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Demographic differentials among the Rajputs and the Jats: a socio-biological study of rural Haryana
Gupta, Shashi Prabha
1993, N
The great Rajputs, 6 Vols (Set)
2000, Hardcover

vol.1: rajputs: their emergence and heritage. vol.2: nobality, society and administration of rajputs. vol.3: rajputs: legacy, sacrifice and martyrdom. vol.4: jaipur state rulers and their diplomacy. vol.5: marwar and its political administration. vol.6: mewar rulers and the british.
Nobility, society and administration of Rajputs
2000, Hardcover

the book cover significant aspects of the nobility, society and administration of the rajputs having deep bearing on the kachhawaha nobles and their dependencies.
Rajputs: their emergence and heritage
2000, Hardcover

contents include: origin of the rajputs; assimilation of the rajputs; resistance to invasions; jaipur and its literary heritage; costumes in medieval rajasthan; the mughal impact; agriculture in medieval rajasthan; emergence of rajputs: 12th-16th centuries; growth of feudalism; religion (800-1000 a.d.); early rajput administration; rajput struggle for survival: 1200-1315 a.d.; ...
Rajputs: legacy sacrifice and martyrdom
2000, Hardcover

the theme in this book covered in twenty chapters and an appendix has deep bearing on rajputs chivalry and their conquests. it deals with mewar and the legacy, rana sanga, maharana pratap and his career, india in 1572, the battle of haldi ghati, the attack on kumbhalgarh, the historic padmini legend, the rajput and his vendetta and rajputs.
The Rajputana rifles
2000, Hardcover

it briefly recounts the events of the past, and the soldierly inheritances of the regiment, to then retain focus on the years since independence.
Draupadi among Rajputs, Muslims and Dalits: rethinking India's oral and classical epics, Chicago, 1999
Hiltebeitel, Alf
2001, Hardcover

this book offers an unprecedented exploration into south asia\'s regional epic tradition.
Mughal and Rajput painting
Beach, Milo Cleveland
2004, Hardcover

the author traces the interplay of the traditions of mughal and rajput paintings from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.
Religion and Rajput women: the ethic of protection in contemporary narratives Ist Indian edition
Harlan, Lindsey
1994, Hardcover

contents: (i) rajasthan and the rajputs (ii) kuldevi tradition (iii) kuldevi tradition: inter-pretation and intention (iv) satimata tradition: the transformative process (v) satimata tradition: the role of volition (vi) the heroic paradigm: padmini (vii) the bhakt paradigm: mira bai.
The rulers of India and the chiefs of Rajputana, 1550 to 1897, London, 1897
Hendley, Thomas Holbein
2001, Hardcover
Sita's daughters: coming out of Purdah: the Rajput women ofKhalapur revisited; with the assistance of Swaran Kapoor
Minturn, Leigh
1993, Paperback

contents: (1) constancy and change. (2) two villages:parents\' haven, husband\'s prison. (3) economy. (4) religion. (5) women\'s nature. (6) health and education. (7) sum and substance.
Embattled identities: Rajput lineages and the colonial state in nineteenth century North India
Kasturi, Malavika
2002, Hardcover

contents: (i) rajputs: pride, honour and political economy. (ii) taming the \'dangerous\' rajputs. (iii) marriage and female infanticide. (iv) law, litigation and lineage. (v) bhumeawat and rajput rebellion. (vi) the bandit as king.
The currencies of the Hindu states of Rajputana, London, 1893
Webb, William Wilfrid
2003, Hardcover
Rajput polity: warriors, peasants and merchants 1700-1800
Sethia, Madhu Tandon
2003, Hardcover
Census of India 1931, Vol.27: Rajputane agency (Reports andTables), by B.L. Cole, Meerut, 1932
1992, Hardcover
Rajputra-Yuyutsu (historic play)
Gil, Ranjit Simh
2004, Hardcover
Rajput painting: being an account of the Hindu paintings ofRajasthan and the Panjab Himalayas from the 16th to the 19th century described in their relation to contemporary........ (Set)
2003, Hardcover

...thought with texts and transl. by ananda coomaraswamy, 2 vols., foreword by karl j. khandalavala.;;;vol.1: texts. vol.2: plates.
Painted poems: Rajput paintings from the Ramesh and Urmil Kapoor collection
Pal, Pratapaditya
2004, Hardcover

the author discusses the tradition of rajput painting, then offers insightful commentary on each of the paintings featured. the volume also includes an appendix of english translations of the paintings inscriptions.
Encyclopaedia of Indian education, 2 vols., ed. by J.S. Rajput (Set)
2004, Hardcover

vol.1: a-k. isbn- 817450303x vol.2: l-z. isbn- 8174503048
Chiefs and leading families in Rajputana, Calcutta, 1894
Bayley, CS
2004, Hardcover
The Rajputs of Saurashtra
Singhji, Virbhadra
1994, N

contents: (i) the setting (ii) a historical outline of saurashtra (iii) rajput (iv) the kathis (v) wealth (vi) kinship (vii) houses (viii) family (ix) polygamy (x) marriage.
The Rajputs: history, clans, culture and nobility, 2 vols (Set)
Khan, Rana Muhammad Sarwar
2005, Hardcover

a detailed account of the rajput tribes, from the mahabharata to the modern times.
The Penguin guide to the monuments of India, Vol.2: Islamic, Rajput, European, by Philip Davies
1989, Paperback

this book is a unique work of reference and an absorbing introduction to the art, history and architecture of this ancient civilization. it contains an architectural gazetteer, subdivided into six regions. each has an illustrated introduction, a regional map and detailed description of sites.
Grammar of the Hindi language, in which are treated the high Hindi, Braj and the eastern Hindi of the Ramayan of Tulsidas, also the colloquial dialects of Rajputana, Kumaon, ...
1989, Hardcover

...avadh, riwa, bhojpur, magadha, mathila, etc. with copious philological notes with notes on pronounciation by t. grahame et a., london, 1938.
Polygamy and purdah: women and society among Rajputs
Joshi, Varsha
1995, N

contents: (i) polygamy: a rajput institution (ii) polygamy and succession disputes (iii) power behind the purdah (iv) life in a polygamous household (v) the influence of polygamy and purdah on rajput court life.
India: Rajput power
Saxena, Anil
2007, Hardcover

contents: (i) rajput clan. (ii) chauhan rulers. (iii) dynasties in power. (iv) the yadavas. (v) pandyas. (vi)the cholas. (vii) chalukyas and kalachuris. (viii) the hoysalas. (ix) east deccan dynasties. (x) the society.
The many lives of a Rajput queen: heroic pasts in India c. 1500-1900
Sreenivasan, Ramya
2007, Hardcover

this book is centred on the legend of padmini, the medieval rajput queen widely believed to have been pursued by alauddin khilji, sultan of delhi.
Rajput painting: romantic, divine and courtly art from India
Ahluwalia, Roda
2008, Hardcover

in this book the author sets rajput painting in its historical and art-historical background, looking at local styles in the principalities of rajasthan, central india and the punjab. she explores the themes-mainly taken from the folk tales and epic literature, erotic and religious poems, myths, legends and music - as well as the influence of mughal painting and the importance ...
` Chhe-Saat': memoir of an officer of the 6th/7th Rajput Regiment
Ottowell, Stuart
2008, Hardcover

memoirs of a former `emergency commission\' officer of the 7th rajput regiment of the indian army.
The royal Rajputs: strange tales and stranger truths
Bhattacharya, Manoshi
2008, Hardcover

this book renders in simple language and in a concise form the story of rajasthan.