music and drama. such compilation reflects years of efforts in gathering information from the institutional libraries and private collections.