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Handbook of Hindu religion and ethics: basic ideas, general customs and rites and ethical teachings, with a few introd. by Ganga Ram Garg
1998, Hardcover

reprint of the book sanatana dharma: an elementary textbook of hindu religion and ethics published from madras, 1935 and edited by annie besant.
Encyclopaedia of faiths and religions of the world: an indepth study of all religions and religious sects, their doctrines, rites, ceremonies and customs, 5 Vols: A-Z, by James .. (Set)
1999, Hardcover

The Grhya rites vis-a-vis the Atharvanic tradition: Vedic studies, Vol.1, 1996
Chakaravorti, Sushanta Kumar (ed.)
1997, Hardcover
Use of pyrites in agriculture: for soil fertility and alkaliamelioration
Somani, LL (1945- )
1994, N
Vaikhanasa-Srautasutram (text in Skt.), the description of Vedic rites according to the Vaikhanasa school belonging to the black Yajurveda, for the first time, critically ed.......
1993, Hardcover w. caland
Aum Hindutvam: daily religious rites of the Hindus, rev. and enl. edition
Swami Vedananda
1993, Paperback
Peculiar customs and rites of the Himalayan people
Sharma, DD (b.1928)
2000, Hardcover

on socio-cultural life style of the himalayan people, inhabiting from ladakh in the west to bhutan in the east.
Rites of passage: border crossings, imagined homelands, India's East and Bangladesh
Hazarika, Sanjoy
2000, Paperback

drawing upon extensive fieldwork in assam and bangladesh, censuses and other statistical records, and people\'s narratives, hazarika charts the paths of migration across chars (river islands), the numbers of entrants, and their destinations in india and beyond.
Saunakarika: a medieval treatise on Hindu rites by S.S. Mohanty
Vaikhanasa Srautasutram: the description of Vedic rites according to the Vaikhanasa school belonging to the Black Yajurveda, critically ed. by W. Caland, 2nd edition
1991, Hardcover
Dictionary of Islam: being a cyclopaedia of the doctrines, rites ceremonies and customs, together with the technical and theological terms of the Muhammadan religion with ...
2010, Hardcover

...numerous ill. by thomas patrick hughes.
Rites of passage: a civil servant remembers, ed. by SuchetaMahajan
Patel, HM (1904-1993)
2005, Hardcover

memoirs of h.m. patel, ex-cabinet secretary, finance minister and home minister, offers an invalueable ringside view of the working of the partition council, history and politics of independence and partition of india.
Eastern monachism: account of the origin, laws, discipline,sacred writings, mysterious rites, religious ceremonies, and present circumstances of the order of mendicants founded ..
1989, Hardcover

.. by gautama buddha by r. spence hardy
Mrgendragama, section des rites et section du comportement:Avec la Vrtti de Bhattanarayanakantha, traduction, introduction et notes par Helene Brunner-Lachaux, (in French)
1985, Hardcover

the mrgendragama is a saiva treatise in sanskrit of the saivasiddhanta school of thought. the present volume is a translation into french of the kriya and caryapada. an english summary is included.
A universal history of the religious rites: ceremonies and customs of the whole world, 2 vols (Set)
Hurd, W
1988, Hardcover
Rites and rituals of Hindus and Muslims, compiled and ed. by K.V. Singh
2005, Hardcover

this book is based on a report, about the customs, ceremonies, rites and rituals prevalent in 1883 in the region of undivided punjab and around, that was prepared by late sir denzil ibbatson.
Some women's rites and rights in the Vedas: Prof. P.D. GuneMemorial Lectures (second series)
Schmidt, Hanns-Peter
1987, Hardcover
Development of domestic rites: Satyasadha school
Date, Ranjana Shrikant
2006, Hardcover

study of grhya sutra of satyasadha hiranyakesin on the basis of entire available exegetical literature on it.
Last rites and other stories, tr. by Gayatri Bhattacharyya
Saikia, Bhabendra Nath
2007, Paperback
India sublime: princely palace hotels of Rajasthan, photography by Melba Levick, text by Mitchell Shelby crites et al
2007, Hardcover
Homatmak Santangopalanusthanvidhi, includes methods of performing rites with a comm. in Hindi called `Asokendu' by Pt. Asok Kumar Gaur Vedacarya
2007, Paperback
Hindu rites and rituals: sentiments, sacraments and symbols, by Sadhu Mukundcharandas
2007, Hardcover
Rites of spring: Gajan in village Bengal, by Ralph W. Nicholasm with an essay by David Curley
2008, Hardcover

on the rituals and narratives of gajan, a type of worship peculiar to bengal, commonly associated with the worship of siva.
Diurnal rites and other poems, English tr. by Hrusikesh Panda
Das, JP (1936- )
1994, N
The kiss of freedom: a freedom fighter writes
Toofan, Brij Mohan (1920- )
1995, N
Encyclopaedia of religious rites and ceremonies of all nations: numerous engravings on steel and wood, 3 vols.
Picart, Bernard et al.
1992, Hardcover

encyclopaedia of science and technology: agriculture, by r.g. brown
Armless hand writes: a collection of poems
Srivastava, K.K.
2009, Paperback
Abhicara rites in the Veda
Sahoo, Purna Chandra
2009, Hardcover

a systematic study on the vedic abhicara (sorcery or black magic) taking its various aspects into consideration.
A dictionary of Islam: being a cyclopaedia of the doctrines, rites ceremonies and customs, together with the technical and theological terms of the Muhammdan religion, London, 1885
Hughes, Thomas Patrick
1995, Hardcover
Vedic rites non-vedic rites and rites of passage
Ramaswamy, Anbil (ed.)

vedic textuo-linguistic studies by vishva bandhu