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Sanskrit-Woterbuch: Nach Den Petersburger Worterbuchen Bearbeitet (in German language), by Carl Cappeller, Strassburg, 1887
1998, Hardcover
Buddha's teachings: being the Sutta-Nipata or discourse-collections, ed. in the original Pali text with an English version facing it, Peterhouse, 1931
Lord Chalmers
2000, Hardcover
Hitopadesa of Narayana,(complete), text, with introd. and notes in English, ed. by Peter Peterson
1999, Paperback
Essays on middle Bengali literature, studies by David L. Curley, Rahul Peter Das, Mazharul Islam, Amzad Hossain Mian, Asim Roy and William L. Smith
1999, Hardcover
Visnupuranam (critical edition) Vol.2 (Amsas IV-VI and Padaindex),critically edited by M.M. Pathak, Pada-index preparedby Peter Schreiner
1999, Hardcover
Transcending ego: distinguishing consciousness from wisdom (Tib. Namshe Yeshe Gepa) of Rangjung Dorje, the third Karmapa, with a comm. by Thrangu Rinpoche, tr. by Peter Roberts
2001, Paperback

this text explains the functioning of the eight consciousnesses and how they interact with one another to create perception of the world.
Spiritual biography of Rechungpa based on the radiance of wisdom: the life and liberation of the Ven. Rechung Dorje Drak, tr. by Peter Roberts
Rinpoche, Thrangu
2001, Paperback

in this story one sees how rechungpa interacts with his guru and gradually begins to develop true realization.
Buddhistische triglotte D.H. Sanskrit-Tibetisch-Mongolisches Worterverzeichniss, St. Petersburg, 1859
Schiefner, A
2001, Hardcover
Grammatik der Mongolischen Sprache by I.J. Schmidt, St. Peterburg, 1831
2001, Hardcover
The life of Dom John De Castro: the fourth victory of India, tr. into English by Peter Wyche, London, 1664
Freire De Andrada, Jacinto
1994, N
Ten teachings from the 1,00,000 songs of Milarepa, tr. by Peter Roberts
Rinpoche, Thrangu
2001, Paperback
The clash of barbarisms: September 11 and the making of the newworld disorder, transl. by Peter Drucker, New York, 2002
Achcar, Gilbert
2003, Paperback
The global competitiveness report 2002-2003, ed. by Peter K. Cornelius
2003, Paperback

the world\'s leading cross-country comparison of data and information relating to economic competitiveness and growth.
Selections of hymns from the Rgveda (second series) by P. Peterson, 4th edition (reprinted from the 3rd ed), (the appendices and bibliography etc. being omitted)
Paranjpe, VG
1972, Hardcover
The great triad, transl. from the French by Peter Kingsley
Guenon, Rene (1886-1951)
1994, Hardcover
The Oxford dictionary of literary quotations, ed. by Peter Kemp
2003, Hardcover
Hymns from the Rgveda: samhita text, English translation, notes wirht pada text and Sayana's comm. by Peter peterson
Zimmermann, R
2004, Hardcover
Mahavyutpatti, ed. by I.P. Minaev, St. Petersburg, 1911
1992, Hardcover
Prajna Paramiti-ratna-guna-samcaya-gatha, Skt. and Tibetan text, ed. by E. Obermiller, St. Petersburg, 1937
1994, Hardcover
The Nyayabindu-tika of Dharmottara Avcarya to which is added theNyayabindu, ed. by Peter Peterson
1929, Hardcover
Peter Colaco's Bangalore: a century of tales from city and cantonment, with illustrations by Paul Fernandes
2003, Paperback
Sayana's preface to the Rgvedabhasya, English translation by P. Peterson (reprinted from BSS No.XLI)
1974, Hardcover
Nationalism, religion, and beyond: writings on politics, society, and culture by Sri Aurobindo, ed. by Peter Heeyes
2005, Hardcover
The Indian media business, foreword by Peter Mukerjee, 2nd edition
Kohli-Khandekar, Vanita
2006, Paperback

presents a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the indian media industry and covers all the seven major segments-- print, television, films, music, radio, internet, and telecommunications.
Pali and Vernacular literature transmitted in Central and Northern Siam, by Peter Skilling et al
2004, Paperback
Pali literature transmitted in Central Siam: a catalogue based on the Sap Songkhro, compiled by Peter Skilling et al
2002, Paperback
International journal of Jaina studies, Vols.1-3 (2005-2007) (comb.), ed. by Peter Flugel
2008, Hardcover
Free movement of goods in the European community, Peter Oliver assisted by Malcolm Jarvis
2009, Hardcover
Wilkinson's road traffic offences, gen. ed. Peter Wallis, eds. Kevin McCormac et al.
2009, Hardcover
Deities of Tibetan Buddhism: the Zurich paintings of the icons worthwhile to see, tr. by Martin Willson, intro. by Martin Brauen, drawings by Robert Beer, photos by Peter Nebel
Willson, Martin (ed.)
2009, Hardcover

this book is an encyclopedia of buddhist icons based on the rinjung gyatsa, the narthang gyatsa, and the vajravali. full-color illus. of over five hundred tibetan buddhist deities are reproduced here from a set of hand-painted woodblock prints created in the early nineteenth century. housed in the ethnographic museum of the university of zurich, this rare collecton is presented ...