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National security: military aspects, foreword by Brajesh Mishra
Nayyar, KK et al.
2003, Hardcover
Arthasamgraha of Laugakshibhaskra, with Skt. comm. 'Mimamsarthasangrahakaumudi' by Rameshwarshivyogibhikshu and Hindi comm. 'Arthmimamsa' by Rajeshwarsastrimuslagavkar
2004, Paperback
Amarajyoti: a brief life historyof Shri Lalbahadur Shastri,by Mahadeva Upadhyaya, foreword by Rajendra Mishra, tr. anded. by Rajeshwar Upadhyaya
2004, Hardcover
Buddhaghosuppatti of Sri Mahamangala Theren, Pali text withHindi transl. and ed. by Rajesh Ranjan
2004, Hardcover

on the life and works of buddhaghosa, a 5th cent. monk and one of the greatest commentator on pali canons.
Banaras: city of Shiva, photographs by Rajesh Bedi, text byJohn Keay, 2nd edition
2006, Hardcover

this book captures the essence of the oldest city of the world-- banaras, its history, culture, festivals, the arts, and above all, the mother ganga. bedi\'s photographs reveal all these, and more, in detail.
This new Asian power dynamic, foreword by Brajesh Mishra
Rasgotra, Maharajakrishna (ed.)
2007, Hardcover

this book is a thoughtfully planned study of the changing power equations in asia: it makes an important contribution to the understanding of their political, economic and security dimentions.
Ladakh, photographs by Rajesh Bedi, text by Ramesh Bedi
2006, Hardcover

a pictorial introduction to the land and its people.
Atharvaveda Samhitha, original text with English tr. by M.R. Rajesh
2005, Hardcover
Atharvavediyasayanabhasyagat nivarcan-vimarsa (Sanskrit) byRajeshvar Prashad Misra
2007, Hardcover

a critical analysis of the etymologies in sayana\'s commentary on the atharvaveda.
Concise encyclopaedia of United States, South Asia relations by Rajesh Kadian
2009, Hardcover

this pioneering work traces the complex, and often love-hate, relations between the united states and the nine countries comprising south asia. the encyclopaedia contains hundred of entries, in an easy-to-refer alphabetical arrangement, spanning people, place and events, organizations and instititions, political, economic, business and cultural ties, security and defence relati ...
Sabdadhatucandrika, ed. by Rajeshvar Shastri Musalgaonkar
2009, Hardcover
Land of the striped stalker: wildlife of Madhya Pradesh, text by Rajesh Gopal, photographs by Rajesh Bedi
2010, Hardcover

presents a broad picture of the prominent tiger reserves, protected areas and flora and fauna of madhya pradesh.
Gaagar mein Saagar, 3 vols., compiled and tr. by Rajesh Sharma (Roman and Hindi Script with English translation) (Set)
2010, Hardcover

vol. i: a collection most quotable urdu couplets, xiv,350p., vol. ii: a collection of simplest and most potent urdu ghazals, xiii,390p., vol. iii: a treasure trove of urdu couplets, vi,542p.,
Kalidas-Mimamsa, by Keshav Rao Musalgaonkar and ed. by Rajeshwar Shastri Musalgaonkar, (Sanskrit, Hindi)
2011, Hardcover
Stone sculptures of Kurukshetra region, from the Sri Krishna Museum's collection-a catalogue, by Rajesh Purohit
2004, Paperback

divided in two sections, the first elucidates an account of the mythological history of kurukshetra region, while the second section contains useful academic and informative articles by scholars.
Sriyogcintamani aur vyavahar-jyotisa of Nanajosisununa vamnen, with Hindi comm. by Rajeshwarshastri Musalgaonkar
2011, Hardcover
Of Tamils and tigers: a journey through Sri Lanka's war years, part 1 (1988-1994) the diaries of Ben Bavinck, ed. by Maithreyi Rajeshkumar
Bavinck, Ben
2011, Hardcover

told with self-effacing humour and compassion and from the perspective of one with a unique and particular insight into the unfolding events in sri lanka, author\'s diaries record the defiance and spirit in many of the ordinary people who stood up to the tigers and the state.
A descriptive catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts in the privatelibrary of His Highness Shri Rajarajeshwar Maharajadhiraj Maharaja Shri Harisinghji Bahadur K.C.I.E, K.C.V.O. of Jammu..
2017, Hardcover

.........and kashmir and mahacinacara, kaksaputa and tararahasya by ramchandra kak and harabhatta shastri and ed. by lokesh chandra; foreword by karan singh
International encyclopaedia of computer science and technology, 10 vols., by Rajesh Verma (Set)
2011, Hardcover

vol 1: computer applications and networks, viii,304p. vol 2: computer security and databases, viii,278p. vol 3: computer elements and systems architecture, viii,301p. vol 4: digital processing and multiprocessing, viii,293p. vol 5: computer storage devices, viii,304p. vol 6: algorithms and data structures, viii,274p. vol 7: artificial intelligence, viii,307p. vol 8: computer sc ...
Rajesh Khanna: first superstar of Bollywood
Khan, Iqtedar-Ullah et al (ed.)
2013, Hardcover

on the life of rajesh khannan (1942-2012), superstar of indian cinema.
Perspectives on social development: essays in honour of Professor Rajeshwar Prasad
Pais, Richard (ed.)
2012, Hardcover
Rajasthan: under the desert sky, text by Gillian Wright, photographs by Rajesh Bedi
2013, Hardcover

this book presents the vastnesses of rajasthan from a fresh perspective. buffeted by desert winds, he experimented with photography for hot air balloons and with cameras mounted on high-flying kites. the outstanding aerial landscapes that have resulted complement the ground-level photographs in this masterly compilation.
Ting tong / Ting ping, by Lubaina Bandukwala, illus. by Zainab Tambawalla, Hindi tr. by Rajesh Khar (Bilingual)
2011, Paperback
Naya navela mausam, by Mala Kumar et al., illus. by Priya Kuriyan, Hindi tr. by Rajesh Khar (Hindi)
2012, Paperback
The Himalayan Journal, Vol.68, 2012, ed. by Rajesh Gadgilni Purandare
2012, Paperback
Dark star: the loneliness of being Rajesh Khanna
Chintamani, Gautam
2014, Hardcover

a comprehensive biography of rajesh khanna, the enigmatic hero for whom the term `superstar\' was coined.
The Himalayan Journal, Vol.69, 2013-2014, ed. by Rajesh Gadgil
2014, Hardcover
Clever Stefan: a Serbian folktale, illus. by VB Halbe & story by D Antony Rajesh (English)
2012, Paperback
Heritage and urban renewal, ed. by Rajeshwari Tandon
2013, Hardcover

proceedings of an important international seminar on heritage and urban development held by intach, dealing mainly not only preservation of iconic landmarks of history but also social, cultural and economic fabric that must define contemporary urban renewal.
India's military modernization: strategic technologies and weapons systems, ed. by Rajesh Basrur et al
2015, Hardcover

this second part of the series analyses the country\'s progress in advanced technologies: cruise missiles, nuclear weapons, anti-satellite weapons, missile defence, and information-based warfare.