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Islam, photographs by Thomas L. Kelley et al
Kidwai, Azra
1998, Hardcover

the book traces the story of islam from its birth to its expansion and development, details its customs and traditions and the amazing arts. illustrated with over a hundred pictures and line drawings from all over the world.
The Sikhs: faith, philosophy and folk, photographs by Sondeep Shankar
Singh, Gurbachan (b.1923)
1998, N

the book is vividly illustrated by pictures which help to understand thecultural ethos, phiolosophy and way of life of a people whose highest spiritual authority rests in the sri guru granth sahib.
Yoga explained, with ill. by Shella Dunn and photographs byHoward Coster
Yeast-Brown, F
1998, Hardcover
Houses of Goa, foreword by Gerard da Cunha, photographs by Ashok Koshy, ill. by Sunita Dalvi
Pandit, Heta et al.
1999, Hardcover
Nainital: the land of trumpet and song (based on J.M. Clay's book on Nainital), photographs by Anup Shah
Shah, Giri Raj
1999, Hardcover
Sri Aurobindo on Indian art: selections from his writings with photographs by Elisabeth Beck
1999, Hardcover

contains the complete text of the chapters on architecture and sculpture from the foundations of indian culture as well as excerpts from this text.
Art of Indian cuisine, photographs by Dheeraj Paul, food styling by Pramod Kapoor
Mohan, Rocky
2000, Hardcover
Wild tigers of Ranthambhore, with photographs by Fateah Singh Rathore
Thapar, Valmik
2000, Hardcover
Down and out: labouring under global capitalism, photographs by Ravi Agarwal, design by Brinda Datta
Breman, Jan et al.
2000, Hardcover

the book looks at the condition of workers in the informal sector in and around surat, which was the site of the author\'s research.
Dramatic moments: photographs and memories of Calcutta theatre from the sixties to the nineties
Ghosh, Nemai
2000, Hardcover
Islamic architecture of the Indian sub-continent, photographs by Federico Borromeo
Alfieri, Bianca Maria
2000, Hardcover
The Sikhs: images of a heritage, text and photographs by T.S. Randhawa
Randhawa, Tejinder Singh (b.1952)
2000, Hardcover
Ladakh: a Himalayan treasure, photographs by Subhash Chugh
Venkataraman, Rama
2000, Hardcover

the book is a concise encyclopaedia of ladakh. the region, its people, their unique culture and religion, the flora and fauna are all described with clarity. for tourists the road routes and trek routes are given in detail.
Rajasthan: a land of splendor and bravery, photographs by Suzanne Held
Okada, Amina
2000, Hardcover

the present volume belongs on the long list of works and is intended to pay homage to the legendary and glorious past of the land of kings, as well as to the grandeur of the sovereigns, princes and fearless warriors who, through the vanishing centuries, wrote the history of their land in letters of fire.
Kumaon: jewel of the Himalayas; photographs by Jogendra Bisht
Ramesh, S et al.
2001, Paperback

this book is about one of the most facsinating regions of the western himalayas -- kumaon.
Sikkim: a traveller's guide, photographs and essays by Sujoy Das
Ray, Arundhati
2001, Paperback

in a wonderfully story-telling style, peppered with anecdotes and folk tales, the author provides the essential information that a visitor needs to know in order to travel.
Medal gallery, Patiala: Maharaja Bhupinder Singh's collection, photographs by Hemant Mehta et al
Bhandari, PPS (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

maharaja bhupinder singh\'s collection of various medals at sheesh mahal museum, patiala.
Floral spectrum of India: Latin, English, Hindi and Sanskrit names, identification, distributions, cultivation and usesof lovely plants around us, with colour photographs .......
2000, Hardcover

from nature, text and photos by ramesh bedi, foreword by samar singh in this book, the author gives a good account of 73 plant species, mostly common and including medicinal shrubs, garden ornamentals, and avenue trees. apart from illustrations, useful tips on cultivation in the home garden and their usage and potential are provided.
The Sikhs, photographs by Raghu Rai
Singh, Khushwant
2001, Hardcover

this book explains the turbulent history of the sikhs, their faith in one god, their ten gurus and the casteless fraternity of the khalsa panth. it chronicles their customs, beliefs, rituals, modes of worship, weddings, baptisms, dances and martial traditions--the factors that make them an assertive and extrovert people with a zest for living.
Parsis: the Zoroastrians of India: a photographic journey, 1980-2004, text and photographs by Sooni Taraporevala
2004, Hardcover
City forest: Mumbai's National Park, text and photographs by Sunjoy Monga, foreword by Humayun Abdulali
Monga, Sunjoy
2000, Hardcover
Symbolism in Hindu architecture as revealed in the Shri Minakshi Sundareswar, photographs by Alan Croker
Kollar, L Peter (b.1926)
2001, Hardcover

with the approach of traditional orthodox hindu doctrines based on the vedas, puranas, shilpa shastras, vastu shastras, the author illustrates not just the temple but also the metaphysical and symbolic meanings that underlie.
Wild tigers of Ranthambhore, with photographs by Fateh Singh Rathore, 2nd edition
Thapar, Valmik
2005, Paperback

contains photographs and commentary on almost every aspect on the tiger\'s life, from mating, feeding and hunting, to rearing cubs and reacting to humans. it also makes impassioned plea to save the ecosystem that supports it, and a brief history of the efforts to save the tiger.
New light on Hampi: recent research at Vijayanagara, photographs by Clare Arni
Fritz, John M et al. (ed.)
2001, Hardcover
Maharaja Ranjit Singh, photographs by Sondeep Shankar
Singh, Mohinder et al.
2002, Paperback

this book tries to capture the life and times of the maharaja ranjit singh based on some of the hitherto inaccessible and unpublished material collected from various repositories in india, pakistan and the united kingdom.
Marwari: legend of the Indian horse, photographs by Dale Durfee
Kelly, Francesca
2000, Hardcover
The good morning India cookbook, foreword by Prannoy Roy, photographs by Santanu Mitra
Gulati, Roopa
2001, Hardcover
Wazwaan: traditional Kashmiri cuisine, photographs by Dheeraj Paul
Mohan, Rocky
2001, Hardcover
Anandpur: the city of bliss, photographs by Sondeep Shankar
Singh, Mohinder
2002, Hardcover

a pictorial book on anandpur sahib, the city of bliss, one of the important centres of sikh religion.
The Golden temple, photographs by Sondeep Shankar
Singh, Mohinder
2002, Hardcover

a pictorial book on harimandir sahib, also popularly known as the golden temple, a most important sikh shrine at amritsar.