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Swami Sahajananda Saraswati rachnavali, 6 Vols. (in Hindi),ed. by Raghav Sharan Sharma (Set)
2003, Hardcover
Sahajanand on agricultural labour and the rural poor
Hauser, Walter (ed.)
2005, Hardcover

edited translation of khet mazdoor with original hindi text of khet mazdoor.
Nijaguna's song of the transcendent: Paramarthagite, English tr. by Swami Sahajananda et al
2001, Paperback

this book gives an exquisite description of the grand vision of the transcendental truth.
Ancient republics of Bharat: 1100 BC to 173 BC, compiled byAshok Sahajananda
Jain, Ram Chandra (b.1946)
2003, Hardcover

the author\'s approach is that the fertile land of bharat had all along been the victim of aggression of nowadic hords of the middle east asia since the time immemorial.
Graha shanti dipika (in Hindi), compiled and ed. by Ashok sahajanand
2004, Hardcover
Shri Durgasaptashati Vaibhavam, original Sanskrit text 'Durgasaptashati' with Hindi transl. by Ashok Sahajanand
2004, Hardcover
Astadhyayi sahajabodha: a modern and scientific approach toPanini's Astadhyayi, Vol.3: Krdanta prakaranam by Pushpa Dixit
2006, Hardcover
Swami Sahajanand and the peasants of Jharkhand: a view from1941, tr. of Jharkhand Ke Kisan with the original Hindi text and an introd. and glossary
Hauser, Walter (ed.)
2005, Hardcover
Gems of Jaina wisdom, Vol.1, Syadvada-Siddhi of Vadibhasimha Suri, compiled, English rendering and ed. by Acharya Ashok Sahajanand
2007, Hardcover
Grah santi dipika, sankalan evam sampadan by Acarya Ashok Sahajananda
2007, Hardcover
Sahajayana: a study of tantric Buddhism
Mishra, RP
1991, Hardcover

the sahib\'s manual for the mali: everyday gardening in india, ed. by laeeq futehally
Sahajada Darasikoh, 2 parts, tr. by Mamta Khare (Set)
Gandopadyay, Syamal
2007, Hardcover
Sakti Sadhanar uttaradhikar o Bauddha sahaja sadhana, the book based on Buddhist religion
De, Bhakti
2013, Hardcover
Culture, vernacular politics, and the peasants: India, 1889-1950, an edited translation of Swami Sahajanand Saraswati's Mera Jivan Sangharsh (My Life Struggle), tr. and ed. by...
2015, Hardcover hauser et al.
Sahaja: the role of Doha & Caryagiti in the cultural Indo-Tibetan interface, ed. by Andrea Loseries
2015, Hardcover
Astadhyayi sahajabodha: a Paniniya Pauspi prakriya approach to Paniniya Astadhyayi, 4 vols., by Pushpa Dikshit (Set)
2016, Hardcover

vol. 1: sarvadhatuka tinanta & sarvadhatuka krdanta vol. 2: ardhadhatuka tinanta twelve sanadi pratyayas & bhavakarma vol. 3: sarvadhatuka krdanta vol. 4: taddhita prakarana
Sahaja: in quest of the innate, an esoteric fusion in Bengali poetry through the Charya and the Baul songs
Mukherjee, Prithwindra
2018, Hardcover

sahaja (sahajata) has been the contribution of bengal on the heroic path of buddhist tantra. behind an apparently primitive poetry, enigmatic words belonging to a twilight gamut of codes reveal a forest of symbols. mostly composed earlier than the 9th century, the charyapadas bear the signature of eminent buddhist teachers like saraha, kanha, luypada. there has been a possible ...
My life struggle: a translation of Swami Sahajanand Saraswati's, Mera Jivan Sangharsh
Hauser, Walter et al
2018, Paperback
The struggle of my life: autobiography of Swami Sahajanand Saraswati, tr. and ed. by Ramchandra Pradhan
2018, Hardcover

sahajanand swami (1889-1950) was a man of many parts. monk, scholar, freedom fighter, and leader of the peasant movement, he made an impact in all these spheres. his autobiography, mera jeevan sangharsh (`the struggle of my life\'), gives an account of his life and his attempts to reform the ills besetting his country, in religion and in politics. in doing so, it sheds light on ...